2TB SSD – 50% OFF – Real or Fake ??? – Lets Find Out!

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2TB Crucial MX500 – @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2r3wRIM – @Amazon https://amzn.to/2Hyjt5p

The smaller drives tested here:
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EB Justin says:

You’re the only person I would actually watch through the sponsored message and not skip it

Chaython Meredith says:

300 usd isnt that cheap
750gb mx200 for 130cad 2 black fridays ago cheaper $/gb
Also worthy to note newegg charges merchants/ sells at 30% margin
So you should be able to get one of these for 200 from micron

Mr Memes says:

Criminally underrated channel.

Dr. AMK says:

Great deal, great information and great channel. thanks


I don’t experience any significant difference between 120GB ssd+2TB HDD setup or a sole 2TB SSD. But yeah, that SSD seems pretty slow at 300-ish.


im in the market for new computer its come down to either 2700x or i7 8700 non k version 1070ti card new motherboards
gigabyte gaming 5 z370 for intel or 470 gaming 5 for amd i play mostly War Thunder- i like intel as i have had 3770k for last 6 years but think maybe give amd a shot which cpu?

thefrecklepuny says:

Hmmm…tempting. It would be a good replacement for the 1TB WD Black I have alongside my Samsung NVME SSD.

Peter Jansen says:

I have issues with Samsung and Micron these days because of their price gouging with RAM (#GamersNexus). On the topic of larger but slower SSD’s, I am not necessarily against it. Hard drives in the system are kind of annoying because they are noisy and they slow down the system, even if they are used for mass storage (booting up, shutting down and opening and saving files with some programs). Cheap SSD’s for ‘mass’ storage (buffer for movies, tv shows and documentaries, music, games which you don’t play at the moment), I dig it. A three tier storage might be great: a 500 GB NVMe for boot and slow loading programs, a 500 GB evo for games and fast loading programs and a slow 2 TB SSD for mass storage. It still is realtively affordable but it gives plenty of storage space for most people. 🙂

Rami Bos says:

SSD suppliers haven’t made a cartel like DRAM suppliers just to make 200% profit

CaptainsVlog says:

Whats up with his teeth? i cant take my eyes off his teeth.

Jaggsta says:

This drive is $270 on Rakuten


i just wanted to say you are the man… thank you

Felix says:

Now that SSD is a deal.

tsnorquist says:

Where’s my Linux HTPC build Mr. Deals! Congrats on float ✈, the wan show, and all else.

Tyler Wiley says:

As worse as these cheap drivers are, they are 1 million times better than mechanical hard drives.

Tim Kline says:

I just noticed Newegg has a M.2 version for pretty much the same price.. any thoughts on that vs the sata? would it be any faster? I prefer to have 1 big drive rather than a separate boot & storage drive.

Nuke Power says:

I know this is a little bit off but i am in between the gtx 1060 and the rx 580 which is better? (i am using the r5 1400)

peter taylor says:

So why is this drive $349.99 on Amazon US, and £559.67 on Amazon UK (that’s $770.36 US Exchange ????). Even with tax and shipping that’s still just robbery.

Yuck Foutube says:

Man my Samsung Evo 500gb lasted two weeks! I don’t trust SSD’s anymore. Although i am using a Kingston 240gb at the moment.

You know what sucks? When your SSD fails and you have to pay someone to diagnose the problem. Samsung should pay!

Neo P says:

Not sure if you’ll see this, but I’d be very interested in seeing a torture test done on this, basically continuously writing data over and over until it starts failing to test drive endurance.

kanehi says:

Thanks for the review. The speed significance isn’t that great. SSD drives might be fast but humans are so slow.

RoGs580 says:

nice video! 🙂 Do a review on the 970 pro and evo please!! 🙂

Ryan The Russian says:

Hey Jason! Would you trust a silicon power SSD from micro center? I need a good SSD for game storage.

redslate32 says:

As someone who hadn’t seriously considered raiding HDDs for increased sequential write speed, after copying 4k video data several nights in a row I can honestly say that stat is far more valuable than you’re placing emphasis on.

For the average person, just moving over a few selfies from their Iphone, speed is negligible. For a serious workload, speed matters.

Efrain Morales says:

Hello TD! I have two 1TB of these 1100 drives and they are supported on Micron’s Storage Executive Software !! You can do over provisioning as well as setup a “turbo mode” like on Samsungs. These are excellent drives for the money. Link: https://www.micron.com/products/solid-state-storage/storage-executive-software

savecityofheroes savecityofheroes says:

I was looking that one up. $320.00 for a 2TB  SSD That’s too expensive. lets say I look up half the amount of storage 1TB. I  thinking the half of $320.00 is $160.00. No it dose not work that way. $270.00 for a 1TB SSD the price dose not make fucking cense, if I want half of 2T that is 1T that is I pay half of $320.00 and pay $160.00. who do I call for service and repair? Who is MICRON? buying a brand name I do not know. just pass it no deal move on do something else why pay $270.00 fort 1TB ssd that could cost $160.00

John Carter says:

He reminds me of the Governor on the walking dead.

insaneengine says:

Very helpful, thanks 🙂

mrlithium says:

Yes we want to see the RAID results. please try to pull it off on some of the cheaper SSDs. We need to see if those cheap drives have a reason to exist or not. Cause otherwise I just get Samsung everytime.

James Webster says:

These drives may be cheap but without the warranty other drives offer they probably wont be worth it. I made the mistake of purchasing a cheap 1tb ssd a while ago and there was no warranty. Ended up costing me more in the long run. Now I will only be purchasing samsung SSD’s with 5+ years of warranty.

Jason Leon says:

Before I watch the video. I wonder if it will be faster then my 8 year old 1 TB HDD.

Noshi says:

I have 3 of these drives, gotta say as storage for games and video, they are excellent. Personally, I agree, they pair great with an NVMe drive on board. Use the NVMe as the OS drive, these as storage and your system will be blazing fast. Great video, and great advice as usual. Keep up the great work.

Jaggsta says:

Should explain the no warranty risk pretty much out $300 if it goes bad.

Landser says:

You might get a piece of brick instead of 2TB SSD……

ghous shah says:

Good video

SirShizuka says:

Raid Zero is great for benchmarks, bad for anything else. With the chance of a failure increased to more than 200% and with the near absolute impossibility to recover lost data… Raid O is a no brainer: just don’t use it.

The Phoenix says:

Getting closer and closer to the extinction of harddrives

Howard Lam says:

Use it for torrenting. SSD don’t have moving parts, great for archiving stuff.

OneEyed Jacks says:

Love your program great info on SSD’s

MrAsandor says:

Big yay to you!! Gz @ Floatplane

Jaden Bass says:

Just saw that you are joining Floatplane, congratulations!

Aeschylus Shepherd says:

Due to this video I went ahead and made a purchase. I normally would not buy a brand I never heard of unless I get a reliable source that recommends it. Looking forward to getting my 2 TB SSD! 🙂

Manoyal says:

I have a question, I got the i5 8600k CPU and Hyper 212x cooler, I haven’t OCed yet, wanted to know how much OC can I expect out of this cooler? around 4.5ghz? My case doesnt support 240mm water coolers so I cant get those

Louis Heilman says:

Fantastic channel! I love the straightforward and informative approach…thanks for all the insight and contribution to the community.

Przemysław Łukawski says:

I think that benchmarking SSD on Intel platform lost the point when Meltdown and Spectre patches are applied. There could be even 40% performance hit because of that (especially for the random 4kB or 1kB tests). Can you make the comparison on AMD system or without Meltdown and Spectre patches?

Jharub says:

I dislike the fact that you used an M.2 EVO in the thumbnail, knowing the title. You did that on purpose, and this is was a click-bait, as i only clicked on your video because of that. I am aware that you talked about an EVO also in the video (you didn’t even bothered to use the box from the thumbnail in the video), but given the fact that this was not the product in focus here, you shouldn’t have focused a whole thumbnail on it. Pretty low on your side, i really hoped for this channel to be something else. Guess i was wrong. Unsubscribed. Shame on you.

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