Razer Atheris Review (Wireless and Bluetooth Gaming Mouse)

Optical sensor, wireless and Bluetooth in one of the smallest mice on the market. It’s a compact version of the Razer Lancehead with an Abyssus V2 type front.

With some modifications to the shape and a wired version to avoid the weight of batteries, this might have been the top small mouse. But this is not for competitive FPS play.

This is more for people who need something small to go along with their laptop or maybe even tablet (if mouse is supported).

There’s a lot to like about it, but without those changes, it won’t make the Top 40.

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here:

AMAZON USA: http://amzn.to/2y0gP3C

AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/2Ail9gd

If you’re from Australia, you can buy at MWAVE here: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/razer-atheris-wireless-ambidextrous-gaming-mouse-ac07484


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Don says:

Hello! I need some help here i use claw grip pretty much and have 20×10 cm hands and the two mouse i look at is za11 and fk1

iRoniks says:

Hey zy, so I got the ec1-a last year and now it’s breaking down and freezing too often. So I’ve been looking into a new mouse, I’m almost certain I don’t want another Zowie because I want to try other mice and same reason for steelseries. What mouse would you recommend for me? My hand is 18.5cm by 9.5cm and I use a palm grip. I play mainly csgo so that might also be a deciding factor. But right now I’m in between g403 and razed DA elite. What do you think?

Phillip Morrison says:

it would be cool if you could plug in a cable and use no batteries

Ruben Sargsyan says:

Are you going to do a review on the Razer Naga Trinity?

Jeotep Winters says:

I know its not a gaming mouse, but if you want a small wireless mouse that’s weight balanced, the Logitech MX 2 Anywhere mouse is surprising in how good it is. Its the best small size mouse I’ve ever used for anything.

Pixleblade Awsomness says:

Cool, new vid!

techsimmons says:

Razer again puts Bluetooth in a “gaming” mouse. XD

David Taylor says:

Yo we gonna get a Finalmouse classic ergo 2.0 review?

WondeR says:

Another opportunity missed for a mouse with a promising shape.

natu19900 says:

I know this has nothing to do with the video, but I’ve been wondering since I’m deciding on trying the FK2 over my EC2A. You say the FK2 is really good for finger tip grip and you finger tip grip yourself, but I’ve heard fingertip gripping really sucks for aiming. No one in pro CS scene uses fingertip grip that I’ve ever seen (I heard ScreaM might use it, but it seems he just does a hybrid). I tried finger tip gripping and it really messes up my aim, it just seems hard to have proper control of it. If you claw, is the EC2A better or the FK2, in your opinion?

BTW I asked a question once before and you answered so quick and I just wanted to thank you for being so god damn good and helpful at what you do here.

kam hagh says:

What about Bluetooth D: i mean i know it’s gonna be awful but i was wondering if it’s good for casual stuff c:

Jonah Ng says:

can you make a finalmouse classic ergo 2 mouse review 😀

Galaxize says:

New finalmouse review plsssss

Richard Hunter says:

Which mouse has the best scroll wheel & mouse 3?

Larry Wu says:

Can you do a review on the Razer Naga Trinity?

Syakir Zainol says:

If you were to pick a mouse purely for photo and graphic editing, which one will it be?

krissthebliss says:

Ok am I the one one that read the title; Razer Arthritis.

Tiffis says:

Great mouse for Trump

BaSkA says:


NoodleK1D says:

Can you do a review on the g pro again?

Phúc Nguyễn Thế says:

0:16 xDDD

Mikael Hadad says:

Finalmouse ergo 2017?

T W E R K B O N E R says:

Trust GXT 155 pls?

T W E R K B O N E R says:

0:16 prepare to get demonetized

Zulky says:

i wanted to start plying quake but i doesnt know which quake i should get theres too much … anyone any idea ?

Pixleblade Awsomness says:

Wow I just looked it up and me a 13yo has larger hands than this adult Zy. Mine are 20cm by 10cm

Corwin Black says:

Not bad, but if it fails that test it means something is wrong. I guess you tested in wireless (2,4GHz) not BT mode?

Thanks much for the review!

Lorenz De Guzman says:

Can you do a review on asus rog spatha? Love ur vids!

J Canterbury says:

What FOV does RJN use in QC? Anyone know?

TROY says:

Looks so ugly lol Logitech just needs to bring out a smaller wireless mouse and then is all over!

Gio W. says:

zy what mousepad do u think is the best now? is razer gigantus good? i currently have the qck heavy but i feel its too fast and i had to turn it upside down basically the logo is in the top left and it feeled more controlled?

Danny Billy says:

God damn that is small

Mentalist IsTheSav1oR says:

What do you think about HyperX Cloud Stinger headset? Are they good for csgo?

CAElite says:

I’ve been using a Razer Orochi for years, didn’t even realise they released a new version. I absolutely love the tiny mouse.

Luiz Filipe Evelin says:

any chance of you reviewing the Redragon Tiger M709? Quite cheap ($20 dollars) with 10k DPI and good ergonomics for big hands (bigger than DA Elite


Blizzyyy says:

hi dad

Revellixia says:

Can you also review the new m750 tkl keyboard from steelseries? Just asking

Common Sense says:

mouse so small most likely give me joint inflammation (ba dum tss)

Luis Guillermo says:

Zy what do think about acceleration in fps games. If you had the settings that they give you in quake live. Or use povohat is accel

IsakH85 says:

Energizer makes some lightweight non-rechargeable lithium batteries. They also last longer and won’t leak like alkaline batteries can.

Dominik K says:

YES THERE’S A DELAY! A warning to people thinking of getting this mouse the sensor is laggy light batteries don’t help.

Leandro says:

what mouse do you recommend for a small hand finger grip? I want to try wireless because wire is annoying even with bungee… but i don´t think there is an option with good sensor. Currently i have cm alcor, i want one smaller.

Matthew Matthew says:

How quaint, Razer made a baby mouse that can be used by a 5 year old, literally.

LastEcho says:

Have you ever used any of those mouse and chuck combos like Banco Fragensteins or the Aimon XB Elite V

Roberto says:

Im waiting for logitech to release the g303 wireless!

Fwatson 24 says:

Do a review on the razer naga trinity I would love to now if it can be used for FPS

Ezio Auditore says:

I couldnt use it, even my rival 300 feels small at times

Sebastian says:

You should be a hand model.

Jeremy Gullatt says:

Ugh I HATE these left or right handed(I forget the term) mice. Since they’re not made for either particular side, they’re flat thus not as comfortable. And honestly, with so many lefties living in a righty world, they’re all probably used to using mice with their right hand ever since they were little.

top kek says:

What mouse shape is the best for finger tip give me a mouse example im making a new shell for my current mouse

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