Redragon M601 Centrophorus Mouse Review (Gaming on a budget)

At $14 on Amazon, this is really cheap for a gaming mouse, and it appears very popular. In this case, you get what you pay for, but maybe a bit extra too. For the price, it’s good.

The way I figure it… if you can’t afford one of the better gaming mice, that’s ok. You can still play fairly well with these cheap mice, so keep training and learning the games. But you won’t reach your full potential until you get a mouse that can handle all the fast moves and intense playing styles.

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matias veca says:

It’s the biggest shit I bought, I hate it

EvolvingTitle says:

My sensor died… any help?

Bryan _T says:

do u think it good to use for a couple.of months till.i can afford a.bettwr mouse?

Anime4 Mii says:

THe question is…..

How many click well it last???

Camilo José says:

A  E  S  T  H  E  T  I  C

Dukkie Gamer says:

I was testing how my mouse perfroms, it is €10 Dell mouse, 63 grams, not good for precise aiming when on high sensitivity but it has not acceleration, the cable doesnt bother me and it doesnt spin out (for me at least)

Family Breeding ground says:

Do not purchase this mouse the sensor is fucked and breaks so easily

HenryPlays says:

I’d highly recommend saving up £5-£20 more for the rival 100 or g203 as the sensors are actually decent.

Jun-Shuo Ng says:

I had this mouse with in a keyboard and mouse combo version. Mouse is fairly decent; is comfortable, soft middle button and non fingerprint magnet. But 1 year later the sensor broke down. For potential buyers I would say buy it as a spare or if you intend to exchange your mouse soon.

Suboo PC says:

quake live huh…i used to play quake 3 arena…aah the nostalgia

cherry says:

stupid question but what game at the beginning?

C Jay B. says:

looks like the MSI interceptor B1

TheLegendGoesOn 21 says:

I use the Redgrave name mouse and keyboard

Coffeecankill says:

I have one and I love it, no complaints tbh other than the DPI button is easy to press on accident and it throws me off sometimes

Ehnspire says:

Is this good for photoshoping too? And is it left handed friendly?


already bought the oem of this thing, and goddamit even logitech b100 still felt better in my opinion. hard to aim with this centophorus i should say, but the high dpi is better than b100 if i played on more than 1080p resolution.

Caleb Kimbell says:

I’ve been using this mouse (and the keyboard that comes with the bundle) and it seems alright for the price. Pretty much what you’d expect for a $13 mouse. I couldn’t get the desktop app working, so I could not adjust my mouse’s DPI precisely. – Does anyone know what all the DPI’s are for the mouse? I know one of the settings it is 2000 DPI, but what are the other two?

Zachary Keagan Lai says:

Can this mouse change to 1600dpi?

Khasan Tsendsuren says:

Ok its good mouse but WILL it perform good in CSGO ?
And sensor can it keep up

Bailey M says:

So I got this mouse to use with my XIM4. As I was setting up my key bindings I tried to set forward scrolling on the mouse to the R1 button on my controller. The XIM4 program wasn’t picking up the scrolling I was doing. Every button registers except for forward/backward scrolling. I can even press down on the scrolling button and it will work. Any suggestions? (I tried another mouse of mine on the xim4 program and it detects forward/backward scrolling)

CostlyCactys says:

Yeah I’ve been using this mouse for a year and a half now. I’m finally getting an upgrade soon.

Adi says:

what is the lowest dpi for this mouse? or, to be more clear, can you get 400dpi?

Shehab Saad says:

how to use 2 wired mice via usb on pc ?

Angel Andone says:

Logitech g203 pls next time

Punching Soda says:

help my mouse would turn on but the sensor at the buttom wont and the mouse wont work

Sincere Flowers says:

Trying to bind m5 and 6 to specific keys, is there software im missing?

Ammar Ali says:

it said you uploaded this for me today lol, either way didn’t watch this and is still pretty cool

SummonedSnake says:

thanks i learned a lot about my mouse this was helpful

Rudra says:

this is the most shit and cancer mouse dont even think of buying it i have this shit.

avoidrome says:

c d – r o m a n t i c plays quake?!

gonzotw says:

Sensor is fine. This numpty keep picking the fucking mouse up.

Carlos Friera says:

Fantastic review. Thanks!

SmokeTh1s -PCP says:

not a coincidense but its definitely the same design as msi ds b1 mouse.
slight differences on top of the grip. but everything else refers theyre identical.

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