Zowie EC2-A Review (Amazing FPS Gaming Mouse)

Think I found my new favourite FPS mouse! My aim has improved considerably, and others have said they’ve improved with it too.

Watch the reviews though and see if it’s to your liking. This mouse won’t suit everyone, but I think it’ll help many with their aim.

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YOUNG Regie says:

dude i just bought new zowie ec2-a but button 1 button 2 is very different feels bad

I'm Gay and have full blown AIDS! Anyway, says:

Looking forward for this mouse since my Razer Taipan had a reconnecting issue and i kinda wanna game a little bit more better.

Stuart81 says:

i got this mouse about 2 months ago but for some reason when i fast flick it sometimes disconnects and is unresponsive for 3-5 seconds then you hear the windows connection sound when it comes back alive, i use 400dpi and low senitivity 1.2 in CSGO also low on PUBG. any advise please?

joe brian says:

Hi! For those natural left-handers who are using this mouse, how does the mouse feel when playing FPS? I am a lefthander my self, just wanna know since i’m torn between the fk2 and ec2-a. Hard for me to decide on which to buy. Haha

Grizzlz says:

I feel like there is already a video on this or something so don’t get mad but, what mouse do you use?

Mukul Gupta says:

Plz help! I have 19.5cm hand and I play with palm grip. I’m confused between ec1 and ec2. I’ve used rival 300 which was by far the best grip for me, and razer DA felt a bit bigger to me. I feel ec2 would be smaller for me. Thanks in advance any help appreciated.

Dominik C. says:

I have The Hyperx Pulsefire, But The mouse clicks are too Light, how about from Zowie ?

Gesser says:

this song is dope whats it called or where did you get it

itz Skray says:

This or SS Rival 300?

valentin metodiev says:

my hand is 18.5-19 which mouse is best for me only csgo

Diren Capulcu says:

Hi there.

I owned and handled a Logitech Wireless model for over a decade. It was looking quite big inside my relatively smaller hands. While being kinda comfy, the battery consumption was running me wild. however the worse concern happened to be
the delays while clicking on units during DotA 2.

It broke a couple of months ago which led me to find a mouse fitting to DotA 2. In search of mice, i eliminated many brands due to being too fancy or the exact opposite and i decided on Razer. However, till this day, it has proved to be one of my most regretful decisions ever. The main cause for this was the awkward acting of Synapse application. I owned a Taipan first and replaced it with Naga Chroma in a short time which i currently hold.

Despite using the calibration and adjusting DPI , resetting it shit loads of times, the settings always broke after a short time.
I fed up with applying the calibration over and over by reinstalling Synapse, removing drivers and repeating all fucking
frustrating steps again and again. Cos, while it worked sort of alright during a game, not a long time after, mouse begins
going mad and move towards a direction all of a sudden by itself, even makes the game super clunky. I do disable Game Scanner exe and Synapse app. Even that does not solve the problem. I never experimented such a ridiculous brand ever.

Because of getting rid of such trouble, i turned my face towards Zowie again in spite of its silly cable. As i am fucking sick of the meaningless of the design concern, DPI gimmicks and even superbly accurate response times of a mouse even it does not offer me smooth gameplay, its software ruin everything every fucking second , move unexpectedly at a direction and spoil all fun.

What do you think? is Zowie EC2-A worth to try? Does it lose the calibration? Does it slow down entire rig? Does it have a super dumb software which ravages everything?

Is it durable?

Steelseries Rival 110 or this one? and which one why?

Saint says:

Anyone know what the native dpi is for this mouse?

Daniel Adan says:

I miss my ec2a while im watching this. it got stolen and it broke my heart. good and honest review tho. this mouse is really a great fps mouse.

Davi Tesch Lobao says:

kk meu mouse gamer aorus m3 é 1000x melhor

ParalyzedTaillow says:

You seem to recommend this mouse the most, but I think I counted more cons than pros unlike your Rival 300 review which I leaned towards more.
Love your work btw

Benjamin says:

I have a Microsoft optical intellimouse from almost 20 years ago that I always go back to because of the feel and weight of it. I’ve tried a bunch of different mice and always returned them after going back to the Microsoft mouse. I had the rival 700 but it was very front heavy so I couldn’t get easy lift from it, Oled was just gimmicky and I don’t care about LEDs.. Other than that it was very good and felt closer to what I wanted than the deathadder I tried and the sensei RAW I tried.

is this mouse similar in size and weight?

Matija Milic says:

is steelseries sensei 310 or rival 310 better for claw 19,5 x 9,8?

Nesquik1 says:

I recently bought a ec2-a and noticed that the left click when pressed down starts to slide to the right and almost creaks. It is really bugging me when spraying and im not sure if i should get a replacement

Ron Teller says:

this or logitech g900 for pure aim performance? (if you were in a tournament which would you choose)? it seems that the zowie has better shape than the g900, but then again the g900 doesnt have a cable that interferes with movement. Maybe a wireless zowie would be awesome.

Fred Reitz says:


Based on all your reviews. I only newly found your website when talking to a another gamer. I was a DeathAdder user since launch, Switch in 2015/2016 to Mionix Castor Aim improved. Felt it was always a small mouse. Grip has changed a bit. I just bought the following:

Razer Lancehead
DeathAdder Elite
Zowie EC2-A
Zowie FK1
Logitech G403
Logitech G Pro
Rival 310

All have arrived by the Rival. First I really Like the Lancehead, aim improve a bit but it is a smaller mouse for a hand that is 19.7 cm x 10.5 cm.

Deathadder elite – Don’t like this shape anymore. To hard to aim

EC2-A – Love this mouse, aim improved the most with very comfortable. Surprised they have not upgraded the sensor but this one feels the best so far.

FK1 – It was okay. Not that comfortable felt the Lancehead was better for shape and clicks

G403 – Man that is one annoying hump right in the middle of the mouse. If they just copied Zowie EC2-A they would have a winner

Logitech G Pro – Have not tried yet

Rival 310 – Have not tried yet.

Thanks for the reviews. What are you thoughts on my findings.

JL says:

Just brought this mouse, after my death adder chroma left click is faulty. This mouse is nothing but CS GO gimmick. You cant configure the side mouse buttons and the middle mouse wheel button is probably one of the worst i’ve ever used. The only good thing about is the shape.

Guilherme Penteado says:

Brothers… please

Im used to play with Abyssus, wich one is AMBIDEXTROUS.
The most familiar shape of EC2A its ZA12, and I’ve been thinking…
The ec2a is the most used(forCSGOplayers) mouse and the most recomended I’ve ever seen.
Do u think I should take the ZA12 thats Ambidextrous like mine Abyssus, the type I’ve been using for years
or should be easy to take the ”right handed grip” of EC2A and try it instead za12?? sorry for bad english

Sinci ;D says:

Is it good for jitter, and how many grams to ”click”??

EliTheCreator says:

What game is this?

Bairene J says:

this or the fk2? I have a hybrid palm-claw grip

rue says:

Why would you want to change your dpi during a game?

Cronaz says:

I’m currently using a Razer Naga Hex (and sometimes my Deathadder) and both of my mouses are set on 1.4k DPI which I find the most comfortable DPI for me. I played HotS (MOBA) on a professional level (and might do it again) so the following question is very important for me:

I’ve heard on this mouse you can only swap between 400 / 800 / 1600 /3200 DPI. On my razer mouses, I was able to set my DPI anywhere between 100-5600 DPI.

Will this be a problem? Or is the setting of like 800 or 1600 close enough to the 1.4k DPI on my Razer mouse?

A bit of a complicated question,but I really want to give this mouse a try, since I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews about it.

George241312 says:

paint on this mouse chipped and the mouse wheel stopped working.

Star Nation says:

Thank you for making this video, I’ve been actually looking for a video that has a fast flick review kind of thing ya know. Anyways, now I know what gaming mouse I’m going to ask for Christmas, hope I get them. Nice video!

Danzen says:

What kind of switches does it have? E.g. Huano or Omron

JvnJvne says:

i really want this mouse but i game at 1000 dpi. Does this mouse have a software to adjust the dpi or are you stuck with the 4 presets.

Jaxop says:

rocketninja you still using this mouse mate? thinking about ordering

Yain CS says:

Do you like this or the the fk2 better? I originally had a deathadder but it was much too big. Then I watched ur videos and got fk2 bc it fit my hand size, which is very similar to yours and it feels great overall but maybe a tad small sideways

Dogeisan Dan says:

welp… uhh….. ehhh……… The logitech g502 fits my hands better but I still respect the fact this is the most common pro csgo mouse.

Mark York says:

I’ve recently bought Logitech’s G403 and I feel it is an OK mouse. The sensor is very accurate, but it does not feel that good on my hand. I was trying to decide between this one or the G403, and I finally decided to buy the G403 because of the complains I’ve read about the quality of the mouse wheel and side buttons, but I am now thinking if that would be a problem at all for me.

In you experience, which is most confortable for long gaming sessions?

SsRk1 says:

Wish I played PC Fps games when I was younger. All the older games look super fun

exiii jimboodoof says:

Nice mouse playing 700 dpi tho 🙁

Spooky says:

I have a 19cm from middle finger to bottom and 9cm for the width of my hand. Would you recommend this mouse to me?

Fatih ÇAKMAKCI says:

you know huano microswtich life time in ec2-a?

Derek Reinmiller says:

Just ordered one and I can’t wait to try this out on Siege! I previously owned a Logitech G502, but after 1 and a half years I have grown to dislike it. My main gripe with the g502 is the mouse wheel. It feels extremely cheap and has become loose after a year of usage. To the point where I have had tape put on it to stop the wheel from switching my weapons in games like Rainbow Six Siege. Not to mention the mouse just has some really unnecessary buttons on it and is pretty heavy. Im extremely excited to try a simple yet effective mouse!

J0nte GG says:

is this a good replacement for a logitech g400?

Minh Cong Bui says:

Have you tried playing Paladins?

Maybel ϟ says:

Game name? I need please

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