The CRAZY $200 Swiftpoint Z Mouse Review!

The Swiftpoint Z mouse is insane with a gyroscope, accelerator and pressure sensitivity – but how is this mouse for gaming?!
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Wi1dCard says:

Dude I’ve been using this mouse for over a year lmao it came at $150 on kickstarter
Now Frank, I love you but you got one thing wrong here: this is *not* a gaming mouse. It is not intended to be one. It is geared towards 3d modelers and other power users and being good at some games is just a side affect. They do mention that this is great for gamers but it’s not their selling point.

That aside, some cool things you can do with it:
1) Set a trigger button so that holding it down and moving the mouse left and right switches tabs in a browser
2) create an absurd computer password and make an obscure macro on your mouse to type it
3) make any button a sniper button. No seriously you can even make left and right click sniper buttons.
4) the counter to #3, you can make any button a “dpi clutch” like the razer basilisk (pretty sure that’s what it’s called)
5) set actions in games that are normally toggle to be held actions: for example you can have the down press of the side mouse button to be the build menu in fortnite and the release will hit Q again so that the build menu is only active while you hold the button.
6) use gyros to change profiles on the fly
7) offload some of your keyboard actions to your mouse in games so that load is more evenly distributed across left and right (I bound ultimate, melee, ultimate status, communications menu, and spray to my mouse in Overwatch)
8) set a macro on your mouse to put your desktop pc to sleep with one click
9) save profiles to the mouse and carry it around to use on other computers, including macs, chromebooks, even android phones over an otg cable.
10) use any key on the mouse as a modifier for all other buttons (like a shift key)
11) use gyros to rotate a 3d object in modeling software like inventor
12) tilt the mouse slightly to one side to use the scroll wheel for horizontal scroll

Well I hope this helped you understand this piece of tech better, it’s by far the best mouse I’ve used for general purpose and productivity. It’s not intended for gaming but it does a stellar job at it.

WayneMakesThings says:

holy shit…fucking TILT?! sold

Jeongwoo CHOI says:

This is what i call the extinction of keyboards in gaming.

dombrox says:

Because of so much competition mouse prices should be cheapier. It should’t be priced 200 usd (130 maximum) !!! Dude you can buy veryyy solid microphone for that price

Nick Peeters says:

I have one it’s great , I’m disabled I can only use one arm and hand , because off this mouse I’m able to play most games

King _of_siege says:

Hyperflux is better

niko says:


The Silencer says:

Is there any mouse similar to this but more cheaper? I want to buy a new mouse and replace my crappy $3 dollar mouse

Tehzerr says:

not first

Tørqùe Kay says:


Attila Kos says:

HAH! i don’t need a gyroscope to tilt in game! …all i need is my team mates.

Michael Haley says:

Deepclicking to lean in pubg would be sick.

Max Dominguez says:

The ultimate fortnite building mouse. Boom.

niko says:

but too bad

Tehzerr says:

can i have a pc thx <3

I Are A Noob says:

Now that’s a dank mouse

Vladimir Lévêque says:

This mouse is basically a complete exercise machine for your hands.

Eggplant says:

wooting one>this

Dyliesta 123 says:

So, where’s the giveaway ?

Xedhadeaus says:

First I was going to complain about the price, but elite controllers used to be 140 so I get it. I guess the hardest part of this mouse in theory is probably never being able to properly panic. If it has a hotkey button you can use, it would be pretty great, better than basic mouse until you hit or hold something. But actually. There are way too many mice that do nothing but rgb or whatever with the whole 7 extra button stuff that is over 100. So this is clearly the better value. I kind of hope this becomes one of your daily drivers, so you can elaborate on it more.

Lebel toot toot says:

Price NO, looks NO, for CSGO NO, not adding specs in a review a NO NO

Kage Hasegawa 長谷川影 says:

Hell yes the ultimate mouse finally developers have created my dream

Brandonaerys says:

We could make a gaming vid with this mouse clickbaited as “one hand challenge”

Mirek says:

No thumb sniper button, no deal.

GamerX705 says:

The RGB Lights in that PC are out of control

JACOB1556 says:

I don’t like the rubber on the mouse wheel, it applys to any mouse as if its that exspensive you want it to last a long time. And the rubber will wear off over time. I would prefer a metal mouse wheel.

Lies says:

This seems like a really cool and beneficial mouse if you can get used to it.

Fox Mamba says:

If I played PUBG to death maybe I would buy this mouse, which could be useful in some situations and you don’t have potato aim. I don’t see this mouse making you play better, mainly giving more options of how to play. I don’t play just Pubg so its price is a little high, but it sure is feature filled for that price. If I ever need an insane button option mouse I now know of one. Thanks.

Aditya Parama Hadi says:

all i need is some time to learn, and i would be all gucci. but the price. the goddamn price. i know it’ll worth the price, but still. priceyyyy

Jeremy Gullatt says:

0:45 Jesus! Does it also come with the kitchen sink!? lol
Thank you for the video. Love the way you do everything man. Keep up the good work.

UnknownPlayer says:

Got my G502 today. I’m good.

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