ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse | Review

Taking a look at the ASUS ROG Spatha Wireless/Wired gaming mouse!
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SkawRattaSkar says:

you cant play CS:GO

Purple Eggs says:

But it has a laser sensor…

Thermal_Sniper X says:

I got the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Jack Bauer says:

It seams all youtubers when review mouse are expert CSGO enthusiasts and experts

CrafterÐazBg says:

congrats about 1 000 000 subs

This is Me says:

If you are a content creator than get the Logitech mx master. Can’t recommend it enough

art Jard says:

its mouse feet shape ruined mayan concept..

Rinny Blaze says:

Full sail is overpriced

Zeke says:

I got a fantastic gaming mouse for 20 bucks….. so no I wouldnt xD

Valter Thorsell says:

i have it

FlameFlash says:

This or rat 8?

Tech Fill Up says:

I bought this mouse and it is great, I have no problems with the side buttons. I also got the Claymore and going from a membrane keyboard to this one is going to take some getting use to but both are worth the price.

JonnyAUS STRAYA says:

anal lol

Xazur says:

I have big hands, but that mouse is just too dam big. I have RAT7 and RAT9 that I don’t use because of how big it is because of the button spacing. Plus having more buttons on areas where I rest//hold the mouse is annoying as hell.

Tyler 2034 says:

haha u all be paying 125$ I got it for FREE ON YOUTUBE ADDS NEVER USE ADD BLOCK

Neil A says:

great review, no BS. sub’d

King Derp says:

That will cost me my kidney and 2 cents

RomBomb says:

3:30 XD

hanieldarrison says:

5:20 top kek

84singularity says:

I have a request.
Can you make a comparison video between this mouse and “Corsair Vengeance M95”, or replay on the comment pls?

Sim Jie says:

anybody have the link for this mouse software?

Horje says:

how’d you download the software

Taichiro says:

… Sorry but, you are so shet at cs and a go… Like have a break, go to bar and have vodka seriously, trust me it helps. Also you know I’m not lying because I am Russian because,.. Russians never lie

Andrew Persaud says:

I own this mouse and I love it. Wasn’t my wisest expense, I agree, but at the end of the day it pleases me. Definitely won’t be spending 200 dollars on a mouse ever again though lol.

MonsterTeegs says:

Just click this: 1:10

IncomesMC says:

srry i unsubed im back nerd

2Captain Silent Gamer says:

i have one and it is impossible to get the screws off

Sigge Bodin says:

the asus mouse is more expensive than my pc 😀

Jack Thompson says:

those stickers look dope

Solo FX says:

still didn’t beat logitech g900

Juan Carlos Celestino says:

Tech source ks the thumb grip is at right or left?

Game House says:

Please do review on asus ROG Claymore

TheClashGod CR y CoC says:

you retarded this is a mouse for mmo not shoteer

Eric Calica says:

just got mine! 🙂

Mobile Gamer says:

I don’t think this is necessary except that it has speed. But an optical wireless mouse is okay.

Joshua Cariño says:

I just recently bought this mouse, I’m not even a gamer. I just thought that this would last longer than my usual 10$ mouse. THe extra buttons on the sides are indeed useful, because in wireless mode, I use it as a remote when watching my #KDramas, hehehe.

AYEBI 911 says:

i got mouse with usb wireless in it it cost 9 $$ It’s fake and I use it for almost 4 years now, this could not even last years cuz many things happen abt shitty expensive mouse HAHAH xD

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