Addlink SSD Review – 120GB for $45 – 240GB for $72

Addlink S10 – 120GB SSD — @Amazon
Addlink S10 – 240GB SSD — @Amazon
Addlink S10 – 512GB SSD — @Amazon

Samsung 850 EVO — @Amazon — @NewEgg
SanDisk Ultra II — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Crucial MX300 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
ADATA SU700 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
ADATA SU800 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
ADATA SU900 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
WD Blue — @Amazon — @NewEgg


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gamester1416 says:

I used the addlink on my old core 2duo that I gave to my parents

Alexis Garon-Michaud says:

u mean mx 300 on the slide? intead of bx?

promethbastard says:

FYI Your Amazon links to the Addlink drives do not ship to Australia. Not sure if this is applicable to anything else but it is on these! The only $50 SSDs we have that I can find on Static Ice is a Silicon Power item… pass 😉

llama says:

intel 545s(550/500MB/s) or 850 EVO(540/520MB/s)? they’re both on sale for the same price, i don’t really care about cloning software.

Stuart Duvall Jones says:

Tech deals I can’t find info on what it takes to run 144 frames on Rainbow 6 Siege on pc anywhere. I know it’s more cpu based. Im a console pleb looking for a hit of the real stuff lol.

isaac jimenez says:

wow these are all great deals,my fear is that pc parts bought online may have been threw a washer and dryer before they land on my hands i happened to me all ready with a i7 6700 cpu the box was ripped open when i got it .

Swapnil Chopade says:

but does it have RGB ?

Alex4SiliconValley says:

I get 500+ read/write on my Samsung 850 Evos Sata-3.0 6gb.
I would not buy any SSD that does not deliver at least 500+ read/write.
Samsung, OCZ, Crucial are good high performance inexpensive SSD’s. with built in “trim” support and compatible with PC/MacOS.

Mohummed Saleem says:

Question please: Since the SSD is increasing the speed (in comparison to a normal HD), then why should one purchase a newer generation of i7 laptops? I mean, is there is a significant difference between i7 6th generation and i7 7th generation if the rest of the specifications are the same?
Thank you

Fudd says:

Do you know if Team T-Force DARK 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000mhz will work with an asrock ab350 pro4 motherboard at 3000mhz??? i saw someone run at 2933mhz which is still fast.

Jinu Mathers says:

Please explain the Intel processor flaws and which should buy in 2018.

Bike Life Pinas says:

wow! new year new haircut 😀

f3rns _ says:

This kind of videos are a blessing to me. I just got married I wanted for me and my wife an SSD this is the best deal. Thank You.

Hero & Poloolpp says:

can you try the kingdian drives from aliexpress?

photoray002 says:

Crucial ordered with the link. Thanks Tech Deals. 🙂

[GR] ネクロチアイチゴ says:

Would you recommend the ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Phoenix Fan Edition VR Ready, or should I buy the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC Edition 4GB. Please apply I have a budget, and have a 2560×1080 monitor to do gaming, but mostly play Overwatch, with these cards. Graphic cards has recently gone up, so these are the prices I want to stay on (somewhere between $150-$250). If you can recommend a better graphics card between the $150-$250 range, that would be amazing. If you can’t find a graphics card better than the two I suggested, than just choose between the two I said. Cheers.

Tawhid Khan says:

I can’t find the addlink drives where i live 🙁
Comparing the 250gb & 500gb samsung 850 evo : is the performance difference significant?
or is it close like you mentioned with the addlink drives?

Nicolai Kenko says:

Diganme que no soy el único Argentino aquí

Steve Pell says:

was just looking at Amazon for the latest SSD; Samsung, Crucial, etc… when I decided to see if you had videos about SSD. Glad I saw this, thanks I ordered the Addlink S10 120, Amazon recommends Silicon Power, lol, in related links while looking at other brands, never saw this one till your recommendation and I clicked the link, thanks

Tommy Conrad says:

i actually got an 850 evo for Christmas. BUT the cloning software failed 3 times in a row, failed about 30min in each time which was 75% done. i got so mad that i ended up hitting the HDD itself and the little soldier broke.(dont judge me, i only get mad at things that are out of my control [basically life] i dont get mad at my own doing) the needle doesnt move and the disk spins. (prolly broke the needle, rip all save games and pictures ;-;) i actually went off your suggestion on getting the 850 evo from a previous video cuz you said the same thing in this video about it never failing.
in summery it failed for meh.
edit: I’m actually tempted to buy the same drive so i can replace the disk itself and have a shot on recovering some data, but i dont trust myself i can drop a graphics card and barely bat an eye but an HDD disk seems a lot more punishing on mistakes and i have no experience in that relm, other than when i opened it to see if i can do anything/ for shits and giggles (still careful tho)

CrespoFamily says:

Would you recommend this for the Cadillac build?

der fer says:

Is error in video ? BX300 or MX300?

followthisSWAG says:

Tech Deals, can you take a look at the Vivo V06 case. It’s a budget case that looks promising.

Roger Sibarani says:

Do samsung 840 have a cloning software like 850?


In one of your episodes you mentioned that an ssd drive should be at least 500gb in size to be really useful

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