Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Mouse Pad Review!

Ohhhh man, RGB extended mouse pads from Razer are here! Would you add one to your gaming setup?
•Goliathus Chroma: https://amzn.to/2Nvq97M
•Extended Chroma: https://goo.gl/GDJJyo
•Razer Firefly: https://amzn.to/2J2wGDE
•Regular $10 Extended Mousepad: https://amzn.to/2KFtgfG

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*_-HORNPUB-_* says:

Nah too small.


Why is this so late?

Isak Andersson says:

The reason you don’t get the cable management clips on the extended version is because they would be to far away from your mouse to be useful!

AlfA says:

I don’t like extended mouse pads because the mouse area is way to small, my mousepad is 40 cm wide and that’s not even big enough

Zebra.2.4 says:

Razer should make a version with wireless charging for mouse and keyboard.

NERO says:

if its gets dirty or un-threaded your DEAD MONEY hha

Flame says:

What mouse is that



SlutKiller says:

Um, just a question. How do you wash it?

nio. says:

now razer firefly is shit

Arkheus says:

@randomfrankp have you ever done an review on an sharkoon product like the sharkoon skiller mech sgk3?

Mister Mango says:

when corsair makes one i am getting one !

Hector Gomez says:

Great review Frank. I just wish you had dimmed the studio lights just a bit to het a good look at the lighting and effects.

Pekay says:

I have a question to everybody, I bought the Razer Blackwidow X Chroma when it came out, and the Razer firefly some weeks after that. I’ve been and are using them now with my pc and I enjoy everything with them. But after seeing the extended Goliath Chroma, It would look so much better instead of the firefly, since I’ve tilted my firefly 90 degrees to hide the cable, so it looks a bit silly. But with the Goliath extended, it would hide my mouse cable, the Goliath cable itself and the keyboard cable. But the thing is that I enjoy the zones on my firefly, so it would be a bit of a downgrade. So what should I do?

Jerry Liu says:

Hello, Aayushman. Could you pls do a review for our USB Type C headphone?

Jackson Scott says:

Using the mousepad right now. Its overpriced as heck yes, but it’s easily one of the coolest parts of my setup. Feel naked without it now.

Dead Li0n says:

Hey Randomfrankp can you please also tell us what chair they are using on your gaming set ups please. I know this isn’t gaming set up but just saying.

Sancho Jr says:

it’s literally just an extended mouse pad with EL wire around the edges

Teemo4Life says:

Can’t wait for RGB microphone

Sathu says:

Corsairs still better

Theodore Spittnikov says:

oh man, IMO RGB begins to be so ridiculous and childlike – everybody doing like a fly “to the light” XDDDD

put inside the drawers
put on the chairs, keys, floor
put on books, tablets, smartphones and flash drives
put on cigarettes, sneakers, clothes, pencils, matchboxes, bottles, packaging, shower

Guilmar Dionisio says:

Where to buy skins for Logitech mouse?

NERO says:

the hunstman is ugly they should release a blackwidow 3 with the latest keys

randomfrankp says:

If you dig the Huntsman Elite keyboard and want to check out the review/giveaway, here is the link! https://youtu.be/sVZXxbdLn7Q

Flarbles says:

It’s stupid and I want it

Silent Rice says:

RGB paper

Taxation is Theft says:

looks like a gay ballad

Stxq says:

How do I get it shipped to Australia… 🙁

Zaid Azkoul says:

60$ for an extended mousepad… I could buy one without rgb for 1/3 of the price

Under2Minutes says:

man good mousepad but fuck RGB.

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