Top 5 BEST Gaming Mice For Your Money! ft. Awe of Tech

Here are the top 5 Gaming Mice priced by value for the best pc gaming performance possible! Links to all the mice are below!

Check out Awe Of Tech’s Youtube Channel here!






Gaming Mouse #5:

Gaming Mouse #4:

Gaming Mouse #3:

Gaming Mouse #2:

Gaming Mouse #1:


Emilio Leon says:

You guys might dislike awe of tech but he’s one of the only reviewers who actually test out the product for a good while before reviewing them instead of reviewing them based on popularity or what other people say.

Vanda Karinauskiene says:

lol, if u start the vid at 2:38 and with subtitles on there comes a penis xD

regretful life says:

these are overpriced as fck in thord world country i live in india

A. Daniel says:


SimplyFortnite 5 says:

one of the most underrated mouse being m508 for just $30 two buttons on the side

daniel 6 says:

אתה טיפש

Sj Park says:

Aweoftech room needs some sound absorption and diffusers to tame that nasty echo

Calvin says:

The glaive was on sale for $50

Liam Schuster says:

Your face is almost a shiny as your pc. *almost*

Bill Hodges says:

Gamers Rise up.

Braxton Scheepstra says:

The Harpoon is so tiny, i was disappointed to pay $30 for something that doesnt fit my hand whatsoever. for future gaming mice videos you should put their size

Franky_5831 says:

I love my g 502

popnimpop says:

My criticism of the g900 is it it feels uncomfortable and has an odd feeling scroll wheel along with also having poor software

Noodle says:

But we’re the Logitech g203? Can’t use #1 because I have a ps4

Kriss Kross says:

I love gaming mouses

KevinLeven7 says:

BOIIII i was sooo shocked the Harpoon was here! I got the harpoon at micro center bc it was cheap and was from Corsair, but still SHOCKED bc I thought it was an amazing feeling mouse for 30 bucks!!!!

Lily Gamer says:

I have a gaming mouse for my computer AND I PLAY FORTNITE EYYYYYY XD

Zimnior15 says:

No, the winner is trust gxt 101 lol it has the 2 buttons on the side and 4800 dpi optical sensor and its only 10 dollars lol

Geeky aadi says:

that’s why you won’t rank up.

AbbraxasLG says:

I just got the Corsair Glaive for 50 dollars and I love it, replacing a Razer Mamba

No one Attack tuc says:

X9000 mouse from omen?

The Inventar says:

Enjoyed the video here on youtube. Personally we love my Tecknet Raptor Pro Gaming Mouse GM299. We reviewed it on our channel. #theinventar

Teagan S. says:

Wired or wireless?

DarklandDom says:


Yos says:

Scatters Keyboard?

Greg McCune says:

That shirt though

stop and do THE FLOP says:

I need a mouse with 294738928272930317752892928622028720200028282725 buttons anyone know where I can find one?

Aqua says:

1:50 he’s not blinking

regretful life says:

these are overpriced as fck in thord world country i live in india

Jeffrey Schiller says:

The one dude actually described the mice pretty well, and touched on things I’d actually want to know. The ScatterVolt guy just sort of talked about his own feelings, without really giving good reasons for them.

GamerGuyPlayz says:


Kody Lockhart says:

I’m just looking for a guy who can pronounce mouse in plural form. Electronic mouse is mouses, the animal mouse is mice

Worldwide Technology says:

Nice helpful video

primitivequinn says:

what is the background music at the beginning of the video?

Badmoon Channel says:

First rule to doing tech channel do not ware a woman’s shirt.

SumNerdsGameplays says:

Bro! Why you using a piece of paper as a mouse pad!?

Whitedragon Beyblade says:

Using the Razer *hex* in mobas is like having *hex*

JaytheGamer 916 says:

Yo, I’m making a Birthday list right now, thinks!

SloshieLlama says:

What keyboard is he using?

Anthony peragine says:

Notice how Awe of Tech is always staring RIGHT at the camera

Lachness Monster says:

the razer death adder elite should be on this list

JohnnyRods Gaming says:

Where’s finalmouse ultralight???

Retard • says:

whats your keyboard?

Gilatinous Meats says:

1:58 this guys voice is so annoying

Jack says:

that dude awe of tech is weird

Robert Hole says:

I have this rechargeable breathing gaming mouse that really stepped my game up. It was 20 bucks at

If you need anything, headsets,keyboards,controllers, I would check them out..

Bulwarkz says:

Blink please

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