Are Budget SSDs worth it? (Budget VS High End SSDs)

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Buying an SSD can be one of the best choices you can make when upgrading your PC, but choosing one can be difficult with so many options available! SSDs can get extremely expensive on the high end, but what are you really getting for that pile of cash?

Today I decided to do a quick test to see if there are any obvious differences between and bargain bin SanDisk SSD and a higher end Samsung Evo 850 drive. What kind of performance do I get by sinking in more than twice the money into an SSD?

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Damien says:

Wd blue ssd is currently in the budget price but Samsung performance

joebear80 says:

I like your voice and style a lot, but I think you need to put more effort into tech research and write a simple script for your video. Planning ahead with bullet points for your own memory to stay on track makes it easier to ad-lib without repeating the same things. I think you have a lot of potential! (I subscribed)

Darkon Ookami says:

The beginning sounds like a pharmaceutical commercial lol

Mustaniz Mohd Yunos says:

Thank you for the flawless explanation.

Andy FoxHound says:

Oh u elongated fuckturd

kimenji labs says:

make another video side to side comparison.

ErgoProdigy says:

It’s like my own story O_O

I bought a set 256 GB Sandisk and put them in raid 0

Jacob Carlson says:

@InsanePresence: You might want to get a SMART data reader to see how many “reallocated sectors” there are. I put that in quotes because that will likely be what the value is labeled in the program. The higher the number of “reallocated sectors” the closer that drive is to dying, as that’s more or less the number of memory cells that are worn out from rewrite operations. Powered-on hours (by themselves) mean virtually nothing for SSDs; only mechanical hard drives which have moving parts that wear out.

DaTron Williams says:

Where did you get your glasses? They look absolutely amazing!

Mohamed Hadi AlMadhoob says:

You got potential I like it, just a remark: you keep mentioning the price difference while forgetting that the storage capacity in comparison is double, other than that good video.

SuperTime2Change says:

Yup OCZ sucks. I bought one it died in a short time. Stay away from them.

Oh Really says:

Bottom line. Sansung & Sandisk run about the same speed with no errors for this guy.
The rest of this video is a lot of rambling on which he apparently knows he does but can’t seem to stop. It took less time to write this than watch the video.

Sheena1234ization says:

How do you “upgrade” to a SSD do you just install and move the windows files over or something?

Wolf Reviewing says:

never found out if its worth it UHHH could just be a 40 second video saying is it yes or no

A4!old C. says:

I’ve had my hard drive for 10 years. It’s slow but it has never failed on me once.

Raymond Marimat says:

About 30% of the video content is relevant to the title

Dermott Connolly says:

ignore those that say you take too long to get to the point .such people are not listeners and probably wont get the point no matter when it arrives. a very informative video that might just save people on a limited budget from wasting money. well done you. keep it up

Bruna Maria says:

Eu amo o Guilherme

Gey Rango says:


Panth Mantheon says:

“So to conclude the video…” He says at 6:25.

Nubyrc says:

What ever you do STAY AWAY from Snadisk. Anything from SD cards to Jump drives is filled with spyware from hell

Space Doggo says:

“being the cheep motherfucker I am”
Me looks to the right a little bit “ok”

Orestes Crawford says: — jump.. thank me later

45rpm says:

I paid extra for the Samsung with the red square on it because of the 10 year warranty. It gave me a bit of extra confidence in its longevity. 250GB was about £120. I’ve only had it about 6 months though.

Escorpio40 says:

Cheap mother fucker…LOL… r u a Jew?

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