Steelseries Rival Gaming Mouse Review (Battlefield 4 Gameplay)


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Keval Patel says:

this or finalmouse?

Baltron says:

Is it weird that I like the Rival 300 more than the Mionix Castor? I currently have the Castor but I’ll buy the Rival 300 tomorrow hopefully. I just love the shape, feel and performance! Only con is that it doesn’t very good left and right clicks.

Jarvis says:

Can anyone quickly give me some suggestions of competing mice within the same price range. Preferably in the next 2 days if possible 🙂

Olegs Lepehins says:

rival 300 or death adder?

Raven ' Seb says:

Is this mice worth it to buy if i play a lot League of Legends and CSGO? 🙂 Most League..

Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

this or rival 300?

Keanan Ng says:

This or Zowie ec1-a

Xeraser says:

Welcome to Steelseries. Good concepts, terrible execution. AKA little to no quality control.

manu ocan says:

The rival 300 is the same as the normal rival right?

achille295 says:

I really like this channel, fluid presentations etc, really great

GRamingzone 1 says:

what do you think is better rival 300 or razer theathander chroma? 😛

ThExtf says:

😀 aimbot for me in csgo

herman bylund says:

This or the steelseries sensei rubberized? I’ve heard and felt that the scroll wheel is flimsy on the sensei, how is it on this one?

8Seven65 says:

The mouse feet on mine are not even and it rattles back and forth on the desk, terrible.

Cheese Burger says:

If i have 17cm hand , what you recommend Rival 300 or EC2-A 2016 ??

Gunzdown says:

they make sexy mouses

WoahBr0 says:

Is this good for claw grip?

ahmedkhan94 says:

this or the logitech g502? came from a razer naga molten that I bought in 2012. just got a g502 from bestbuy 2 days ago for 59.99 but am considering a rival since it’s currently ten dollars less and I believe I can still exchange. is it really worth it cause I’m trying to get good at fps but like I said coming from razer naga I got attached to having extra buttons on my mouse to avoid taking my hands off of wasd. the g502 has the perfect number of buttons on the mouse itself but is the rival worth it if I have to learn to use most actions on the joy board since the rival only has 2 side buttons? I’m really wondering if that difference in weight I s worth trading off the extra buttons that I feel I need. (I’m even considering getting a artisan hayate gaming mousepad, freaking expensive though!!)

Daz555Daz says:

The rubber grips on these (down each side) crumble and fall apart after a few months. Complete junk.

Oculism says:

Deathadder chroma or rival???

Darknut64 says:

Is this the same as the rival 300?? Looks the same

kob4y Gaming says:

I got the CS:GO Fade edition, it is perfect except the grip does worn out in less than a year with daily use

Troy says:

Which mouse would you prefer, Steelseries Rival or Mionix Castor for FPS gaming?

Neta says:

which one is better this or the razer deatheater chroma ?

Unlimited Edition Pepe Unlimited Edition Pepe says:

Ugly. But i still like it.

Mathias Torbergsen says:

I have R.A.T. tm3 Rapid-fire mouse and i think its perfect

Marcus Gozun says:

I pick the optical because the laser is very jittery

Christian Sanchez says:

Is it weird that I use 4800 dpi ?

UnivegaSuperSport says:

Did I miss where this review mentioned which make and model sensor this mouse has? Isn’t that basic info any gaming mouse should include? In fact, his biggest complain is artifact on the sensor of the replacement mouse.

Aza-Industries says:

Ergonomics… my g400s just broke 5 minutes ago.
Now I’m looking for a good value mouse to replace it with similar size/shape.

Laser/Optical? meh… and I play arena shooters.

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