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Cristian Andrade says:

But in terms of performance are m.2 equal to 2.5 inch drives?

zachUSN89 says:

My SATA 2.5inch 860 EVO is benchmarking at 15000MB/sec read 800MB/sec write with Magician. It could be hardware accelerated, but much faster than 120-140MB/sec even on an SSHD

Angelmukwa says:

Love my Samsung nvme… I will never go back to the kmart drives. its like going from a quality sports car to a pinto.

Uncreative says:

Ordered a 970 pro right after this video

Nick Rosetti says:

Dude….you really know your shit. Your thorough attention to detail and knowledge is why I love your channel. Keep up the great work!

JJ Ortiz says:

Pcie nvme slot cards are insanely expensive for some reason.

ரவீந்திரன் முருகேசன் says:

Suppose I use a M.2 NVMe x2 PCIe SSD and my motherboard has only 2 PCIe slots, does that mean that I cannot put a graphics card in any of the 2 available PCIe slots?

Bryant A says:

Gigabytes not bits. Sorry, had to be THAT guy.

Angelo Dato says:

Didn’t know Andrew Garfield was doing youtube

Amellia Mendel says:

How to choose the best SSD in 4 easy steps:
1) make sure it has the word Samsung on it
2) make sure it has the word pro on it
3) make sure it has 970 or a higher number
4) choose the highest capacity you can afford
Congratulations you have selected the best SSD

Pew PewPew says:

I am curious, why not show the Samsung 970 EVO m.2 or the 970 EVO PRO on that theoretical drive speed graph @ 6:05? Either would top the graph for sure. You include a link for the 970 in the description but for some reason want it to look like Western Digital currently have the fastest m.2 NVMe drives when they do not?

megaomario says:

It really blows to be on a budget, though a 250gb nvme ssd for my os doesn’t sound too bad!

TheONEHD1762 says:

7:11 why is it so expensive, i bought mine for 160€

Christopher Maunder says:

You are incorrect on your thermal throttling claims. On NVMe SSDs the controllers can thermal throttle occasionally but the NAND does not. In fact if you are doing a lot of writes it is actually a good idea to use the controller’s heat to warm up the NAND as most forms non-volatile NAND gates are more performant at higher temperatures. There is, of course, a limit to that but we’re nowhere near that limit with PCIe 3.0 SSDs.
Controller throttling is usually not a problem with current generation NVMe drives but it can happen under extreme load or in hotter environments. Controller throttling is nearly impossible to achieve with a properly constructed SATA SSD because the SATA interface is preventing the controller from operating at maximum load. Thermals will get quite complex once we start fully utilizing the speeds of 4 lane PCIe 4.0. There will be CPU loadstore complications as well as the need to balance controller temps against NAND temps while keeping the NAND warm enough for high write speeds but still cool enough to have a long life and high read speeds.

Idzwan Arzmi says:

what if the laptop only compatible with 2.5 sata? so no comparing other ssd drives!

Arvid Håland says:

HDD gang wya

Isaac Young says:

So the theoretical transfer speeds.. they really only matter for directly loading data from ssd to ram? If you only care about maximum transfer speeds to the NAS, external/internal hdd, external/internal ssd, and/or thumb drives, what is the worst ssd that will never will bottle neck in any of these activities?

kamil khalili says:

Most people:

Sort by Price: Low to High

David Nelson says:

0:14 seconds in and my question is answered! Thank you!!

….I was trying to understand M.2 vs “PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe Mini-SAS SSD with Turbo
U.2 Host Card”. My z170 board supports both. As the top comment says, I’ll likely just go with a regular SATA SSD based on value (price / performance).

jackthegamer says:

if you are a casual gamer or pc user just use a normal 2.5 inch ssd as the speed they have over hdd are really big,
for the more demanding gamers and users, go for the others, its going to be faster

BOREDinDE says:

Hands down the best clear and simple explanation for the bulk of us…

Phil Campana says:

Well explained.. Thank you! Been looking for a good explanation video helping differentiate the SSDs available on the market

Nathan Chisholm says:

The 500gb Samsung 2.5 is $250 on the link you provided i can get it for $115

Eddie Smithers says:


Keith Domingo says:

Can you please slow down the talking? there 5 words in 2 secs cant keep up. thanks.

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