The Best Mouse in the World?

Logitech MX Master –

Is the Logitech MX Master the best mouse out there?

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Daniel Haworth says:

I am using the logitec M310 mouse it is great but I might upgrade to the MX master because of the lack of USB ports on the MacBook Pro that I am using

sico gamer says:

Is this is rechargeable

thehtgrts says:

My wife just bought this mouse for me for my birthday, where the hell have I been for the past two years!!?! I freaking love this mouse!

Shout-outs says:


Md Faisal Kader says:


Gaurav Sahane says:

come on guys touchpad is best!!

Aostr says:

I think I’ll stick to my G502

Little RGM says:

No Sir Loudmouth Razer is an awesome company but the Logitech G900 is the best wireless mouse because it works with the Logitech powerplay which means A Wireless Mouse That Lasts FOREVER!

spectrum seanyboy says:

i am using Logitech G G602

Spongebob Patrick says:

Nah bro there is another thing

ColdFlame Minecraft says:

While i’m here with my 5$ walmart mouse ;-;

Martinia says:

Does the scroll wheel click, if I need it for animations or something

Leon Plays says:

I’m using the Sumvision NEMESIS Stryder Silent Experience Mouse

failhaul says:

Worlds cancerous mouse

Dylan Willis says:

I’m using the 6 dollar amazon basic wired mouse

N3SS Roasty Toasty says:


JonBer says:

Looks great, but I’m left-handed so no, it’s not the best for me

Danky Tomato says:

I like the olive colour

SaltyWafer says:

im using the razor deathadder elite

Ady Marius says:

logitech g 700s

Michal Figas says:

Logitech is shit these days guys, don’t buy it. Sad thing is – most mice right now are made from cheap plastic, have loud clicks, flimsy components. [For gaming] I currently use A4tech V7m and it’s way more sturdy than any new Logitech (but for browsing and work nothing beats the magic trackpad tbh). Razer mice also seem quite refined. But this new MXs… man, they used to be better. Returned my MX Anywhere 2 (picked it up because I adored the first iteration) on the next day, total trash – cheap feeling material, loud clicks, utter garbage.

N3SS Roasty Toasty says:


Personal Development through Martial Arts says:

[Environmentally friendly products] I just went to the store to buy a mouse like this and they said that they can only get it for me if I order it, because they sell like crazy and I think this video has a lot to do with that. Of course I ordered it immediately. But, this got me thinking what if you featured more environmentally friendly products, stuff that reduces energy consumption, reduces pollution etc. what kind of impact would that bring about? Just thinking out loud here. Love the show guys! Keep it up 😀

ninjadud123 1 says:

i have it but its not the best mouse

심규민 says:

l was given that from my professor last week!

Nick Kostyuchek says:

I want this mouse sooooo muuuch

T M STUFF says:

Its £48 now (2017 11 – 11)

Mateusz K says:

Bought it last year, and after few months of rather intensive use I must say: WOW! Mouse fits shape of hand wonderfully! The only disadvantage is sound of scroll so if you work with other people in same room, I guess it may be irritating to others. Besides that totally recommended!!!

Michigan Mister says:

does it feel too large?

SoulRepoMan smr says:

Mouse it’s great when it works, loosing connectivity is a huge, huge issue. It disconnects on its own and it’s a pain in the ass to connect again

Destiny Demon Alpha says:

logitech m510

JEMgaming terraria and more! says:

My firmed has this mouse and it’s terrible prob the worst mouse I have ever used

Kirmizi Bir says:

Do not use this mouse for gaming since it is heavy and not designed for gaming. It doesn’t even show dpi, there is only a slidebar for sensitivity and nothing else.

Arthur Libregts says:

Ik have got this mouse And it is super nice

Sir Tomaz says:

Sucks, the microswitches are commonly defective and breaks in not very long usage…heavy not very comfy mouse.

Hanna Brändén says:

im using the steelseries rival 300

Andreas G. says:

I need a massive mouse because my had is big 😉


I’m using the MX revolution

McBong's Lab says:

dongleberries 😛

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