SteelSeries Rival 600 Review (New Top 10 Entry!)

Announcing the new Rival 600 from SteelSeries! This large mouse is one of the most comfortable I’ve tried out of over 100. With a relatively low weight + weight system, top optical sensor and some great buttons, this is very deserving of a top place in my Top 40 gaming mice.

But as always, there’s no such thing as a perfect mouse so there are some minor concerns and issues. Nothing too serious though, so watch the review and see if you think it’s right for you.

I always recommend mice based on individual needs, so it’s always up to you in the end. Great start to 2018 though, make sure you check the Top 40!

You can buy directly from SteelSeries here:

It should be available soon. Here are the Amazon Affiliate search links for now…

AMAZON USA: (search link, still not available at the time of upload)



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shaakeh says:

I beg you, is there a review for the Corsair Dark Core in the works?

Sakib Shahriar says:

Hey.. bloody A91,A90,v3 ZL50 are these good mouses? These are cheap that’s why asking

SteezyHD says:

So right now I’ve been using a rival 700 for awhile and have been looking at new mouses because I’m tired of how heavy it is although I like the feel. I’m just wondering how does the 600 feel compared to the 700 with it being longer

Chi says:

Another great review with a brand new kickass mouse. Ty sir!!

Allen Haney says:

hey, you should check out the Fenek Swift Gaming Mouse. I’m curious.

junilog says:

If only it doesn’t look like shit. Steelseries used to be the one that brings simple yet practical mice shapes like Xai/Sensei, Kana and the original Rival. Now it looks like they went backwards. Rival and Sensei 301 still looks pretty nice, this one is bad.

TwoShot OW says:

Is it possible for you to measure the dimensions of the MicroUSB connector housing to check for third party cable compatibility?

thtguyoverthere says:

i was debating what mouse i should get for awhile then this video comes out and this mouse is your new #1, feelsgoodman i know what im getting

SniperKol says:

My friend says the Corsair M65 Pro is the best mouse on the market right now, and i saw this mouse and it seems better, i measured my hand and saw your review for the M65 pro and both are in the green scale.
Can i ask which one you enjoyed using more if you’ve used the M65 Pro lately?

DesidiaK says:

Sensei 600 incoming and will be ur size for sure

Tleps Sdrawkcab says:

First time viewer and this really caught my eye. I’m upgrading from the Proteus core and mainly run with low DPI.

What mousepad would you suggest to go with the Rival 600?

Divine says:

Do you still play Quake Live or only the Champions now?

Jervin says:


Joao Dominus says:

I tried it. The sensor is good but unfortunately the gaps on the side put me off.The mouse itself felt unbalanced until I put 2 weights on one side.Overall I don’t think it deserves first place. For now my top ones are the Deathadder and the Rival 300 for a hybrid palm/claw grip those are my mainly drivers.

Oliver says:

Are mwave gonna stock it eventually?

Pedro Andrade says:

Zy! You should try some standard mice and see If they até possible to be used in game. Before i buy my g203 i used a wireless 15 dollars mouse from Logitech and was really good.
I think It would be a good thing for the channel

187541 says:

Ducky Secret Mouse review?

Rocket Jump Ninja says:

To answer a common question, the weight without the sides: 89g without right side, 89g without left side, 80g without both.

Also here’s my affiliate link for ordering directly from SteelSeries:

And for the usual “omg he liked a mouse and said where it can be purchased, he’s a sell out!” claims… I could do that with any mouse, there’s no reason for me to choose this over the others on that basis alone. You’ll notice this video is 11 minutes long. I put a lot more time into this video BECAUSE it’s a great mouse and capable of taking that #1 spot (for now). If it wasn’t so good I wouldn’t have wasted my time on it. Genuinely love this mouse. I hope others do too.

Seolyeon says:

What sensor does this mouse use?

Bad Boi says:

could you review hp g1100/m100 gaming mouse?

Rhode says:

it looks better than the corsair m65 pro ( which Is my daily driver) and I’ve been thinking of getting this

nhatlam says:

what dpi are you using for quake?

okdan goos says:

Do you think its worth upgrading from the rival 300 to the 600?

Jeff is my nem says:

When quake champions is free will it be free forever or for only a limited time only.

AlaZkan says:


Zachary Wood says:

I wish I saw this before I ordered it, I would of used the link. Anyways thanks for the great review as always

miggy casim says:

If Zy approves then I buy. Question though: I am currently using the Rival 310 and I am loving it. It is probably the best mouse that I have used and it dethroned my Deathadder Elite in an instant. But is it worth getting this Rival 600 while I still have the 310?

kbprojekty says:

Rocket, your videos are some of the most informative on the web but there is one thing: you intone every sentence exactly the same way like an old speach engine or sth 🙂 Frankly, it’s the only bad thing in your videos that comes to my mind but it is a little bit distracting.

Max1m - Review and Gameplay says:

Make some gameplay videos

bob walle says:

Nice review zy, definitely the best one I’ve seen so far on this mouse. Im wondering if you could check out the new Razer Naga Trinity, it seems interesting to say the least. (Modular side panel customization).

Edit: nvm with the new mice unveiled at CES being just around the corner, it would be better to review those

Hautzi says:

What’s the best game between quake live and quake champions ? I want to play to one but I can’t choose.

Trevor Godwin says:

just bought it

Rostislav Hašek says:

So, which is easier to lift with fingertip grip? Rival 600 or G403?

Northdrum says:

just bought the steelseries rival 310…

TheSarah10001 says:

“256 weight and balance configurations” zZZzzZzzz is that their new DPI selling technique to idiots?

Patnfell says:

Holy fuck you have a fast reaction time

JustGaming says:

Mouse turntable shot.
Just imagine, your local tech store has a window display with many gaming mouses (Logitech, Steelseries, Corsair, whatever they choose) on a turntable.

I’m dreaming, am I?

0B ZEN says:

Form over function. Pass.

Dante says:

Because of you i swtiched from G502 Proteus Spectrum to Steelseries Rival 310, i’m really impressed, the 1:1 accuracy and smoothness is somehow better, in CS:GO i’m aiming soo much better 😀

gr33nbits says:

Im still rocking the G502 and don’t want nothing else for now, great review like always!

George Vardas says:

why don’t you get in touch with a major company and design the RJN mouse ?

The_TiltedGamer says:

So you said the cpi could be changed to 16000 and the software showed you change it to 16000 but on the website it says the mouse is 12000 cpi so is it 16000 or 12000?

Matt Bracciano says:

Can you compare this to the g502?

FranBunnyFFXII says:

So when are you doing the Naga trinity review?
If you havent gotten it yet heads up: It’s heavier, and very solid mouse. Very nice sensor, but shitty new razer synapse3 software that needs a lot of improvement.

CozmicX says:

I usually don’t like steelseries for mice and I prefer logitech, but this is a game changer

Vaeiful says:

So I’ve been looking for a new mouse for a while, which brought me here. (I got addicted to your videos and subscribed so you’re welcome.) Regardless, i’ve narrowed it down to these three mice, The Razer basilisk, The Steel Series 600, or the Zowie ec2-a.
Here are some of my thoughts.
The Basilisk PROS – It has good buttons, mouse wheel with adjustable steps, thumb rest, a clutch that is supposedly “game changer when mastered.” Practically invisible cord. CONS – Slightly heavy, More difficult to move up and down(Not a deal breaker obviously), Best for fps and not suited for all games (Kind of small and also not much of a deal breaker.).

Steel Series 600 PROS – Amazing sensor, Great shape, Nice lighting, Good buttons, Great weight. CONS – A stranger shape on top due to the lighting, Buttons are different.(The travel distance and material.)

Zowie ec2-a. – PROS Based of your review the mouse would probably fit my hand size perfectly/a little bit smaller. Zowie mice are infamous for being the most comfortable and well shaped mice. The scroll Rgb lighting changes color when the dpi changes. (Not so massive but neat.) CONS – Buttons feel off, and therefore is not suited for most game types. The mouse wheel feels off.

Note I have not ever owned any of these mice (Obviously) and therefor am making this list based off what I gathered form multiple reviews.
My hand size isn’t much of an issue for me, because of my fairly medium hands.
I play multiple casual games, other then fps and would like a fairly ergonomic design.
I’d also like the mouse to last a round a year. So with that in mind please give me your thoughts and feedback.

(Before you mention in the comments, why did you put the Ec2-a on the list at all!? Its a fps only mouse! Its because of how highly it’s been rated and because it might be worth it.

With my GREATEST sincerity, Sincerely GenericYoutuber43

Marko says:

Still, I prefer my trusty EC2-A

Ugandan knuckle says:

what do you think. Should i buy rival/sensei 310 or 600? My hand is about 17.5 cm long and 7.5 cm widht

Charles Balliet says:

ever consider using a puddy or hardenable plastic to mod the shape of the mouse. make it mould to the hand

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