All Laptops Should Have a SSD! Review: DELL Inspiron 15 7000 Series

The development of the solid state drive has completely transformed the way I view laptops. I wouldn’t consider buying a laptop without a SSD.


67NewEngland says:

I saw an interview with a former government security official. Interviewer jokingly said, so should I put tape over my laptop camera? The official said without skipping a beat- yes, absolutely. So you are not paranoid. Its well advised.

Edgrot says:

A ssd drive can be put into a pc as well. Yes they are awesome but there are issues. You should be routing your mobile filming from your mobiles to your main pc.  A lap top leave much to be desired fyi and you will find that out as you go on. One they just don’t last. Now that is a whole other post lol. The SSD drives are very new. A few years now and they are awesome but they can not solve the ghosting issue. Ghosting is when memory stack on top each other and the SSD fails to over write the previous memory. Basically yes they have replaces stationary disk stacking memory with a super version of a thumb drive. Also DO NOT LET IT GET TOO HOT. The SSD will fail. Yes my main stay in life is PC repair. Make sure you get a air displacer to go under your laptop if you chose to run games with 3d acceleration. A air displacer no matter what someone calls it is basically the same shape and size of a laptop. What it is, is all fans. It sucks the air into it creating a larger air flow in the attempt to cool your laptop better over prolonged use. Hope it all helps reg. Ask anything you like.

rangerpru says:

My laptop is getting a bit old. It has an i3 processor. It came with a mechanical hard drive that failed. I switched to an ssd drive,and it really did make a difference in the performance.

TR-8R says:

@1:10 You’re 35 years old?
Motherfucker you look 70.

Sam Sung says:

Awesome. I want a ssd, but Linux

AreThereNoMoreNames says:

Yeah, with the lower power and much more drop resistant, an SSD is now an obvious choice, especially as prices are crashing down.

fordfiveohh says:

smart man to plug in that Ethernet when you can. Wi-Fi sucks pretty bad and its really hard to get your full internet speed without being pretty close to tje router. even an Apple router.

thebenchdweller says:

wasnt expecting that glock at the end of the vid haha

the Elephant in the Room says:

Yes, SSD is the single best performance enhancement for generic use upgrade. Boot ups are lightning fast– only a few seconds. For a smaller screen I really don’t appreciate the difference with 4K. For graphics processing (or serious gaming) you’re still going to spend less going with a desktop– that takes processing power and generates heat, so a smaller platform will compromise performance.

hampstershat123 says:

Good deal man

Gods_Father says:

I would recommend checking out Cities Skyline. Super fun city building game you get to control every thing about your city. It becomes even more fun with mods. I would also check out Grand Strategy games like Europe Universalis 4 and Crusader Kings 2. Great video, I have been thinking of getting this laptop before heading off to college.

Toxy says:

nearly all laptops have had SSD options since about 2012 unless they were budget as hell and they’ve been standard on loads for years

ddscout23 says:

SSD’s are great, just make sure you’re backing it up. Haven’t had it happen yet but I’ve been told that unlike a traditional HD when an SSD drive goes bad it dies immediately and is toast. It’s working and then it’s not. Unlike a spinning HD that may give some warning that things are going bad and you can use recovery software to either fix it or take data off.

klayed says:

louzy schill

Boothtube says:

I recently purchased the i7 version of this and agree that the 4k screen isn’t worth it if you will need the portability.I’m starting school and will have a bit of a gap in my schedule between classes, I think this laptop will perfect for some light gaming and everyday tasks but also the option for more intense gaming at home. And yesss, the SSD was a selling point for me too.

jchahine says:

You obviously haven’t discovered WiFi yet

Tyronne Shoelaces says:

DON”T be moving it around with the power cord attached or you’ll be spending 250 bucks to repair the power plug.

charles fair says:

I have this laptop as well I’m wondering if the graphics can be replaced

David Ross says:

All that GAY PORN you gonna b watching n FAPPING to now.

rohan bhukne says:

Does it has any problems like keyboard or mouse issues??

bishop2355 says:

At 6:37 that’s the same image used on my HP.

Dominique Fonseca says:

Sim city 4? Man, you’re a 35 in a 60’s mind *lol*

TheGamingPhantom says:

Mine came with a i7

Budget - ASMR says:

Hey man, what’s the TN panel like. I hear the screen has horrible viewing angles. Pretty much every review mentions it, is it really that bad? Thanks.

InjunOne says:

If you ever use it while in bed or on a soft surface, a teflon flexible cutting board works great under the laptop. When I worked offshore i would watch movies in bed due to lack of space on the smaller boats The cutting board never allowed the laptop to get hot.. BTW, the 15 in is much easier to transport if you travel, good call!

JeffreyViews says:

Dells are great, I have an XPS13.

am I asian? says:

How about sshd?

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