The Best Mouse for Laptops!

The best laptop mice and mousepads I’ve used over the years.

MX Anywhere 2 –
MX Anywhere 2S –

MX Master –
MX Master 2S –

Razer Orochi –
Jetech –

Surface Mouse –
Sculpt Comfort –

Razer Kabuto / Goliath Pad –
3M Precise Mouse Pad –

Razer Mamba –

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Jay Jansen says:

just bought the Onn optical mouse(corded) for $8 and its been the greatest replacement over my 10yr rolling ball dell mouse.

KisanS41 says:

What’s the knife in the background?

Jayson Dolor says:

Why won’t you sell your mice?

Pedo Bear says:

Could you use it if you don’t have internet

PotatoTech says:

4:23 “These are all good mice” Dude the apple Magic Mouse is still in there.

NETVO TV says:

So I should pick G603 and not G900 or G602 or MX Master 2S Or M720 for both design and gaming? Those extra buttons on G602 or MX Master not useful?

Cheeky Deeky says:

G403 wireless?

Joberg says:

for what do you need a mousepad? especially with an mx anywhere? this works even on glass

John Exzequiel Melchor says:

Suggest some keyboard / mice that have silent keys/click

Anthony Palmer says:

Anyone have a link to the wallpaper in the background

Newtrality says:

Which mouse has the longest battery life?

Martin HO [07R] says:

hell nice review man keep up the good work

V. Sriram Sundar says:

Hey man do the same for trackpad and obviously apple wins.

Born2Legit says:


Security Is not says:


Sergium Speedfreak says:

This review lacks M720 – that’s the king mouse if you will

/ Yutaka Furukawa古川 豊 says:

I’m going to be a Japanese college student in this April. Your videos are really helpful!
Thank you!

orion gaming says:

i have blebby i had it for 1 year then it ran out of battery

Zachary Cho says:

when dave says “if you have a wired mouse, unless your gaming, your definitely doing it wrong” does he mean you would be doing it wrong just because of the wire, or because some other reason

Yovo Yovchev says:

I prefer wired mouse because the games i play depend on response time and so on…

John Doney says:

I’ve been through 2 of the MX masters. They haven’t been able to move the cursor across the screen reliably for me. I feel this a fundamental function of any mouse , and the fact that this $100 mouse can’t do it is an embarrassment. I’m using a $5 imicro mouse that works considerably better.

Irina K says:

warum ist der Titel deutsch? und das video auf englisch?

omkar gharat says:

What is your camera gear?? Please tell it is pretty neat.

Daniel Anderson says:

hex 2 ftw

Michael Kevin Millet says:

If you like scrolling, then you need to get the Mighty Mouse from Apple. You’ll be in scrolling heaven! 😀

clash empire says:

U must get at least 7 million sub’s

mr.potatochips says:

“Its 70$, so its not that expensive” – Dave Lee the Idiot

Stefan A. says:

bloody terminator TL60

pioneer7777777 says:

(Logitech MX Master owner here) – I just wanted to say that the wireless USB performance is WAYYY better than the Bluetooth connection. I thought something was wrong with my laptop or my mouse while I was connected with Bluetooth since the cursor movement was very choppy. Connected it to the laptop with the wireless dongle and it performs as well as my wired Corsair M60 mouse!

Yitzchak Notowitz says:

I need attention

Robert Moen says:

Excelent video.

Jaron Hsu says:

The newer version is 66% more expensive, not 40%
I’m just being nit picky.

Arra Alda says:

i like it

trinhk says:

How about the surface arc?

venture7o7 says:

Have you used the Razer Atheris bt mouse? I’m trying to decide between that and the logitech mx 2s mouse.

Markynators says:

I use logitech mouse but wireless
Good at jitterclicking at minecraft pvp

Samad PM says:

D2D Can you send me a Dell alienware mouse to my indian address , I’ll pay via online , plz help me ….

Newtrality says:

The MS Anywhere 2S is actually 60% more expensive

Stanislav Novkov says:

01:01 who else felt bad for that poor razor mouse

romantashev says:

On MX anywhere 2 ans 2S – Where Am I suppose to store the usb receiver?!?!?!?!? Logitech?.What you were thinking??

Wilson Ramirez says:

Does the mx anywhere 2 run on a Chromebook?

gingerfootman says:

didn’t know it was called “orokay” LOL

memE says:

Sculpt Comfort is the polar opposite of the apple mouse

Chaturanger says:

For my laptop, i actually use a Logitech M525. Very Satisfied but is not bluetooth. I just bought a Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth. Very cheap with possible wheel problem. I will see.

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