Hey guys and thanks for watching this unboxing and review of the NPET K70 Backlit Keyboard and the Hemzone Gaming Mouse. They are both great starting gaming gear/equipment and I recommend it to people who want to save money while still have functionality.

MOUSE: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WEVLE30/ref=ya_st_dp_summary

KEYBOARD: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ALLT2W4/ref=ya_st_dp_summary

Music: Ahrix – “Nova”


Sharpe Water77 says:

Wow that look cool

tre_ gaming7890 says:

This is dope

Tiwitch Trendy says:

Prime member and all that sauce what sauce?

Jordan Anthony says:

Buy a razer that keyboard is doo doo

Fαитнσм メ. says:

8:02 “Stand”

Revenge NikkiD says:

Btw I have the same exact keynksrf

ItsApplePie YT says:

Weird flex

Tara Layne says:

Like like like like like this like like hold on like like sorry like like this like like bruh

HaLLow_ Studz says:


Y T p i e L O L says:

its actually irl sounds way more clicky then it does in the video

mrFoxy123 says:

Looks really cool but…MADE IN CHINA?! XD

Revenge NikkiD says:


Mike Akard says:

the mouse is like 7:40$ but it acts like 38$

xHalted says:

Keyboard is doo doo get Redragon K552

Typical Ninja says:

Pretty dope

Revenge NikkiD says:

He said like so many times lol

Brady Youmans says:

“Play with some of that”

ALE kralj yt says:

I have this mouse

ESENCE says:

How long is the cable

Cash Escoto says:

I have the same mouse and keyboard, but I am buying a new keyboard and mouse very soon.

Edo Sadikov says:

I have got same mouse

White Ninja says:

Did you will this with a potato

Mythic Gaming says:

when your on a budget and you get your first mouse + keyboard. Your at a sleepover and it arrives do you get over excited and do a youtube video without editing on. nice

Zileon says:

Subscribed fam

Nine tailed fox says:

oh hey I have the mosue

zosia R says:

is it for windows 10?

Huntless says:

The mouse is like 8-10 bucks

taketheL90 says:

It’s not gaming PC h lemme get my old gaming keyboard and stop typing like its a mechanical

roblox boy69 says:

That mouse is hot as fuck

Toxic Cabbage says:

I recommend the 40 black web keyboard you can find at wallmart

Fαитнσм メ. says:


Dats Gaming says:

These items are dooodooo

pur3 VDOG says:

When people try and he the relaxing end

Baseerat Siddiqui says:

i have the exsact same mouse

WDW Deathslayer says:


Huntless says:

Bruh in my country we got that shit for like 30 bux

Diana CrackArmy says:

my mom and dad just bought me this so i came here to see about it cause i dont understand how to use it so much and btw im a girl lol

TM Playz says:

Bet u won’t reply back

antoska Venskus says:

That mouse is trash u sol it on whis its 2 dollars

RedMysticPlays :MineCraft And More: says:

Where to buy? Besides Amazon *the mouse* *STORE*

Abel Valdez says:

That’s not a mechanical keyboard

hit the clip says:

Like they keyboard but dont like that design on the mouse (nice vid)

Olly Stone says:

I have the same mouse as u

TSX Masen Plays says:

Mouse pad would help

xXTripleXx MAD says:

I have one of those mouses and keyboardcost me 30

iShootTho TV says:

I’m your 600 subscriber

cosmic live says:

I have that same mouse different brand

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