Razer Naga Trinity Review (MMO and MOBA Mouse)

Change between 3 sets of side buttons and play with a top optical sensor, the latest Naga is a top choice for MMO and more.

I first tried the Naga at PAX and wasn’t too impressed with the shape, but after playing with it for a while, it started to feel very comfortable.

My favourite feature is of course the modular functionality. Being able to quickly switch between button modules is very practical. I use a lot of buttons during editing and general use, but being able to switch to the 2 buttons when playing First Person Shooters was great.

And yes, I’m aware this is an MMORPG or MOBA mouse and I tested it in Quake, but people asked me to review it so I did.

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here:

AMAZON USA: http://amzn.to/2Ej4T3C

AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/2BUW9vg

If you’re from Australia, you can buy at MWAVE here: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/razer-naga-trinity-chroma-usb-mmo-gaming-mouse-ac11167


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Phillip Morrison says:

i just want a standard shape small mouse. no luck for gamers

CptShrimps says:

Zy since you’re reviewing MMO mice now you should review the Logitech G600. IMO it’s the best MMO mouse by far since it has a third click for your ring finger.

PsychoNightCore says:

Hello, I have always heard that the best option is for games with a mechanical keyboard with mx cherry red keys. Is it a very low-profile membrane that does not have faster reaction times than such high-profile mechanical keyboards?

zerpBot says:

I was thinking I wish I could give a good test to the naga and the hex because I can’t buy both, this looks like a great oportunity, though I wish that the rest for the ring finger was removable. I don’t know what you think about it but for me it’s there just to crush my little finger constantly, also “ergonomic” designs are very unnatural or not-ergonomic for me.

TheSarah10001 says:

Wow this is awesome! i Will defiantly be buying this to play WoW and Dota 2 with.

lawfulneptune14 says:

Can you do a mouse pad review?

Dylan Angel says:

i find wide and heavy mice are better for slow and tight movement and small light ones better for flicks

Killarity says:

RJN Are you able to Claw/fingertip the steelseries rival 600 without discomfort. My hands are 19.5-10cm. I already tried the G Pro, Zowie fk1 and fk2, sensei 310.

Mr. Moose says:

This one or the Corsair Scimitar? 🙂

Erick726 says:

I’d give this a try if they wouldn’t have had that stupid ledge on the right side. I have really big hands so I use my thumb and pinkie fingers on the mouse pad to help steady my aim.

Max1m - Review and Gameplay says:

Please tell me what my mouse is best Logitech g402 or Steelseries rival 100 (I play fps)

Wendyn70 says:

So lets call it nigga… No, too rasist, we should change some letters…

Ruben Sargsyan says:

Yes! Finally! Thank you!

Fortminable says:

if at least there was a left handed version…

Peshwin says:

Your video format is therapeutic. I trust you most with mouse reviews!

Master Blaster says:

C,mon Razer offer the fps version as a standalone its all a bit pricey when i wont use the other two adaptors. Love the shape!

paddfoot says:

i love how u can change the side buttons :DD btw i already got a deathadder the only reason i watch these videos is your great editing and the quake highlights at the end of the videos :DD keep em up :))) 😉

Jefrico Fernaldy says:

this or rival 500?

CT Mihaynd says:

Zy, really random question but I’ve heard people say that turning in-game sensitivity to less than 1 can cause issues. But so far I haven’t experienced said issues, what are your thoughts on this and does it really cause issues?

D dabdab0132 says:

They should make the ring finger rest a third click like the G600

Artour Popov says:

hi, can u do pls review about ducky secret mouse?

CommonCents says:

Have you considered reviewing corsair’s new wireless line? The mouse seems too heavy for me at 128 grams but the keyboard seems like a real contender in the “wireless gaming” line of products.

Silky_RL says:

Hello, i have a claw-palm grip my had is: 17,5cm x 8,5 Wich is better for me Zowie EC , FK , ZA? pls help :v

Endoplazmik Retikulum says:

Hey Zy! Great video as always. Which mouse do you think I should get? (I am thinking about lots of mice though.) The G403, G102, G900, Razer Basilisk or Lancehead TE. I am using a G402 right now and it fits my hands pretty well. Tried the G102 and G403 before and they are really comfortable too.

Siedyac says:

I absolutely hate the shape of the naga models

Rain E says:

So will it be any good for fps games?

MegpoidNebri says:

Really glad to see companies pushing new features with mice, modularity is amazing!


Finally! An MMO mouse with the mouse wheel tilt function. I’ve had a good experience w/ my razer naga in the past. Definitely will upgrade to this one.

Aff3 gameplay says:

I just bought a logitechG 403 and im loving it!



Larry Wu says:

Finally, I’ve been waiting for this forever! Thanks!

John Plays says:

I only just asked a couple of weeks of go for this, nice to see you pay attention to your viewers, i love you and all the content you make, when you blow up, i can just say, oh i know Zy from when he was small

EagleCrawlTV says:

I bought the naga hex v2 2 weeks ago…ARE YOU KIDDING MR

a says:

The first Razer Naga worth buying after idk how many models, holy shit

Daniel Maycock says:

Brilliant, very glad you reviewed this mouse. I have the Naga Hex V2 which I used quite a lot before swapping to the Logitech G403 in Quake Champions. It is interesting to see the difference between the two razer mice.

I went with the Naga Hex V2 mainly because of the 7 side buttons, I find it easy to change weapons using the mouse buttons than with a keyboard – mainly a preference thing. Unfortunately aiming with the Naga Hex was a little tricky, hard to get an accurate shot. Hopefully the top sensor means a more accurate shot and from your video you got some pretty sweet shots off with it (although I think that your skills and experience of Quake may have helped there to).

I like the look of the software to. Don’t think I could cope with 12 side buttons, but having the option of two and seven buttons at the side certainly interests me. I hope to be purchasing this very soon, thanks RJN :-).

Fiskeben says:

Can you do a review on the Corsair Dark Core RGB Wireless mouse?

Jordon Depoti says:

Great video man you’re the pc gaming peripheral guru and I love it!!

Quick question – I habe a corsair strafe keyboard. Do you know if they make this special grey caps for z, x and c like they do for the moba and fps keycaps?

Dana Red says:



I love your videos,Zy

Happy Farmer says:

please review anything, will thumbs up.

Ladik007 says:

im using an old naga hex now for like 3 years. it’s still perfect but this makes me want to upgrade

Klossel says:

I’ve owned 2 of the Naga Hex v2’s (both had to be returned) and never had so many tracking issues and just issues in general with the mouse. I wouldn’t recommend any Razer products, they look premium and are advitised as top end but they are really just cheap and average products. I’ve owned a lot of Razer products and will never own anymore.

Vaeiful says:

What are the pros and cons compared to the basilisk? Those are the two that I am currently stuck on.

Sylphix says:

Since i started viewing your channel i’ve become a mouse addict. Bought 5 different gaming mice, love your videos!

Flaimbot says:

the only issue i have with this mouse is the software.
when synapse 3 launches it starts scanning all drives for games for about 5 minutes.
with ssds that’s not much of an issue, but every mechanical drive – yes, even optical and **floppy drive aswell** – makes the computer sound like a DNB mixtape the first 5 minutes.
messaged the support about it, but only got the regular “have you tried turning it off and on again?”-phrase instead of the ticket being forwarded to their engineers…

WülK3 says:

Zy, can you review Puri tkl keyboard from Cougar ?

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