Review | Best $20 Gaming Mouse? – Sharkoon Shark Force

My review of the Cheap but Awesome Sharkoon Shark Force.


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MajorMike Abc says:


TryHarday says:

i has the mouse but how to take the light off

Giorgos Konlakis says:

i want this mouse ill order it but is it good for csgo? and which colour u like the most except pink i think ill take the green one


the lime green one looks really nice

lars heller says:

I bought this mouse today it comes tomorrow I hope it is a good mouse

WarGoat says:

dont buy this if you have bigger hands than the average 16 year old 😐

David Gomez says:

I love you guys

(Hopefully you guys get a shit load the of subs soon)

Alexandre Oliveira says:

I’ve had this mouse for quite a few months, and its starting to peel off on the area where the thumb is. Nice shit.

NexusSpacey says:

Is it any good for CS:GO

Kickz says:

the scrollwheel only works when you scroll it really hard. Because of this I cant properly switch weapons is csgo…

herman bylund says:

Does it get any annoying that the cable is connected on the left side of the mouse? Does it feel different from a mouse with the cable in the middle, if so, is it better or worse?

Rickolo says:

you should really have more subs for the quality of your content, this is golden!

Football 4Life says:

Zeroground MS-1700G KATO or Sharkoon Shark Force??
the Zeroground MS-1700G KATO has more color led than force.i’m 50-50

Nibby Gor says:

is the mouspad necessery (btw i have a wooden desk previews mice (cheap ones never had a problem with the desk) but does this speccific mouse need a mousepad (pls reply as fast as possible cause i am looking forward to buy a cheap nice non mouspad needed mouse

Antonio 1941 says:

I toss mine to garbage today. Scroll wheel has serious design flaw: It’s middle click have NO SUSPENSION whatsoever. Left side of the wheel axis is suupported with rotation sensor, while right side of axis lays freely ON MIDDLE CLICK CHEAP CHINESE SWITCH. This causes that middle click loses its stiffnes and any scrolling will click the middle switch. This mouse cant handle slightest abuse, the wheel will crush the middle switch easily. Logitech 10$ mice have spring amortization system, this has none. This is shortest lasting mouse I ever used, it breaked in less than 2 months of gaming use. -It’s a crap.

Gamer 24 says:

avago sensor ?

Eternal Power says:

Is the White mouse glossy while Black is matt? Does it have settings to change the Led colors?

Ian V. says:

I got it and it works really awesome! Better then my zowie ec1-a

Tatiana Efremova says:

I’ve just ordered this mouse for only 16 euro and expect a lot from it. I think it’s one of the best deals available. BTW, really great channel and videos, keep it up!

Odyss gamer says:

θελο να το παρω

Odyss gamer says:

θελο να το παρω

Max Vermaesen says:

When you reach 100 subs, do you do a giveaway?

Spirit Reaper says:

Sharkoon SHARK Force or

Ian V. says:

I got this mouse. But which switches does it use?

Luc Hermkens says:

Already own this mouse, it’s amazing for this price point. Nice video!

Colezxel says:

Tbh you deserve more subs

World Citizen says:

You sound South-African?

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