Review Of My First Gaming Mouse

I’ve been asked to review some old mice lately, so here’s my oldest mouse. It’s a PS/2 mouse that I purchased in early 1999 so I could have an advantage in Quake 2 Capture The Flag. Yes, this was an advantage back then… sort of, ping was still an issue for me, playing on 270-350 vs 80-220 opponents.

All these years, it’s been kept in a box… I’m not sure I’ll ever throw it out, but I was surprised that it still worked. Yes, a 17 year old mouse still works. Take note of this, new companies! Guess they really don’t make them like they used to. And this is just some random generic brand.

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Knowmercy's Grand Adventures Really Grand says:

this mouse is older than you, and has pwnd far more newbs

Zynth says:

It’s incredible how it still works given that you’ve probably used it for gaming all day everyday in the past…. Amazing…

mrbluelw88 says:

Oh wow I am so glad I grew up using a wheelmouse optical 1.1a

edit: jesus christ you would shrek me at quake with a ball mouse. literally.

Dungeon Master says:

Razer Boomslang review when?

Hibban Zmksyr says:

i hope u can review a cheap mouse under 20 bucks

Wilihey says:


prairiepanda says:

The nice thing about the ball is that you can take it out and clean it when it gets full of gunk. But with laser/optical sensors, there’s always little crevices in the hole that can never quite get clean and eventually start interfering, especially if there’s pet hair 🙁

Cinnabar Sonar says:

That power chord…

Iam a Tracer Onetrick And it's ez says:

And it’s Still working

safwan said says:

i remember being broke one time(student), was playing battlefield 3, got no money to buy and replace my old generic mouse that came with my laptop, my dad found a backlog of old pc hardware at his work area. there it was… an off brand really old roller mouse. i said “that’ll do” i swear, i never performed so much better after that. now using the cooler master mouse pro l, i just love the simplicity of the mouse.

Zachary Picone says:

>this is more comfortable than the kova

TheGrindedGamer says:

Not as good as the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition but way better than its wireless version price wise.

Danko says:

Logitech Pilot Wheel Mouse >> all ball mice

Marcello Branca says:

cleaning the crap off of the rolers was also very fun

Gareth Davies says:

that was my first gaming mouse to!

Technicqlly says:

reminds me of my primary school’s mice

ChaosBreaker says:

Visual cringe when listening to clicks

Path of Phobos says:

Ugh… hated cleaning those rollers when I was a kid.

lava says:

What dpi?

sirezy says:

Where’s the link to that mouse? Prob the only thing I can afford lmao

Simion Florin says:

Zy, are you the best Quake player on earth?

Aymen Sengouga says:

it still batter than my

sarky says:

The sound of the clicks hurt my soul

Rohit Joshi says:

This mouse is older than I am… it’s almost 19 😀

fabricetraub says:

this had so much potential! u just had to do the review as if it was a new mouse and u try it out 😉

triggered feminist says:

i don’t know, should i throw my pulesfire fps for this ?

Red Hood says:

2 years late for this one… still a cool review.

EposVox says:

Haha awesome

Fyre says:

Better then Razer Doubleclick

Aymen Sengouga says:

ghhhh troling

Finley Zero says:

Used to have one of those myself, except the middle button was light green. :3

memexdxd says:

Great!Where can I buy it? (just kidding)

TDY says:


borgs chop says:

Do you know where i can get a mouse like this one?

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