Roccat Nyth Review: A Modular Gaming Mouse?

Roccat Nyth Review: A Modular Gaming Mouse?
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BorisBlade7 says:

I dont see how you can compare this to those other mice you mentioned as they are not customizable at all. I’ve had the naga and it was awful. You just fat finger that poorly designed button cluster all the time an easily hit wrong keys all the time. (and im not even getting into its other horrid ergonomic issues) Being able to pick the button sizes and shapes in a zillion ways (esp with the 3d printed buttons) puts it in a league of its own. It should cost more than those other mice, it does massively more and is just a better mouse.

Lien Green says:

I can’t find the 3D print files ANYWHERE. Does anyone have a working link to the files?? Why did they advertise this feature and then take down the files???

Jon Tam says:

I own one of these, and let me just say, it frickin ROCKS, expect to spend 1/2 a day or so setting it up but once done, omg, it is very very fast. and i would highly suggest replacing 1-2, 3-4 with the larger buttons 1 and 3 and blanking out the middle row 5-8 as a thumb rest. very high quality mouse.

Narwhaleducky _ says:

Idk if im the 100’k view or not, but cool mouse

Scorpio Gamer says:

Nice review. So I liked and subscribed. I just went with a Corsair Schimitar Pro and saved some money.Although I’m thinking of returning it and trying this out. I like the fact you can change grip depending on hand size. Plus I have a Corsair setup with my keyboard(k95 platinum) and Corsair mousepad so I’m debating.

PhantomSoul says:

I as a left handed person wont ever understand left handed mouses.

Also because of the amazon cyber monday pre sales i got this mouse for 70 bucks today which imo is a great price for this mouse

LeRoy G says:

Nice review!! I bought this mouse with my alienware laptop from Dell. Wasn’t a fan of the mouse and tried returning to Dell. Customer support asked if I’d keep it if they gave me $60 credit, well money talks and I decided to keep the mouse. So essentially got it for half off. Needless to say I now like this mouse, lol

Jamie Somerville says:

This was one of the best reviews I’ve watched 🙂 I came here wanting to know about the Nyth, and you delivered, with some nice touches of sarcasm. Thank you sir.


Roccat sux. Swich button under mmb is bs. It works better if implemented left right shift into mmb

Weirdo says:

Does anyone know where in Swarm i can change my lift off distance? it is pissing me off

Ckryse S says:

Stupid people comments, posting in rog spatha video, now this roccat nyth video that g600 is good, g900 is better… i saw Logitech stuff, it looks of cheap quality. A gaming mouse should be good looking, great quality build, also gives feeling that yeah you are holding something in your hand.

Martian Earthling says:

Hi Paul! Many thanks for the review!

Joe Slacker says:

Are the buttons on this mouse easier to remember/press than the naga from 2013-2014? I had too hard of a time getting used to them after using my naga hex.

Ryan Zuppardi says:

I just wish it was an optical sensor bc I hate the laser sensors

Jacob Berard says:

how to open up software for the mouse i have no idea

Entrancement says:

Bought one. Loved it for 11 months, then the left button started cutting out. (Single clicks would register as double clicks, click and drags would register drops early.) Manufacturer offers no warranty. Can’t recommend it till they fix the issue.

Fyre says:

It’s the perfect mouse…. cuz… ya know.

Aero says:

Can you put the row of blanks on the bottom row

Zach Harrell says:

I love you paul!! You just made a sale on my new mouse I love modular designs and am so willing to pay the price difference. I wish razer would have kept the modularity with their naga, tis a shame…

Russ B says:

For anyone considering this mouse be aware that many of the Amazon reviews I have read report massive issues w/ the sensor.

Devin Gibeck says:

ive been having a big problem

my nyths pointer is really jumpy and doesnt seem to be exact at all. its hard to explain but its like when i go to try to click on a small button or tab the mouse pointer will just jump off the button ass i try to press it and so it take like 3-4 tries to even hit certain buttons and its really frustrating and im not sure what could be causing this. is anyone may know something that may help please let me know

Juleru says:

Is it possible to use the “Easy Shift” button for quickfire (repeat left-click 3 or 5 times)?
Do you know of any MMO mice with 12 buttons on the side, plus an additional quickfire button next to the left click button?

Viking says:

its missing that logitech g600 ring finger click, in other words this mice is not worth shite.

Thome90 says:

waaaaaay too many gadgets on these mice…wtf are all these fuckin buttons???????gimme a simple one like roccat savu….i love this mouse….have it since it was released…..still the same mouse….indestructable and perfect for gaming if you have don’t have a huge hand…..

Lord Pikachu says:

this mouse is great, but be aware the left click key seem not last long, maybe its mine only. I only used this mouse for mmo for few month and the left click is starting to feel weird and have issues

USA4thewin says:

Ahh if it doesn’t have a Logitech sticker on it.. Not worth my time or money.

sarky says:

The only time that i use 12000 dpi on my mouse is when i spaz out at the end of a round in overwatch.

Gary Miller says:

Paul this is a very good review.  Very mature sprinkled with a lil humor albeit very appropriate and not overly done.  Very informative and objective.  Enjoy your thumbs up, you earned it.

Fml_Dot_ExE says:

razer: lets a make a mouse with many many little buttons. roccat: Hold my beer pal

Your eye on sky Photography and video says:

st 1982 says:

How long is the automatic profile switching ?

The automatic switch
between two profiles is fast or not ?

Faster than naga
Raser automatic program change ?

Bovix says:

I got the Nyth and it is the best mouse I have ever had 😀

Harley Dyer says:

I normally go as high as 12,000 dpi during games, it doesn’t affect my ability to stay on target and I honestly find that it doesn’t quite match the movement speed of my own hand. So I’ll be upgrading to 16,000 dpi and will be trying to get a more accurate sensor so I’m not getting a short zig zag pattern instead of a straight, smooth line.

Orion z says:

I use 1400 DPI on other mouse xDD

Hydras Barnbarn says:

I know I’m kinda late but this mouse is just so perfect for fortnite

Black Man says:


metachronicler says:

A more useful design would have made both sides modular so you could switch to left-handed configurations as well.

jlo3 says:

In my opinion, i dont recommend this. Ive been using this for almost a year and im thinking buying a new mouse. The mouse is extremely durable and the roccat software is amazing, however the mouse has errors very often and its extremely annoying. Wouldnt recommend this for its high price

sean sullivan says:


Kuro Rei says:

Wow I’m trying to find an mmo mouse. This looks cool and a bonus with the modular options for other stuff. It’s either this or the Logitech G600

johnjoobooks says:

To ROCCAT: Get Tyon thumb area, white color and RGB options, add Nyth ring finger rest, and you created a perfect mouse I’ve been searching for ages. I play competetive games, and wouldn’t even imagine using any thumb buttons when I need hair-thin precision.


Never Buy a non detachable usb cable mouse. doesn’t matter how braided it is, that cable defines the life span of your mouse.

Kukwes VR says:

it’s currently cheap on amazon. I hope they come out with a revised and change to optical and put in better switches

Soul The Lalafell says:

I just brought one of these and from alot of reviews I had seen the biggest issue with it was the $120 pricetag.
however I have just managed to get myself one for £50 (about $65-70) so my question is – is this mouse now as good if not better than the other mice mentioned now they are in the same price range?

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