Razer Goliathus Chroma RGB Soft Mouse Pad Quick Review

I generally recommend cloth mouse pads, but it’s nice to set a theme with RGB lighting. I guess that was the thinking behind the Razer Goliathus Chroma. Now we have a soft pad (like the Goliathus Speed) but with RGB tubing around the edges.

Great little product, nice to see Razer pushing the boundaries. While not perfect, it’s a good step forward for the RGB everything people.

It’s not cheap either. Then again, I was paying $40 Australian dollars per pad back in the day, so I guess it makes sense this is going for $60 on MWAVE.

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here:

AMAZON USA https://amzn.to/2HjslvF

AMAZON UK https://amzn.to/2qPX8sQ

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Amazon USA http://amzn.to/29OLzNY
Amazon UK http://amzn.to/29GNbI9
Amazon Germany http://amzn.to/29vek0X
Amazon Canada http://amzn.to/2aRgdTd

If you’re from Australia, you can buy at MWAVE here: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/razer-goliathus-chroma-soft-gaming-mouse-mat-ac12964

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MADORA says:

Please review Logitech g602 wireless

Khaled Alsemsemi says:

hello, i just want to know what grip you use for the zowie fk2

LolyPop says:

RGB Gives you more fps.

New Nation says:

this is a awesome video

Qnn says:

I will 100% buy the extended version when it comes out 😀

Marcelo Martinez says:

Zy, would you recommend Razer Deathadder Elite or Logitech G403 Wireless?

Tomek L says:

Only i was like OH NEW ABYSSUS. And then i saw mousepad 🙁

James Murphy says:

Spigen A103 Mouse Pad Gaming Mat

Apollo says:

welll isnt the mouse cable on the extended version gonna be going across and not right into the box

Dreamer's Deal says:

the handcam looks REALLY good, and the rgb lighting is subtle

E Page says:

Someone that didn’t make a vod 10:01 seconds with 8 miunutes of bullshit to hit the 10 minute mark.

StayPuft787 says:

Sweet track.

Neo says:

Hey Zy. I’m looking to buy a 144hz monitor. What do you think suits best for competetive use. 24 or 27 inch. (High budget.)

RefleXxOnYT says:

Do you recommend me the logitech g203 or logitech g303 or hyperx pulsefire ?
I have 20.3cm hands and curently using logitech g302

Handy Ho says:

Can you wash it though?

Jordy Knubben says:

Did they fix the bump where the electronics sit cause with the firefly it had a big bump and made it unusable for me

Opium4MePls says:

1:39 that guy in the chat “lg arena” why do people hate on the lg so much.. its the most satisfying wepon.. rrrrrrrrrrrrrr
they are just jelly because they play 130 fov rocket spam only, and cant track for shit

elitemav says:

Someone is going to.make RGB gaming beds.

Fishfins says:


Jheyo venero roncal says:

DAM, no compartison or especial shots… crazy review :S

W6 FyXe says:

RGB VR set lol

Homenear says:

i have 17.5ish hand and 8.5 cm what mouse is good from zowie i palm grip and like smaller mice also looking at finalmouse ultralight pro, Thanks for you reviews zy you always help me and sorry for bad english

iMP says:

Please review the Razer Diamondback 2016

pz1 says:

meh nothing beats icemat =)

Nothingness says:


Stibo says:

How do you clean these type of pads?

elvin colon says:

Does anyone know when the full keyboard and mouse version of this comes out pls let me know if you do

W6 FyXe says:


ツRubenxyz12 says:

Is it comfortabel to palm grip a rival 110 with 18 by 9 cm hands?

cloudx says:

dangit, i bought the goliathus speed just a few weeks ago and now this came out

Tekhartha Zenyatta says:

The industry has been very dry for the last 6 months or so. Any hints to what might come up soon? Thanks

DirtyNinja says:


Should i buy the G302 in 2018? I want this shape, but the G303 isn’t available. Should i buy it, like is the mouse still ok or should i not because of the old sensor?

Brake Check says:

I really want an extended rbg mousepad, they are just to small atm.

Melih Çalıcı says:

Razer said they will be releasing a full size one.

Faiz Lamin says:

Maybe one day, the Razer RGB Toaster won’t be an April Fool’s joke anymore.

Deku says:

can you rewie bloody p85 it has pmw 3325 sensor

universeClips says:

Hello, I watched a few videos of yours and you seem very competent when it comes to keyboards and mice. I had 2 non-mechanical keyboards throughout my gaming “career” (Corsair K44 and Logitech G105) and wanted to get started with mechanical keyboards. Can you tell me which one is the best (in your honest opinion, obviously)? I really struggle to choose one from the countless of mechanical keyboards on the market already. I mostly play shooters (CSGO, R6, etc). This would help me a lot!

The Necromancer says:

To date, each and every mousepad I’ve ever tried from Razer are solely crap, the most mediocres and lucklaster ever, no matter if hard of soft.

Samuel Gillespie says:

when will the final mouse update video be out?

PanzerIV says:

About goddamn time Razer wake up and put their usb connector at the top/left corner instead of right in the center like on the Firefly I had. Still not perfect though but already a big step forward. Personally I just sold it to get a (Steelseries Dex) but that was after I sell my (Logitech G403) wired to buy a wireless version as I was sick of the cable getting into the stupid thing at the center. Everything else is already RGB so I don’t care if my pad isn’t anymore. After all it haven’t been for the past 15 years and I ain’t dead from it. It was even maybe a little too much lol.

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