Steelseries RIVAL 600 – The Best Gaming Mouse of 2018?

The SteelSeries Rival 600 may be one of the best gaming mice we’ve ever reviewed. From its clean form to great software and unique sensor layout, it is hard to find anything to really criticize.

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Review unit provided free of charge by Steelseries. This video is sponsored by NZXT. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. All purchase links listed in the description have Hardware Canucks AMAZON monetary affiliation.

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Woods says:

I like that it is slightly larger and also the modularity is awesome to see. Sadly the ergonomics does not look good enough for me to jump to it form the 310. The ergonomics on the 310 drive me nuts because if I don’t grip it perfectly, my hand just begs my body to chop it off. I still use the 310 but only for R6Siege and CSGO where I need to rely on the better grip the feet have over any other brand I’ve tried so far. It’s so close to perfection, but still far from it. Also they need to focus on their software. Having my desktop sensitivity determined by just the dpi is a pain. Look at Corsair’s CUE software and their “pointer speed” setting. Doesn’t add acceleration, purely a sensitivity adjustment which makes anything above 1000 dpi possible on a 1920×1080 monitor.

Muhammad Rahadiansyah says:

The hardest part of owning G502? Keeping it clean

Matt Salopek says:

does the wheel have tilt input?

NurakSitya Pos says:

Between Steelseries Rival 600 and ROG Gladius ll, which one is better?

FresHz CSGO & EDITS says:

I wish there would be next good mouse for left-handers like me… I still use zowie fk2…

ScratchGamingYT says:

rival 600 or lancehead te?

ShadyBlue10 says:

What is better steel series 600 or 700?

Amaan Sajid Nalakath says:

do you use a fingertip grip on this mouse?
What are your hand dimensions?(length and width)
Which is your favourite grip style?
Sorry if I have erred in writing this. You play like a pro and I just wanted to learn some from you.

Nemesistyx says:

Lol idk how Middle dpi button is an issue when you do it with your index finger not your middle finger =P. got to remember not everyone has the same use style you do =D

hopeless_spotter says:

rival 600 vs 700

JuneBugJoe says:


Jason Yang says:

ever tried Razer?

Nils Domstad says:

Hello, I currently have Razer Deathadder Elite. Is it a downgrade/upgrade and if it’s and upgrade is it worth the money?

Byron Franek says:

One issue I’ve noticed with the 600 vs 310 is a tendency to pinch the base of my palm (I’m a palm gripper) under the heel of the mouse and halt backward movement. 310 does not do this because of the larger radius on the underside of the heel. Otherwise, the 600 is very solid.

Tyler Simmons says:

I have a razer mamba tournament edition and I’ve had it for around 3-4 years and it’s time for a new mouse but I don’t know what to get.

I wouldn’t really like to get the same mouse just to experiment with others but I’m stuck on three. The rival 600, finalmouse sunset, and the Logitech 502.
For the rival 600 the farthest button does not work and that’s part of the reason I want it because I prefer multiple buttons but I did like the feel
I have never felt the finalmouse but I feel I would like a really light nice but it only has two buttons
The 502 has lots of buttons which I like but I feel some of them and unnecessary which I might not like

Sora Gasai says:

But is the 600 better than the 700 performance wise?

Ferry Ansony says:

Why Steelseries mice are so expensive?

rcVoltic says:

700 better

Plautus says:

he only uses wrist movements, what a noob. No finger fine adjustments.
He has no Control.

stef baay says:

just got this mouse. really reaaly recommended.

Jhin'as Karmonas says:

Wish I could afford one 😐

thelegendarygamer 767 says:

the new one is FABULOUS

Frozt says:

OPINION: First I would like to say I love the videos you guys produce. but I CANNOT agree this mouse is the best of 2018. I recently purchased this mouse after watching this video the first time because I pulled the trigger on the ” Corsair Dark Core” while they are both “good” mice they are not the best (for me) this is just my deduction and opinion but The Dark cores buttons are too thin and soft and if you have a wide palm you may accidentally right click (causing issues in shooters). but as far as the Rival 600 its a good mouse, Good gimmicks (truMotion), nice look. But the feel, and use is a different story, The mouse is slippery until your hands warm up and sweat/oils start there is no getting around it, and There is no back pad so because of the shape if you have to lift back you get an annoying drag. I feel that in a mouse weight, pad placement, and clickyness? are a must and the sensors should be a given not even something that should have to be spoken about at this point.

Soren Kierk says:

Haven’t you heard ? Steel series is a terrible company. They will charge you never send you the products you buy and not refund you. There are plenty of videos and blogs specifically advocating against their products ranging from defective products to bad customer service. For this range of price stick with bigger compagnies like razor or Logitech. Wish are undeniably the best !

Lilith says:

You gotta do a video about wireless mouses, I’m looking for one right now 🙁

thelegendarygamer 767 says:

thats i UGLY

J Ames says:

So what is the best mouse? Wired or wireless I don’t care, I play fortnite mainly

Matias K says:

Waiting for a steelseries white as the 300

Pranish Vajarinkar says:

Anyone know I’m confused while buying as I found all these good can anyone tell me which one to buy between Hyper X, dragon war ELE-G9, Logitech G102, Cougar revenger

devin code says:

looks cool


Do you know if it would work with xim apex

Norman Ngau says:

It cost around MYR399 in my country and with the fact it don’t come with braided cable makes it a no no. Please steelseries give us the braided cable.

Joseph Jonathan Daquioag says:

is it wireless?

Finn Birnie-Selwyn says:

Hey man are u able to disable the dpi button and change the dpi with software I assume yes but u didn’t mention

MegaDominik1 says:

just bought the g900 for 79 $ 1 day ago ^.^

ZachGamingDK says:

is it good for people with big hands? And should i sell my g903 and buy that mouse?

Mho Limie says:

i see that you are using fingertip grip if i’m not mistaken, me too. So can you suggest best mouse for this type of grip with extra side button that is easy reachable by thumb or other finger. currently using armaggeddon alien G9x. also i’m a MOBA player.


which mouse is good rival 310 vs 600 vs 700 for cs go

Maffy says:

my 700 just kicked the bucket out of nowhere im probably gonna pick this up

PoltergeistWorks says:

Don’t ever buy silicone or rubber coated mouse if you want it to last. Get something with a matte finished material instead.

Ζ † N says:

micro fucking usb? the worst possible usb standard.. in 2018? seriously?

atomic doomsday58 says:

Pretty shitty for quake

Trinity ZERO says:

Rival 600 or Logitech g900?

Piko says:

what’s the Logitch keyboard in the background?

cristiano granchelli says:

can you do a video about the asus cerberus??

Oskar Rastorp says:

What would you guys prefer This mouse or razer deathadder. I Got small hands BTW:)

Swordlord says:

The lift-off adjustment helps me a lot because I’m a bit of a spaz with my mouse movements. Also, the Teflon™ pads I got with my Rival 600 make it glide like it’s on oil. I use a hard surface mat though, so perhaps that’s the difference?

Jindřich Goldmann says:

Shit mouse, razer deathedder is betther 100% sure 🙂 i hade rival and now have deathedder.

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