Swiftpoint Z Mouse Full Review + GIVEAWAY!

Today we review and test the Swiftpoint Z Gaming mouse, is it worth it’s super high price?
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Global site: https://www.swiftpoint.com/product/swiftpoint-z-mouse/
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adi firdhaus adi m. adnan says:

woww.. cool mouse..i like it. perfect for fps and mmo games..all rounder. hope i can have the mouse…hehehe

ElZamo92 says:

They have one of these in a glass case at a local JB HI-FI.

perryinsanfrancisco says:

The world at your fingertip with a click of a… gazillion buttons. Thanks for the nice review, Kevin. Keep up the good work.

Rockabilly Rebel says:

Nice mouse i’ve had a eye on one for awhile as would save me buying a joystick for elite

Liam Wilson says:

I see you play rainbow six siege, that’s nice

Hardware Unboxed says:

Looks like a super impressive mouse. Nice review Kev!

Valentino Pascual says:

divide democratic base gallery Japanese oversee ship minute issue auto closed.

물고기 says:

No slight against the quality or usability, but it looks like some Chinese $1 monster you’d get off Aliexpress, the ‘Z destroyer pro gaming mmo mouse with 8 billion dpi’ or something like that, it’s got more buttons than the Death Star 😀

McraftMEGA says:

I would like to win the mouse it looks like a rlly nice/weird looking mouse

turkeypaz says:

Love the review, that thing is nuts!

50thatguy1 says:

great vid!

Jarrod'sTech says:

Can you customize the screen? I’d put some dank memes on it.

Scheld0r says:

Finally a good comprehensive review for this mouse. Would love to use it on a professional level in photoshop. Definitely gonna check the giveaway out.
Greetings from Germany 😀

Moises Mariscal says:

hi ! quick question what case are you using seems temper glass with optical drive

Thomas Hadley says:

Do New Zealanders actually pronounce the letter ‘z’ as ‘zee’?

Netra Tech says:

Mine old broken

Andre Costin says:

The mouse Homer Simpson designed.

M Johnstone says:

Ouch $229 USD that’s worth more then my PC.

Foxin Cimabue says:

As someone who’s spent way too much on a joystick only to stop using it due to the real pain it can be to untangle the cord and set it up. The whole Flight mode looks fantastic, my only question is how it would hold up in a game with proper flight mechanics; war thunder, Arma 3, etc. it would certainly have enough buttons to bind each flight control though which is fantastic.

Gitro says:

Im in the giveaway, hope i won

Ariel Carvajal says:

great vid! hope i can win the mouse

Peter M says:

This mice would be just perfect for ARMA.

Pennywise says:

Killer mouse!! Great video Kev.

Brandon B says:

Finally, someone who made a video on the Z. I have one from kickstarter and love it sooo much. I dont need one so dont give it to me.

Eli van der Geest says:

Very weird looking mouse… but I like it.

JonatDonat says:

wouldn’t even go near it. I would be confused and accidentally declare war onto Zimbabwe within the first three days.

GurtTarctor says:

Went to look at the specs expecting to see a weight of 150+ grams… But it’s impressively light for such a full featured mouse.

Levi Stevenson says:

It’s weird but I like it

Tom Liu says:

Looks like an alien ship…..

Debbie Snell says:

wow what a mouse. Lots of amazing features. Fascinating and informative review. 🙂

Golden Life Gaming says:

Hi man

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