Zowie S2 Review! A Top 3 Gaming Mouse Right Now..

Zowie S2 Review! A Top 3 Gaming Mouse Right Now..

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Thanks to Addice Inc and Zowie for sending me out a sample of this mouse. All the opinions in the video are my own and I was free to express myself freely. I honestly do think this is one of the top 3 mice out currently!

BUY HERE: https://www.addiceinc.com/products/zowie/zowie-divina/s2-divina-blue

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M S says:

what keycaps on the ducky??

Salvus says:

What mic does he use?

Nathan Laventure says:

Do they only have this mouse in blue and pink?

1o1 says:

Is this better than the ec2-b?

daniiNL says:

18×9 palm gripper here,. S1 or S2?

dekuinthehood says:

How are the mouse buttons?

Dan Snir says:

Can you review the G305?

Cooper5076 says:

he is high asf, you can tell

mikhailtessier1 says:

IT WON’T LET ME ORDER THE BLUE ONE!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY lol it says pre order but won’t let me checkout. You know how hard it is to find baby blue pc parts!!!!!

XenonFN says:

S2 vs. EC2B Divina, which is more comfortable? Which do you aim better with? Considering selling my finalmouse and buying one of these bad boys, worth?

King Longoria says:

How long did it take to receive your mouse? Just ordered mine today & the ducky keyboard as well

mike says:

You are such a cool guy. I love your videos, super professional. Im using the pink s1 at the moment and i absolutely love it. The glossy texture is awesome once you get used to it.

Nicklas Hedegård says:

I think you have to get your facts rights bro, most of the people use Logitech Mouse atm, cuz the wireless Logitech is FIRE!

iicolbyy says:

It’s just so weird looking at the pc in the back because it’s exactly like mine lol

Beck says:

How’s the size compared to the wired gpro

Barry Littleboy says:

What’s the weight of the mouse?

Pepe The Frog says:

do a vid on a artisan pad ive been looking for a review on one that wasnt made in 2012 any pad i just wanna see one


Spencer Treanor says:

glorious has better mouse feet on there upcoming odin it is like a ultralight

Tristan 2 says:

Hey BT, is this mouse better than the fk1??

Kiefer Pollock says:

if this is top 3 what are the other 2 out of curiosity?

Em S says:

Zowie is second best to Logitech g pro wireless…but it is also 3 times cheaper than the wireless

TheKraizerMC says:

what is the pink mouse pad he uses ?

Thursty says:

I just want a zowie wireless

Retro Bboy says:

My name is Brayden and my last name is Taylor

Dreamsatnight sss says:

That mouse goes so nice with your Ducky

Sean Boonzaier says:

came for the mouse, stayed for the smooth voice over

MrLilNik says:

How quick does addice free shipping take?

PivotalIsland75 says:

For me the best is the Razer Mamba Elite

A1dox says:

So delicious I need it but it’s pricey ;(

Beck says:

Bt can u respond I have very small hands and I use a gpro wired and it fits well do you think this mouse will fit I want to get it

Grigoryev Mihail says:

This review sounds so biased it makes me feel frustrated.

NiTro says:


dsk Ztar says:

Great review, good audio and video quality, and finally you removed the slowmo warisup guys… keep it up. subscribed.

Reptar says:

BT what’s that nice pink mouse pad?

Magic Ghost100 says:

BT you should make a video on everything you need for a gaming setup

miguel lara says:

Finalmouse is awesome but if you don’t have the hand size don’t get it. Comfort equals performance and that’s why zowie is still King. However let’s not ignore those Joker keycaps though✊

Scott Snyder says:

I have been looking at this mouse for a long while now and I can’t decide which to get the s1 or S2 I have a 19cm by 10cm (including thumb) hand size and I don’t want to have a mouse that is too small but I don’t wanna get the bigger of the two and have a mouse that is too big for me. Any recommendations?

Is My City says:

Might buy the s2 since I’m used to mice that are shaped like that

Soul Z says:

should i switch for the s2 . ?? i have the ec2-a

Anish Venkatesh says:

Looks like a toy

wonkoツ says:

Whats the difference with this one, the s1 and the ecb2?

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