Surface Precision Mouse Review

The new Surface Precision Mouse is designed for exceptional accuracy, comfort, and control. Here’s the Windows Central Review. See at Microsoft Store

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Chemy Torres says:

The mouse is like the bed, you need a good one because you will be using more than anything!
Nice review, I honestly prefer the Logitech but as you said it’s matter of any particular requirement.
Nice video, liked as always.

Rini Singh says:

Hey pleaw tell me how to upload videos on tubecast

Luis Rogelio Hernández López says:

Is it possible to use it as a wired mouse for a PC with no bluetooth?

Loreto 10 says:

Nice review..after watching the conclusion is..
if you large hands get the Microsoft Precision..the Logitech MX Master seems like overkill and the design is lets say not that subtle..
if you have small hands then the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S is a solid option..the design is not as ostentatious as the MX Master and more closer to the Surface Precision..very elegant

henry cheang says:

Why we need the Microsoft mouse? Logitech, razor, roccat are far better then them. I use Logitech MX for my surface pro. Ask them go back to make their software.

Shaun Mabote says:

Logitech mx master is till a better buy, I would give the design to the surface but then again you can get a white mx master so I don’t really get why one would choose the surface over the mx, unless you just want surface products and nothing else.

Firdaus Ismail says:

Just buy logi brah

af1rs2jl says:

I bought that logitech mouse last week and had to return it the next day bc it was too heavy. Ended up getting the M720 and even thats a bit too heavy at 135g. Sigh.

Francis Valcke says:

What is it with mice and not wanting to convert to usb-c…

RyuShinEX says:

Nice subtle New Color of arc mouse at the back

jk hk says:

Shave your beard man

Jacob eMatt says:

Micro USB? Ugh, Microsoft is constantly stuck in the past.

Hanyung Boris Jang says:

Heres the thing with WIndows Central Reviews. I like the reviews, very well structured, easy to follow, features are well described.

I realise it’s “Windows Central”, but it’s a review. You have to be more neutral with the opinion here. You say things like “It sometimes loses connectivity, in which case you’ll have to just plug it in and have it wired.” then you immediately go on to say “… a high performance mouse such as this…”
NO. a high performance mouse should not have the problem, and you’ll just have to deal with it by removing a feature.
It’s like when you reviewed the surface book. “it has a slight coil whine, but it’s just the way it is.” No it’s not.
“It will lose power slightly when you use a highly demanding applications. but it’s just the way it is.” No it’s not.
Stop cradling every bit of issue like you’re raising a spoiled kid. Don’t say it’s just the way it is, say it’s bad because it does this. Microsoft won’t work on solving the issue if people just say ‘okay’, but they will if it’s a regarded issue.

LarryTheLlama says:

When will the Surface Book 2 Giveaway winner be announced?

gatologo says:

Press Win + Ctrl + Alt + F12…

Andy Raman says:

Thank you Dan sir

Comma says:

360p only

Anirudha Kolay says:

Wow it’s the best do a giveaway and where is Michael o fisher

Zed Rameses says:

Bluetooth on Surface devices sux. Those glitches doesn’t happen on other devices.

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