Roccat Nyth Modular Gaming Mouse Review

It’s Julia’s first time hosting Unpacked, so what better product to review than a modular gaming mouse? … Okay, so there’s not much logic there, but the Roccat Nyth is pretty cool regardless! … If you think customizing your mouse buttons is cool.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Julia Zhang
Writer: Anthony Chow / Julia Zhang
Editor: Barret Murdock


Rosuel Marasigan says:

Another thing that I can’t buy unless i starve myself to death…. but on the second hand great mouse and review overall

jose luis vizcaino ledezma says:

i miss u on NCIX news!!!! #bringbackjulia


when linus talks bad about torrenting and you see utorrent in the desktop

ChozoSR388 says:

I prefer only on mouse. With two mice, you have to worry about gender, and that can lead to a whole bunch more mice…

Bekrah says:

Your review was amazing. Great job for a first timer.

iCach0 says:

More Julia please and thank you!

albert planes says:

Julia 🙂

Seven Proxies says:

I’ve got one of these. Combined with the Roccat Sova lap-keyboard and mouse area.

The Sova keyboard is pretty compact, and it took a little while to get used to where all the keys are located since some of them are in different places than regular keyboards.

HOWEVER! When i’m gaming I can sit IN MY BED (computer monitor is placed on a bed table similar to how hospital beds have a table area just above the bed). And let me tell you, it is comfortable as fuck! I am NEVER ruining my back and ass by sitting on some crappy ass “gaming chair” or office chair again. This is the life! B-)

Also, regarding the mouse: I love it! When I was looking for a new mouse I wanted additional buttons and be able to program macros, and BOY did I get additional buttons! XD

The Roccat Swarm software also makes it really easy to program macros. You can just record them by regular input (and it will also record the timing of your inputs as well) so if you need to have macros for finnicky duck-jumping in FPS shooters then that’s not a problem, you can also easily program macros so that guns in FPS games that usually only have single fire now have 2-3 rund bursts assigned to a specific button if you like.

I’m really happy with my set up. The only problem is tearing yourself from the bed like this (I’ve managed not to grow into a fat jabba the hutt creature despite it though XD)

YouSoundButtHurt says:

Ok the constant hand folding is annoying.

person1860 says:

I got the mouse very close to it’s release date, maybe a few days off, and I’ve loved it ever sense, then again it is the first gaming mouse I’ve ever gotten so I can’t really compare it with anything else, I can only say that I like it =3

SimpleAnimeFan says:

they use those stands for everything lol

st 1982 says:

How long is the automatic profile switching ?

The automatic switch
between two profiles is fast or not ?

TheRomanRuler says:

I could NEVER imagine using 2 different mouses… I absolutely have to use just 1. I think i will be getting this, only reason i want to switch away from my Roccat Kone is becouse i found out i need more buttons.

Sleep Is Not Necessary says:

I spent $60 on a Logitech G502… damn expensive, but I absolutely love the feel of this mouse – feels really solid, not plasticy. Plenty of macro buttons, good software, and the toggle on the scroll wheel between the clicky and freespin is like my favorite feature…

danial ikhsan says:

why do i fall in love with people i can only look here

Grazer-One says:

Nice review!! You should try to do more reviews because you a bring a refreshed face to the screen, nice and helpful, with a touch of funness and cuteness!!! Love it!!
Great work!!

Wet Electronics says:

This is the best coverage of this product by far. You’ve addresses all of my questions. Thank you.

M4TT XB says:

Cool *Roccat* product will for sure pick up a mouse by em ASAP!

Hot Asian Grill says:

What rank in league

Moondog Gaming says:

mecca lecca hi mecca hiney ho

Cameron Wator says:


Laser Lens says:

Very comfy mouse but the switches are a bit on the stiff side and the RGB is fairly anemic.

Riggzilla says:

The first 10 seconds => Phrasing. God dammit Jack.

MrKwT ViP says:

driver update -_-

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