Razer Basilisk Review (with Sniper DPI Clutch and Wheel Tensioning)

This mouse has two new interesting features, the clutch as the sniper button, which is the best in class so far, and the scroll wheel tensioning system, which might suit a lot of CS:GO players.

The shape is new for Razer and it might be their most comfortable yet. With a top optical sensor, Omron switches, durable materials and some extra features, it’s one of the best mice around.

However, while the shape is comfortable, it isn’t going to suit everyone, especially with the thumb rest, and its weight is about 109 grams. Most competitive FPS players seem to prefer mice under 100g.

As I mentioned in the review, the shape is very similar to the G502 from Logitech, so if you want that kind of mouse but a bit lighter and slightly more comfortable, I’d recommend giving this a look!

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here:

AMAZON USA: http://amzn.to/2xuNRYI

AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/2y5sEsw

If you’re from Australia, you can buy at MWAVE here: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/razer-basilisk-chroma-ergonomic-gaming-mouse-ac08872


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ProvokeDubstep says:

What mouse would you recommend for games such as cs:go or battlefield 1. This one or the deathadder elite? I have 19.5 x 10 and play a hybrid of half claw half palm

ISADA TK says:

This sensor pmw3389 better than pmw3366 ?

Seafoam Serpent says:

Whould this be good for overwatch?

Sam Mulder says:

From the sound of the wheel, it seems known razer quality is at work…

Louis F. Silva says:

I was waiting for your review of this mouse. I saw your video talking about Deathadder Elite and I decided to buy one, less than a month ago. Is a very good mouse, but for me it has 2 flaws, the first one is that the upper plastic of the mouse when I exert some pressure with my hand tends to creak especially next to the buttons that regulate the DPI (it is already the second Deathadder Elite that I have and has the same defect as the first one, the store where I bought it accepted to make the exchange by another equal), and the second flaw, for me, is that the bottom part of the DAE is too wide. My hand is identical to yours in measurements, so if for you The Basilisk it is more comfortable than the Deathadder Elite I should have no problem with Basilisk.

Hosty says:

I have my deathadder 2013 for over 4 years now and I’m going to be replacing it this or next year. Do you think this mouse will do? My hands are very big and my prefered grip is palm.

Junhee Lee says:

Hello I really enjoy your reviews for person with hand 19cm which would you recommend? Razer lancehead TE? or Razer Basilisk

Cosmin says:

since lancehead they seem to switch to optical sensors
*god yes*

Scorpi - CSGOSkins says:

ZA13 or ec2a for small hands?
(claw grip)

achraf benmasaoud says:

I doubt. The Razer basilisk or Razer deathadder elite ???

Ruben Sargsyan says:

Could you please do a comparison video between the Basilisk and the Deathadder Elite?

Nik B says:

What do you recommend if I wanted to switch to something better if I use a Corsair m65 I play cs

ctf infinity says:

Still watching

Vache Tsetskhladze says:

10x man, i was waiting for it

CozmicX says:

Razer is finally getting better from their crappie laser sensor and bad build quality and overprice

Night Wolf says:

Basilisk or rival 310?

flX says:

Hi. I’m getting a new mouse. I mostly play csgo. I have very small hands. Could someone please reply with an opinion on the velocifire v9 if you’ve ever come across it?
Edit: or even better someone do a review of it.

T W E R K B O N E R says:

G502 that is lighter and more comfortable? FUCK YEAH

Ghost says:

Holy crap I didn’t expect a review to be this in depth! Super helpful mate, seems perfect for my tip grip style (lol)

slush balls says:

Just got this mouse it’s absolutely incredible, my aim is way way more accurate with this mouse, excellent video, I have a kind of wide hand, this mouse is so so comfortable…

JAY LEE says:

Is this the best razer mouse? (never owned a razer) My G502 just died and looking for the best possible gaming mouse, mostly bf1 right now. Suggestions welcome

JessyXeye says:

Which one feels bigger, the G403 or the Basilisk?
And did you have any trouble aiming because of the size?
Hands 18cm long, and 11,5 wide

Great videos

Tegar Raditya says:

Why your synapse is white and green?

OneDerscore One says:

I wish you didn’t dislike the g502 so much…

EmeraldGameZ says:

lancehead = G900
basilisk = G502
didnt know razer and logitech was parrallel universe
(worst dragon ball joke like ever)

Mordecai Walfish says:

Can the clutch be bound to a different function, like binding to a different mouse button or keyboard key? I have always used rmb for jump ever since the first Quake, so I use mouse 5 (browser forward) for the normal aim function in games that would be bound to rmb. If this clutch could be bound to this instead, this may be the perfect mouse for me.

Andy Lin says:

This is just a cheap G500 series rip off.

Christian Schmidt says:

gonna keep using my kone emp. still going strong. most comfortable mouse i ever used after the xtd optical.

r0bsen says:

How is the clicks compared to g403, g403 has too light clicks (m1/m2) for me, I accidentally click them

Iesa Rahman says:

I don’t tend to be interested in Razer mice, but I’ve got to admit, this has me interested. Shame it’s £70ish, but hey what else can you expect from a top notch mouse. I guess I’ll be stuck here with my decade old Microsoft mouse 🙁

XpertBeast [PW] says:


SusloNick says:

huh why would it be worse the the vertical aim?

97michaelthang says:

Hi, are you gonna do Steelseries Rival 110 review?

Franz Brandwein says:

Thx. Great and informative Review, as always. I bought it because of this review. Here are the points, why I bought this mouse.
– It’s ergonomic. I prefer ergonomic shapes on mouses.
– decent build-quality
– top sensor
– really good mouse-wheel quality (and with the tensioncontrol you can adjust the resistance to your personal preference, its a nice add-on)
– very low lift-of-distance
– good software with a lot of options (you can configure x-/y-sensitivity separatly if you want, you can adjust lift-of-distance in 10 steps, suface-calibration, 5-dpi-settings-slots and each button can be configured with a customized function if needed, macros)
– you can store all settings within 4 available profile-slots and don’t need a driver to run the device

The mouse feels comfortable in the my hand. I was a litte bit sceptic because of the thump-rest, but i got used to it very quickly. After one day of adaption i’m already recogizing improvements in my aiming. I don’t know why, and first i thought, it’s a placebo-effect. But my aiming is more precise than before. I have better control in general.


Have you ever got banned in quake for the game thinking you where hacking?

Ethan Fong says:

What’s wrong with the vertical sensitivity?

Freerider says:

Glad to see you actually do a real world test, and you also seem to share an unbiased look at the product.

Ajira Revani says:

You are the real mouse reviewer in Youtube.

I subbed to you, clicked the bell icon before and I was getting notifications but they’ve somehow stopped. I clicked the bell icon again but how can this happen, does YouTube mess with my settings?


are u chinese ?

Imu Lippo says:

This is quality channel because of details

Pat says:

Is this compareable in shape/size to the finalmouse ego 2016?

Jeff O says:

lol won’t recommend it for up and down hahahaha

adam fendri says:

hi can you plz review the msi clutch gm 40 . i heard that it uses the same sensor as the zowie for half the price

pyxern says:

Are you reviewing the white version of FK2 as well?

Sooper Speedy says:

I’d love to buy this and remap the dpi clutch as push to talk. This thing looks so comfortable too, I may just have to buy one

ZeRAGman says:

I didn’t like the G502 because it wasn’t wide enough, and simply couldn’t stand that weird scroll wheel. Would you say this mouse solves that? Or does it feel similar to it? The mouse wheel tension adjustment thing looks pretty interesting, but I’m a bit picky when it comes to my mouse’s shape. Currently using a Mionix Naos 8200 simply because it’s the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever used, although I do like the clutch thing on this one. I always liked the sniper button on the Corsair M65, but the shape just wasn’t good enough for me to commit to it, so this thing featuring a similar feature with a better shape definitely caught my attention.

FluffyWolf says:

Review the Razer Ouroboros next! It’s old, but I haven’t seen your review on it.

Oceanman says:

How much is the click lifespan?

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