Reviewing a Mouse (and Terrible Reviewers)

The Lexip 3DM-Pro promises the “ultimate gaming experience”, but what it delivers is an overpriced, uncomfortable, pointless peripheral that doesn’t come close to justifying the $120-$130 price tag.

What began as a simple mouse review turned into a response video style peripheral tour that’s 50 minutes long. Because of course it did. I not only talk about my experience with this interesting new mouse but I couldn’t let the terrible reviews of this expensive mouse just be left to their own, either.

Lexip Kickstarter –

“All At Once” by HOME –
LinusTechTips video on DPI –

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Mark Boekraad says:

Heeey, how’s viewing critically, love yr clarity so I took liberty to fit yr yt presence in my ‘gamer vloglinx ‘ overview menu and recommend this take on by you by my ig as well th u keep in touch

Noah Metz says:

I saw this mouse a couple weeks ago on a Star Citizen reddit thread and had no idea why people were praising the idea. Even for space sims this mouse seems like way too many axes to control with muscles that are way too close together. It’s too heavy/clunky to be usable for FPS, not even considering the fact that it would roll around when you’re trying to do other stuff, and there’s not enough movement in the other axes to give good control of them either.

H3rbivore says:

No one going to mention the Glock and bullets in the mouse hand photo.. Rags has had enough of the bad reviews..

Ryksy says:

I have the original razer deathadder. It has two additional buttons and I have a hard time figuring uses for them. I have a basic QWERTY keyboard. No macro buttons or anything and I still have lot’s of space to bind my buttons

Matthew Abban says:

4 years ago I bought a G700s, this mouse is currently the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever used. Idk what it is, but Logitech does make good mice. Keyboards are decent too, I know they’re not the best (Romer-G v. CherryMX I know I know), but their mice are pretty good. And honestly, I love Logitech’s customer support.

RedBzerkr says:

Finally a mouse that can make every game a “one-handed” game. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kickingraccoon says:

Thanks for the review doggo. I will be sticking to my Scimitar Pro.

Ranting Otter says:

Want to know how to find a good mouse? Look up what CSGO pros use. CSGO aim is fucking bullshit and CSGO pros know best mouse to use because of this.

MiningMikeHD says:

I remember when you had like 2k subs damn

Stuarrt Spohn says:

I used a CM Storm Sentinel in 2011 and fell in love. It broke in 2014 and I got a corair raptor but never got used to it. Last year I found a guy in the netherlands with a Sentinal brand new in box so I bought it and 2 others in case i break this one. A mouse is a pretty personal choice and what is best for each person varies wildly. The lexip seems SUUUPER specific and awkward. I cant see anyone actually enjoying this thing..

The ultimate race of sleepy says:

But how does it affect my Nutaku Gaming?

finlandiquoi says:

i like my Logitech g502 better

Game 0contest says:

Someone gotta respond to this leo ds guy:

Super Sohig says:

You can map the joystick to move so you can play pyro and eat and the same time

Cyberdemon 9001 says:

Ya it’s good for hardcore gamers used to consoles.


Alex none says:

No thanks ill stick with my lenovo office mouse

gundown26 says:

Rags: “ I don’t know much about rubbbers “


Bull Durham says:

Remember the Microsoft SideWinder Strategic Commander … it was over-hyped garbage also. I own one.

TheOriginalCanadianReaper says:

I think the side joystick is kinda cool but not 100$ cool

Matthew Abban says:

People can’t make reviews can they? Fucking Hell…that one chick just…no. That’s not a review, that’s crap.

Joseph Ashley says:

As a card carrying member of the button frenzy mafia (razer naga), they can take the joystick and shove it up their ass… unless they are into that sort of thing, in which case they can deny shoving it up their ass.

If they cannot see the blatant advantage of having multiple programmable keys on the side of a mouse and fully believe a joystick can not only duplicate but replace that, I’m sorry but they will have to open their ass and remove their head before continuing the conversation. Being innovative is worthless if the idea is shit.

Jonathan Drown says:

Nice Glock.

Not a euphemism. I’m straight.

Scotty Ownbey says:

This mouse for flight simulators? LMAO. I’d rather buy an actual HOTAS setup thank you very much.

Mu'izz Siddique says:

The only way I see this stick being useful is if you are supposed to be using your mouse to navigate the UI while simultaneously moving your character and looking (to turn of course). Kinda like a different feel to WoW.

Pyro says:

Is anyone else’s audio skippy?

KurtS051 says:

Love the Glock behind the hand.

Rags says:

I don’t normally do reviews on things like this, but this one seemed interesting. Thanks much to Lexip for sending this one out to me for a review. And shame on those who gave it positive marks without the rigor and honesty that any proper review should merit. You are a liability to those of us with integrity.

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