Razer Mamba and Firefly HyperFlux Review (wireless without a battery)

Razer’s solution to the heavy battery problem in wireless mice is to charge the mouse through the pad. They’ve managed to keep the Mamba HyperFlux to 97g (by my scales). It’s a large mouse which feels a bit more comfortable and bigger than the DeathAdder, so that weight should be about right for many.

The only two real issues I could find were the price and the size of the pad. But if you use a bit higher sensitivity (the cloth side of the pad has a lot of control) and you have the money, then this is an awesome product to own.

Unfortunately I have to send this copy back, so I won’t be able to do further testing if needed, but I spent a lot of time with it and had some great games with it.

Awesome product, but obviously not for everyone.

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here:

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If you’re from Australia, you can buy at MWAVE here: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/razer-mamba-hyperflux-wireless-mouse-firefly-hyperflux-charing-mouse-mat-ac12216


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chalermlaB says:

Man when I watch your vids I really need to turn the bass down. Your voice has so much bass it drown out other sound on my speaker.

Fives says:

Hey Zy, I don’t know if this is a position you should take, but I think you should address this brand toxicity that appears in almost every Razer video you do. Your views listen to you, not the comments. It’s clear that Razer makes exceptional mice, and even if it had its flaws, it’s not like any other mouse brand is better in any way.

Reaper says:


SCP 106 says:

*Warning*Dumb people below*

kheath580 says:

wouldnt be surprised to see this have the same button issues as the deathadder. ive had 5 deathadders and 2 elites and theyve all broken the same way with the double clicking and the holds not staying.

fat nagger says:

By any change did you see if the logitech pad worked on this mouse and vise versa? Not that I would use either of them like that but just curious.

Ali Rehman says:

The only reliable mouse channel on the YouTube and razer took the mouse back.. that’s rude

zak wern says:

Before you send the mamba back can you use it in a comparison between it and the Logitech powerplay?

Get Shwifty says:

Hey Zy, great work as always. Would you be able to review the new corsair dark core se please? Thanks Zy!

Vaskedama says:

Can’t hit rails without zooming ?

BamItsEric says:


Max1m - Review and Gameplay says:

Love your videos and your music!

Steve Padd says:

Hey Zy, you need to revisit Rival 600. It shouldn’t be on your top 5. After using it for over 3 months, the mouse is absolute garbage. It literally stops tracking mid-games in multiple occasions because of the extra sensor. Too much input or whatever. Submitted multiple tickets about this but all they say is to hard reset, which doesn’t solve anything. There are multiple complaints about this mouse on several forums.

RayPlays says:

now i watch your vids for fun i just love ur vids dude keep it up

berdcs says:

Hey Zy, could you do a solo review of the new HyperX Fury S Pro? It’s really popular with pros and I can’t seem to find an RJN quality review about it.

Van Whittaker says:

What mouse should i get for gaming. I mainly play fortnite, CSGO, Rust and other games like that. I was looking at getting the logitech G703 wireless or the steelseries rival 600 . I have the Logitec g502 atm but the middle scroll wheel broke . Any suggestions on what mouse i should get next. Thanks 🙂

Daniel Nicolae Jornea says:

Yeah it it hadr but isn’t a har mousepsd like the plastic mousepads!! It’s a soft mousepad!!

justnvc says:

£250 😀

IsakH85 says:

Very cool tech, shame about the tiny pad though.

PanzerIV says:

Did I really heard correctly and this combo will be an outrageous 400$USD?!?! Anyhow like people said the G903 is already a better choice and it’s quite bad actually that it only manage to do 97g WITHOUT battery while a wired G403 is only 89g and that the wireless version I have at home is 100-103g at most without the door cover.

I sold my (Razer Firefly) for a (Steelseries Dex) pad. While it isn’t as bling bling, the tracking is pretty much the same but it won’t wear out within 6 months and it won’t go completely through my feet in even less time. I found so retarded that Razer had their cable and connector right at the center so if you ever use a wired mouse it’s gonna be in the way. That was a major cons and I can heardly believe they still did the same for that newer Firefly.

MrScOut says:

If you’re gonna get a razer mamba, i’d recommend the razer mamba tournament edition. If you’re going for wireless i recommend the razer mamba wireless, the hyperflux I wouldn’t recommend it since u need the mouse pad to power it.

Chris Benn says:

Razer had a chance to make a good mouse – light! Why is it still so heavy?! a good mouse is 80g!

RageOfFireX says:

I bought the lance head and it’s incredible

Transcend says:

Finally the review every competitive gamer has been waiting for

C Bass says:

Really cool tech. Is Razer going to sell replacement pads to go on top when this one wears out. Probably thinking to far ahead but if this where we are going the with wireless mouse the pads have to be swappable when worn.

Pontus Rybecker says:

Wow! Wireless and cancer? Where do i order?!?!

top kek says:

Why not use aluminum feet would increase the life span

iTz_DaNiiLo says:

The technology they put into this mouse seems to be amazing so props to Razer for that but the mousepad size is a total deal breaker for me

Narkokotik says:

So the only one question is, when it will start doubleclicking?

dynastes says:

I actually love that kind of tech, been thinking about getting the Logitech Powerplay for quite a long time now. It’s expensive, sure, but that is actually not what keeps me from pulling the trigger. It might sound childish with all the kinds of radiation around us everyday anyway, but so far I am not completely comfortable with the thought of placing my hand on a mousepad that will keep radiating energy for hours at a time (even more so with the Razer iteration, since that one actually creates such a “thick” charging field) 😀 Well, perhaps I’ll get past that eventually – or some articles / videos pop up that address this. I find it strange that the manufacturers do not inform about this more prominently.

Randhika Ikra says:

400 dollar overprice crap and a razer product. seems perfect.

Dank Memes 420 says:

Jesus Christ, do any of you Razer fanboys / haters know what you’re talking about? All modern optical mice perform basically the same, including Razer, when it comes to pure sensor performance (meaning we’re excluding software, design, and other shit that differentiates brands.) When I see a comment going “hur hur razer sensor are bad cuz me no like razer hur” it just shows that you don’t realize something: Razer, Logitech, Steelseries, and Roccat are using modified 3360s and other similar optical sensors. If you say an optical Razer mouse has a bad sensor, you might as well shit on the others.

McHaazelnutz says:

I wouldn’t trust a wireless mouse, especially when it’s Razer

MoDeL says:

Are the 310 and mamba hiperflux the same size ?

top kek says:

Am i just super sensible for input lag or why do i feel like every mouse with almost every pc has about 200ms of input lag i’m legit confused now

Wave Rider says:

Nice review! Looks like a very nice mouse set up. However the cost factor and the lack of being able to use the mouse without the pad isn’t going to appeal to most. I do like what they have done to the mamba and this technology is pretty cool, but having a corded tournament edition with those wonderful RGB lights, found on previous models along with having the much better sensor and switches would have been a winner all day long. $250 is way out of control for a mouse no matter how cool the tech is, plus most of the people who by the product are younger and don’t have such funds for a mouse, are you listening Razer?

bbreakerCE says:


miatribe says:

now lets wait till someone claims this will give you hand cancer or something…

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