Razer NAGA (2014) MMO Gaming Mouse Review

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NCIX (US) – http://www.ncixus.com/search/?categoryid=0&q=razer+naga

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GradeAunderA's Son says:

I have a broken Naga lol and I use a crappy and laggy wireless shit mouse that is not for gaming.

KayyBinn says:

ive had this mouse for about a year and a half and the tracking issues make me want to kms

Blinkster93 says:

Guessing its not great for fps?


Who plays Minecraft here? Don’t call me a ppap

Enis Dervis says:

Dammmm I can’t find it out of stock in England London going mad neeeeeed it

bandar gamer says:


FaradaysTV says:

It is possible to change color of the LED ?

Marcel Juli says:

dont buy this shit, keeps disconnecting after 6-7 months using. go buy steelseries sensei

william anderson says:

garbage mouse. left mouse button cracked half way down

소라 says:

thus mouse is big as fuck

bandar gamer says:


Howie Plays says:

I got one for free

Feras A. Aljedaibi says:

ohhhh that voice


ive had this mouse for 3 years got it from walmart great deal

João Mota says:

I have this mouse for 2 years and a half now and it’s really good for people with big hands and likes to rest the hand, going to get rival now but will use this to play mmo’s/mobas

Razor howl says:

in still using Razer Naga MMO 5600DPI Gaming Mouse that i purchased in 2012 lol still works perfect 😀

scorebat gaming says:

I have the left-handed version of this mouse, it, does it’s job. As a lefty I use IJKL rather than WASD and having those programmable buttons on the side were the reason why I bghought it… it’s a really comfy mouse for my hand size tbh.

KnightFJS says:

swifty pls

Ramon Barniol says:

good explanation and good work of edition! like for you!

Sean says:

The only problem I have is when I am gaming, I often press the buttons on the side by accident which may cause problems depending on what they are binded to. So if you have quite a firm grip, it can be annoying.

JorgeSwag34 [GD] says:

nice mouse 🙂

Cassidy JB says:

Does it have a wirless option? I heard it did.

Nesquik says:

i have a deathadder but and i use a razer tarterus but i dont have enough buttons that i can reach for csgo. i would use this to change weapons and nades. should i pay 20 pound and sell my deathaddwr and get this?

ItsEagleGamez says:

Should I get Razer Mamba Mouse or Razer Naga Mouse???.

LanV says:

does the mouse scroll go left and to the right ?

-ItsZeCrosZ- says:


Random Krev says:

please do razer naga chroma man

Bryan Murray says:

no customized lighting? it’s an mmo mouse who cares about lights

Andre Gamer says:

i use that mouse for fps because with the side buttons its way easyer to switch weapons

Shung says:

what software to change setting, link ty

Warlololock says:

this mouse is shit. all naga gear is shit. breaks within 1 year.

Patrick Nelson says:

guaranteed to do not double click after even one week of use

PenguinsPlayz says:


Smashmambo says:

This is the best mouse I have ever used an I’v tried most of them. Recommended.

Clash master! says:

This mouse is good for jitterclick ?

mnb323 says:

Uggghh. I wish the g600 had a larger hump for palm grips, then it would be the perfect mouse.

Josiah Hall says:

I got this for two dollars at a yard sale

SteMadafakaa says:

i just bought this mouse because my old x7f6 mouse’s macro id not working anymore, and i feel a delay in this mouse, but not at all in the old x7, any idea why?

rip Harambe says:

Razer Mamba or Razer naga 2014?

bandar gamer says:


Mutant Baby says:

Is that a mouse or is that a phone?

Yiğit GAMİNG says:


xRasy Official says:

I subscriber this channel,its amazing <3

HeliusSlayer says:

I’m used to the old nagas where button 4 and 5 are near the front left of the left click. I find those buttons on this newer style of mouse to be a pain to use. If I had actually tried the newer style in stores I would have not gotten it.

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