Razer Mouse Bungee Quick Review

In my opinion a mouse bungee is great to have, just for peace of mind with the cord and because it is one less thing to worry about while playing.

It doesn’t have to do much and the Razer Mouse Bungee does its job. My only real complaint is how difficult it is to put the mouse cord in and take it out. The plastic is too stiff.

That said, if you only have one mouse and you’re not going to change mice often like I do, this isn’t really an issue. Still something that could be improved.

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If you’re from Australia, you can buy at MWAVE here: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/razer-mouse-bungee-mouse-cord-management-system-ab44993


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Max1m - Review and Gameplay says:

Can you review the Apple mouse ???

PanzerIV says:

It sucks that bungees are so hard to find in stores, like you can clearly see the morons who purchase the stuff for the inventory isn’t talking at all to his vendors on the front line, or talking with gamers which are the typical customers going to buy their gaming mouse, so that would make sense if you sell the pads for them to also sell this accessory (-_-)

I found annoying that my cable would always get into the center bump on the (Razer Firefly) cause of the stupid usb which they haven’t thought of putting on the left side like Steelseries did so I sold my G403 wired for a G403 wireless to avoid the issue instead of buying a distracting bungee that’s kind of bulky, and most from other brands are really ugly. I still have my (Razer Armadillo V1) which is super heavy but it wasn’t that useful imo, more like an expensive paperweight with a Razer logo heh.

Ryan Fry says:

hey i have the same mouse bungee i got it the other day. as far as the head being to tight goes i had to actually file it down to get my logitech g pro in. but once i did that it works pretty well

dank.onion says:

What are mouse bungees even for?

HookerWithAPenis says:

Gaming idiotism at its best… errm, you need 30 extra $ for something you can improvise in under 1 min

Edgar Mertins Pappa says:

G403, problem solved.

cdm30216 says:

make a review on the logitech g300s

gh0st1976 says:

I had one of those. They are crap. The head snapped in half while changing to another mouse. The Camade is much better and in Europe the Camade is only 5 € more expensive than this Razer crap.

Yay! lolz says:

you just clean with water and the bottom gets sticky again

Erik O says:

Have had this bungee for a couple years, buy the zowie one instead.

Przem Stem says:

Guys got question. I want to buy kboard and my choice go down to k70 lux silent vs k95 platinum. I don’t care about media keys/usb and so on. Is quality of k95 much better over k70 to pay extra or not ? I want silent keyboard but if quality is much better on k95 then i will pick k95.

Kaiser Indrasil says:

Just a quick heads up: There are 2 wireless headsets I’d really like to see reviewed by you Zy. Those are the ROG Strix Wireless and the Gigabyte Force H1.

Dough Boi says:

I regret buying this bungee. I bought the Logitech G403 to replace my DeathAdder and it does not fit the cable of the G403.

Jesse W says:

Its 9.99 amazon right now, 12$ off

SkyyyGO says:

i had this 1 year ago with the DA Chroma and the fuing head broke while play DM and support just fucked my ass when i asked for replacement. Thank god i have zowie now….

MiTriz says:

Is it normal that my Zowie EC2-A tracks on my QCK Heavy like it’s tracking on ice ? I can’t have precision and that since the first day that I got them both !!

its CJ says:

Zy can u find me a good mice
My hands are 16×8 cm and claw or palm grip and i want the g403 cuz of the design but too big which mice is the best for me under $60 zowie fk2? Logitech gpro?

Kyle Tremblay says:

Can you add Canadian amazon affiliate links : )

Glen BT says:

What?! Where are the RGB fidget spinners! I thought this was razer!!!!

affinity says:

Lol mouse bungee, implying we dont all have g703s

-Hunter says:

Hopefully HyperX will send you the new alloy elite RGB keyboard. I’m curious to see if the quality is greater than or equal to the red LED alloy elite.

blsessex says:

I don’t recommend this bungee at all. The holes are not big enough to fit the thick braided cords that are common today. This bungee was made during the days of thin rubber cords.

T4iga says:

I can recommend the Zowie camade.
It is objectively overpriced since on it is only a piece of mass, plastic, a rubber tip and 2 springs. The upside is that it works great and has none of the problems the cover has and I would buy it again this it only served as a replacement to threading my cable through my lamp which was free and worked almost as well.
Look around for a cheap diy solution. If you can’t/don’t want to, get the camade. (also doesn’t have subjectively ugly piano finish plastic)

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