Xiaomi Mi Mouse Review!

Our full review of the Xiaomi Mi Mouse after using it for a few months.
Buy a Mi Mouse – http://ebay.to/2oQcGhL

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Aakash Maddi says:

Wow, look past ergonomics when it comes to portability? They are not even related.You can have both of them in the same device.

Sound of music says:

make the same video in tamil please

Poras 91 says:

Harris bro good video keep it up…

Bhuwaneshwaran Vasu says:

Which laptop you guys are using?

Sumit Biswas says:

why would anyone puti his mouse in his pocket , although its portable …. but seriously in pocket ?

Shubham Raut says:

so flat! anyways

Shivam Bajpai says:

which one is best for game play moto g5 plus or xperia x

DONEL Ningthemcha says:

at first i was excited when i received it. but i regret buying this. its just the LOOK. it started having wheel issues, scrolling not responsive. its small and hand hurts. i wont recommend this to anyone.

Coplay says:

Nice review. you could really work on your pronunciation and intonation to take things to the next level.
Not a hater, just giving honest feedback. Cheers Harris.

usualbeast says:

Your pronunciation is damn irritating, ash and sundar come back please


why no videos are coming nowadays

Arya Kamdar says:

Hey cool review, i love your channel giving unbiased reviews

rajarocker 47 says:

Bought this mouse nearly two months ago.

ITGuru says:

hey ash, which is the best phone you recommend under 15000 rupees?

Huey Truong says:

Who’s here for the S8 and S8 plus giveaway!! Hope i win

shafeek ahmed says:

Hey C4ETech. Nice video you made there. I would like you to make a video on gaming moniters within the range of 25k to 30k. TIA and have a good day.

Sound of music says:

you know tamil know you had came in tamil tech

Blow Money Records says:


Malhar 4K says:

Budget VR ?

swapnajeet mohanta says:

it’s too costly fr a mouse

karmlan123 says:

This is a high quality mouse with dual connectivities. Xiaomi is selling it at very affordable price, but other big brand will demand to burnt yr wallet with same feature and quality.

Macca Squad says:

Mohit Solani says:

dude how did u get mi notebook air ?

prashant bhosle says:

why the hell Dell Inspiron gaming 15 7967 and Acer Xp 15 is so highly priced in india. Sorry i asked it below this video but i think you’ll probably see it here. Help me out

shourya shrivastava says:


Saransh Soni says:

ash where are you

Ansuman Giri says:

Neat ✌️

Varun Kumar says:

C4etch team Plz dont review Xiaomi products that dont make it to india IT HURTS !

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