Are Cheaper SSDs Worth It?

In this video we review the Transcend SSD220S 120GB SSD alongwith benchmarks and comparison with Samsung EVO 850.

We check even though these are inexpensive, would they increase your system performance significantly.

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Lord Defiant says:

i have the same ssd transcend220s 120gb, i dont know how your results are thtat low, i used crystal disk too and the results are way, way higher , same as advertasing , all in all its very good sdd for its moeny worth

Vipan Kumar says:

Samsung 750 EVO is much faster than this one. It gives both read and write speeds above 500 MBps. I can say that because I am using it for past few months now.

Compudoctor Zastron says:

You’re not doing a proper tech review comparison dude… try comparing apples to apples, and mac’s to mac’s

Makhmud Tashkenbaev says:

Hah, yes you can clearly see the difference. Don’t you know that SSD disk’s performance depends directly on it’s capacity. So your comparison 120gb SSD with Samsung 250gb is completely wrong)

ansari sameer says:

what about the “gear I use” series you started

GAO Xiang2 says:

3 thousand bucks???? hell no

Wolf Reviewing says:

aint u seen linustechtips vid ? ur comparing ti to a 120 ssd and 250? more gb fast it is

Gaurav Wadhwa says:

How can I run as a USB drive?

RojasTKD7 says:

the benchmarks I’ve seen are much faster than the results here in the 500s read and 400s writes. That was for the 480GB model so not sure if that played a roll or if it was your setup.

Cyber SharK says:

An sp550/600 and the bx100/200 are way better than the transcend one

D Kat says:

STOP it now! Transcend has been around a long time has a pretty good reputation too. They do not sell a a SSD with speeds like THAT!…did you check with support to see if they could help ?

Pie Crust says:

i have an evo main ssd drive.. and my 2nd drive is a kingston ux400..

Paying more for the evo is def worth while.. 5 year warraty and reliability is def there..

Vishal Sharma says:

can you tell any 2tb hard drive i should pick for my build except wd green that has a lot of failure rate should i go with wd 2tb blue 5400rpm for storage videos?

vihanga akalanka says:

always go for samsung
more reliable

Daniel Printy says:

They use Hyrulian currency the rupee.

Review Flying says:

wtf 3000 dollars? fake youtuber I have to report this mess

Colin Stienke says:

well is that in an dasktop with sata or that pluged into an usb port

Fernando Salazar says:

They should make the SSD’s with two Sata slots to send data twice as fast throughout both ports, they can do the second Sata slot in the backside of the SSD.

aman kumar says:

my 3 year old intel ssd is faster than this

Admin-i strator says:

Your test is way off.. even my Seagate barracuda HDD is faster than that shit.

Sushrut Dhadwe says:

what about sshd (solid state hard drive)can they compete wit this cheap ssd ??

Sumeet Soni says:

your benchmark sucks. Mine gives as advertised. Check again if you have connected it at right port.

Jaggu D says:

Thanks for the video!

Rahul Kumar says:

samsung evo uses TLC which are mend for faster speed but lower life span. any MLC SSD have always lower speed than TLC. don’t make people fool by spreading wrong info

Albert Adeleke says:

That why I bought Samsung

Wiratha Nungrat says:

What? Did u attached ur SSD via USB 2.0? Lol.

Aminlv says:

u have to compare same size ssd to make it accurate 256gb transcend has over 560mbps that put it more speed than your samsung drive

getenlightened says:

Something seems off with your test software. You may want to run multiple tests with other benchmark utilities. Looking at the test at Kit-Guru, for the 480 version, they show significantly different numbers than you do with the same utility. This disc does seem to suffer a bit on the random writes. I picked up one for a super cheap price on a deal of the day thing. Looks approximately the same as my older Kingston Hyper-X 3K 120, better in some ways, worse in others. But for the size & price, I think I can live with it. When I do a newer super build, I’ll make sure to get a higher performing drive.

Amartya Baidya says:

The 750 EVO 120 gig is available for 3.5k on Amazon right now… 250 gig 850 for 5k…so these cheap ssds… Well they just got their ass handed to them by Sammy! XD

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