TOP 5 GAMING MICE – 2015 Edition

TOP 5 GAMING MICE – 2015 Edition
Pricing and Availability. ♦Links Below♦

♦Steelseries RIVAL 100
Review –

♦Razer MAMBA Wireless
Review –
AMAZON (US) – Tournament Edition

♦Logitech G502
Review –

♦Zowie FK1

♦Mionix Castor
Review –

TOP 5 GAMING MICE – 2014 Edition

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wisico640 says:

That video was awesome just awesome! There should be more colab videos in the techtuber scene! :O

Hoito says:

i got daelite

Moritz Hauser says:

ec2 a zowie or mionix caster

Tetsuya says:

My hands are 17.5 cm long and 3.5 cm width with palm/claw hybird grip. I play a lot of CS:GO and plan to get competitive. What’s the best mouse for me?

Rusty Santos says:

Any girls/ladies here?

Aidan Wilks says:

where’s the 2016 edition?

ClassiC says:

rival 100 is garbage dont buy it!!! fkn ass kisser video

WoLFyy THETHE says:

i have a Microsoft 3.0 and it works very nice with 124hz and click are nice , and i think this mouse is going to be competitive with these last génération mice 😀

Andrew Gunady says:

Mine is Logitech MX master XD even for gaming

Z TECH says:

Did this really need to be 20 mins?

Fabulous Gamer - الجيمر الخرافي says:

get cool gaming mouse with only 5 Dollars

Dickson Chng says:

that thumbnail, holy shit

Raih4x0r says:

Yo Chris Pratt!

BlueJeanBaby says:

Oh my god why did you put the mamba in?

Zero says:

So, I have a, ”Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse” but my thumb nail is pressing against the button on the side, but I’m also holding it in a way where my middle finger is like a hook, raised up and my other finger is down, not raised. It’s really uncomfortable and I don’t know what to do. I’ve had a Razer Firefly mouse pad for months, the black block bothered me when it collided with the wire of my Logitech mouse, so I turned it so the block would be on the right side, but I was constantly colliding my mouse with the same block. I don’t know what else to call it, so hopefully you know what I’m talking about when I say, ”block.” Nevertheless, I also had the Logitech mouse software on acceleration, meaning my mouse speed would rise with any little movement, I didn’t realize this was happening for a long time, i.e. months. Therefore, I’ve changed the mouse pad to a, ”Logitech – G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad – Black” but nothing has changed, my grip is still uncomfortable and I just can’t aim. I’d appreciate any advise, assumptions, anything to fix this problem.

sivan ferna says:

1. You are the least canadian person ever, you sound russian or eastern european
2. 20 minutes?

Alessandro Bertoni says:

I bought a g900 what do you think about it ?

John Leiro says:

i have a g402 and i am looking for another gaming mouse with a good scroll wheel i want a mouse with distinct hard scroll wheel steps if anyone knows one thanks

Artorias says:

8:54 anyone know what that background is or where you get it from??? I google image searched it but all it came up with was muscle tissue xD

* Sassygirl0521 * says:

that 3rd mouse was sexy my boi I need a gaming setup so badly

Dasher Geometry Dash says:

My opinion the mamba sucks

arjuna207 says:

nice co-op!

DannigBB6 says:

What happened to the 2016 video?

distant _ says:

” the best scroll wheel on the mouse”

Cranberry X (Old) says:

Amazing, I love how you got input from many different people! 🙂

DangerDavez says:

I have really big hands. Wear extra large gloves. The size of the g502 is perfect for my claw grip. Build is great. Programmable buttons are great. Scroll is great. No complaints and it can be had for cheap.

Hejsec says:

I got the g502 and i personally recommend it as a great gaming mouse for percision in shooter games like csgo and arma 3 🙂

Soham Ray says:

i am going to buy a new mouse ….. looking for the zowie fk1….. but i like a liitle rgb too…. any suggestion?

Edward Elk says:

man i wish these mouse are on sale. 2017 these mouse still cost like 50-60buck.

Fossil .S says:

I personally like the deatadder elite

REATRD420XD says:

i got that razer and it is beautiful if you want to light up a setup get it i would recommend the rzer mamba te if you dont care for wireless

Andrey Alencar says:

lower your mic bro, most people i know dislike your videos because of the mic

Robin Choksondik says:

mx518 … nuff said

B M says:

Razer deathadder

ProCreeper 2000 says:

1:05 Dave2D! :O

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