Razer Basilisk FPS Gaming Mouse Review, $999 iPhone X, Equifax Hack Help!

Razer Basilisk Gaming Mouse Review, Read exFAT Drives In Linux, iPhone X, Equifax Hack? Get a Credit Freeze!
00:47 Apple’s Big Event:
Apple announced the iPhone X, iPhone 8, Apple TV 4K and Apple Watch Series 3… our thoughts in the video!

15:15 Razer Basilisk FPS Gaming Mouse
The Razer Basilisk just came out in the US and we got hands on one of the first ones out of their warehouse, shipped straight from China. Full review of this 16,000 DPI gaming mouse -it’s got a clutch! in the video!

22:32 About That Equifax Breach/Mess… ID Theft 101
Equifax got hacked, with up to 143 million Americans impacted. What to do? Don’t sign up for Equifax’s free credit monitoring on the web, get a Credit Freeze put on your account. (We talked about ’em here.) Check your credit reports, and set up a fraud alert via the FTC website… more info in the video, and if you do end up getting your identity stolen, head to identitytheft.gov!

27:23 exFAT in Linux???
Lance writes, “Why does mac have no issues with exFAT formatted drives but Linux does?” We explain why, show you how to install FUSE so Linux can run exFAT, and here’s a guide for creating a ‘universal’ exFAT drive in Linux!

29:53 Google Crisis Map
“Weather, Hazards, Emergency Preparedness,” Google’s AMAZING interactive Crisis Map makes it incredibly easy to see what’s impacting our world!

32:26 Do Something Analog!
Like Stew, who went skydiving before the eclipse… pictures in the video!
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Richard Pucci says:

So excited to hear their thoughts on the New IPhones.

It’s interesting they didn’t mention anything about having the charger – headphone jack cable included. I feel like they are giving you less for your dollar. When I bought my AirPods it didn’t come with the wall adapter, just the charging cord.

Zack Case says:

TekThing delivers again! Thank you.

Azeworaikilla says:


warmango says:

I went skydiving ~40 years ago. No tandem jumps, so I jumped by myself. Only took a month for my knee to heal.

David Hold says:

Geesh is snubs really that dumb or is she playing dumb ….. did she not see the Apple event on Tuesday????? “what’s an ami-emoj” even my 6 year old can figure out “animated emoji”.

Rogelio Amezquita says:

The reason why these companies are skipping the number nine in their version is because of Japan, they think that the number nine is bad luck. So if Windows or Apple came out with the number nine version they thought that Japan would not buy their products.

Rogelio Amezquita says:

Kinda scary having Apple to have your face in there servers

lzhlzh says:

dang tht basilisk looks amazing (im gur /a/uWkcH)

fred soksabay says:

keep one eye closed, phone won’t unlock IIRC from some article I read

ecthomason says:

Why isn’t the Basilisk southpaw friendly? boooooooooo.

XimerTracks - NCS Music & Remixes says:

@TekThing. Hey, I think your video’s length might be off… I think you should listen to my songs :). youtube com/XimerTracks

Greg M says:

FYI the Equifax hack did not only affect US residents. Also affected were an unknown number of Canadians and UK residents. Here is the Canadian Privacy Commissioner post re the hack which of course does not contain any useful information other than Canadians should not use the Equifax am I affected page https://www.priv.gc.ca/en/opc-news/news-and-announcements/2017/an_170912/

Here in Canada you can buy the starting level iPhone X for $1314 Canadian plus sales taxes. Premiere smart phones have been over $1,000 for a while here.

Brad hambrick says:

Projectors I need help … I don’t want to spend a fortune I’m not sure if I want 1080P or 4K what would be my two best options?

Tyler says:

i really can’t wait for all those bad doers to leave an apple compatible air charger in a hotel or coffee shop that is designed to overload the battery on the iphone x or 8 and make it catch fire that will be the day just calling it now

Cj Rider says:

Keep in mind if you DO buy into the Equifax credit monitoring…..you wave your right to any lawsuits against them in the future.

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