ZOWIE EC2-B CS:GO Version mouse for esports (Review)

The EC2-B (The smaller model) is my favorite esports mouse. The fact that they released a CS:GO version of it, is perfection.
EC1-B CSGO: https://zowie.benq.com/en/product/mouse/ec/ec1-b-csgo.html
EC2-B CSGO: https://zowie.benq.com/en/product/mouse/ec/ec2-b-csgo.html

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Durlinko Svk says:

what’s the difference between ec2-b and ec2-a? I own ec2-a and the mouse looks almost the same

LegendaryVegeta says:

may i ask, assuming the mass of the mouse doesnt tire you, wouldnt it be better to have the g502 with 11 buttons rather one with 5?

gabezr says:

Do you recognize the whine come out from the mouse? A lot of ppl heard this sound while using thise mouse

ThatOrangeGuy says:

Can it run CCSG?

Lodin says:


EC2-B = EC = EASY + 2-B = TO B


SeventySeven says:

i wish zowie would make rgb variants, these mouse could look as good as it performs with personalized lighting

clumzyy • says:

I have the mad catz Rat 3 and even though its pretty small im landing hella good shots with it xd

Mr Rman says:

Rockett jump ninja style

Der alte Germane says:

Razer since cs 1.4, nothing is better!

[GD] theb0ss says:

I think the deathadders are better but that’s just me

Emiliyan Yankov says:

EC2-A still solid, but it turns out GS-R mouse pad is the most impressive and underrated thing they got out imho. Both are amazing products. And thanks to your video now i see they FINALLY got the keyboards out – time to complete the perfect set 🙂

Dominik Dorfstetter says:

Still think, that the MIONIX Castor feels better in my hands, but I will give ZOWIE products a try.

MPK says:

I cannot find this mouse on amazon…

Lide401 says:

Would you say the zowie mouse is better then your razar mouse or too early to decide

God says:

im really debating if i should get the ec2 or the g403

Erdi Eyiçıtak says:

until zowie fix the coating issue, i will not buy another zowie mouse ever. I used both ec2-a and b and g403 is much better choice with it’s much better coating. If you dont make problem that you washing your hands like in every half hour (depends on your hands getting wet), ofc you can buy this mouse. It’s shape is the best for right hand users on the market.

Olee _ says:

Very nice, can someone explain me why when a guy makes a close up video he always have the dirtiest nails? it take 2min to wash em… do it !

Blue Behemoth says:

Everyone knows it needs rgb. More rgb= more skill

HenryPlays says:

Have you been watching RocketJumpNinja?

Siemen Kooijman says:

the new finalmouse seems really nice honestly…

Supreme says:

no software lol
no RGB
in my country it coast 60€ and the deathadder is 65€…

zkrox yeah says:

What are your radar settings?

Eemil I says:


Давид Лучко says:

not high quality, overprice

JohnnyBoycs says:

but zowie looks exactly like deathadder doe

innerFire says:

МАXIMUH, I just looked up for thi mouse yesterday as my new mouse after my breaks. It said it’s only 90 grams, which is perfect, cuz I like light stuff. Thank you !

Fraggle says:

Damn thought u were skinny

Chaossuppressor says:

I use deathader chroma

Manel says:

EC2-A here ♥

Bridge Boo says:

I have a deathadder elite, should i “upgrade”?

Stert says:

When you got nothing to talk about so you have to talk about how a mouse sounds

Pelaaja711 says:

I should probably already change from razer, got razer mouse 3 months ago and i think its already broken And that led i cant even see it xd and razer keyboard got 4months ago and space is broken + i have razer mousemat xd led one thats cool af but too overpriced but sponsored by mom

DemBoiTR says:

Dat shaking

BTECVacs says:

Mionix Castor = no shaking noise at all

HuskyGaming says:

Razer Lancehead TE 4lyf<3

eetu lehtonen says:

how much does it cost?

andytesting123 says:

you seriously need to clean that white mouse mate 😛 x

Anto says:

God damn t’as un sacré niveau d’anglais ! T’est français ou canadien ou autre ?

xH4rDx says:

when will this be available in amazon ?

Rabb1t_TV says:

Iv’e got the EC2-A 😀

krioco Dough says:

Im actually saving for a mouse, and im really interested in zowie products but i can not seem to see any products in my area or maybe even my country.Also the csgo theme is sick

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