Roccat Leadr Wireless Mouse Review (Large, MMORPG)

129g, 3361 optical sensor, no delay wireless with lots of buttons… it’s an MMORPG mouse for sure, unless you’re ok with the size and weight, and potentially slipping to hit the front buttons, then you could use it for FPS as well.

Wireless gaming mice, especially with all these features, are definitely not cheap… so get ready for the price if you click the links below.

It’s actually a very good MMO mouse though and the one I would look at if I was playing that type of game a lot. It’s comfortable and great as a workhorse mouse, with Easy-Shift functionality you can access a lot of commands just by its many buttons. Highly recommended, but definitely not for everyone.

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here:



If you’re from Australia, you can buy at MWAVE, but be warned, I think there’s an extra mark up for Australia on this one (currently listed at $259.95AUD):


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Mr_Ludde says:

Great review as always ! can you review the razer lancehead?

Peter Neil says:

hi Zy i am building a budget computer and am wondering what mouse and keyboard i should choose. the coolermaster master keys lite l or the steel series rival 100 mouse and apex 100 keyboard. thank you

pariahphoenix says:

Only one thing I didn’t like was him saying that the side paddle was a button when it is actually an analog switch. It is great for better throttle control in vehicles when playing Battlefield games.

watDurp says:

When’s that Lancehead video coming out?

Matthew K says:

Zy do you prefer a glossy finish or matte?

K0ngs D0ng says:

Why do companies make so many mice with great sensors but terrible shapes? Every company who has the 3360 makes terrible huge mice, I can’t wait til zowie puts a 3360 in their mice. Even tho their implementation of the 3310 are great, just like not having to worry about spinning out sometimes if I swipe too fast

Purple Eggs says:

YES! Finally a half decent wireless gaming mouse besides the Logitech ones! (Razer keeps on releasing stupid gaming mice with fricking laser sensors)

Akatrosh says:

Hey Zy, and Zy’s fans! I don’t know which mouse should I choose. I’m gonna buy one of these: Zowie FK1+, Logitech G403, Roccat KPOE. My hand’s length is 19, and width 10. My grip is palm, with a bit of claw. I play FPS games (mostly Overwatch), with 400 DPI. Material of the mouse has to be other than on Deathadder Elite, my hands are getting so wet on it. And for me, Zowie ZA13 > Deathadder elite, even if sizes are better for me on DA. Can anyone help me in choosing? ;_;

Sillylemon says:

Razer Lancehead next?

dominus says:

man, you are the best mouse reviewer, really helped me with picking the perfect mouse with your excellent reviews, hope that you reach 100k subs man, you deserve it.

Dereko says:

just bought the deathadder elite AND the g900.. buying peripherals will bankrupt me

Ivan Solis says:


Piotr Osiński says:

Will you review The Z? 😛

xFatalityyy says:

It’s so calming when you’re just clicking the mouse buttons. Maybe you should start an asmr channel hahaha.

redcanvaskiller says:

Are you going to review the new lancehead from razer?

Happy Farmer says:

you can review a tree and i will still watch

GRIMZY says:

I watched a lot of your mouse reviews looking to buy a new mouse for gaming but still can’t make a decision. What mouse would you recommend for Fps I mainly play H1Z1 & CSGO. The 2 I keep going back to are the Logitech G Pro or the Zowie FK2 I have small to medium size hands & feel like a smaller mouse would be better for me I have the razor mamba but I’m really not liking it. Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated 🙂

ZiggleGiggleRox says:

did you ever review the roccat kone xtd optical? also great video and review.

K0nfig 我姓李 says:

wtf is that WutFace that’s fucking horrible

mrkeefor says:

Wish my G403 came with a dock.

glycerin256 says:

I hope they rerelease the tyon (wired only) with the advancements if the least, but as light weight as possible without the battery.

Akos says:

My roccat kiro has the same problem with it’s wheel. rattles and sometimes even jams but only scrolling forward

mpxz999 says:

Does it work on glass?

Joe says:

Which one, G900 or this? I do like both very much, Leadr’s design seems to be good for me. But I also like lighter G900. But Zy, if I had to buy one which one? I know that I am not going to buy new mice in a year or so, but still I just watch these. I do like to do good research way before I buy anything.

Ice D'Bear says:

How does it compare to the G5 in size and weight? Looks similar.

462UnityShift says:

What is your current go to mouse and keyboard setup at the moment Ninja? I’ve done quite a bit of research and I’m finding that the Mionix Avior/Naos 7000 are some of the best competitive FPS mice available, as well as the Roccat Kone Pure Military; however, I’d get the most recent Final Mouse if it’s just as good because of its no-software. Cheers

QGV Channel says:

I want a mouse like this with the 4 buttons on top but just lighter.

Kyvuh says:

razer lancehead te?

Simoun Goldsmith says:

quake champions beta ?

Ur mums dogs Leg xD says:


Xeno Crysts says:

@RocketJumpNinja G403 wired with/without weight is better?

Macho Peludo says:

*Ducky Secret M review Please*

Ethan Burto says:

Just ROCCAT jumping around! Anyone?

Brad Gould says:

Can you bind directx buttons in Swarm like you can in with the Tyon?

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