Pocket Mouse Review: Pen-Shaped Mouse *As Seen on TV*

Pocket Mouse is an As Seen on TV pen-shaped mouse. Today I put it to the test.

You can find a review of the much older “MousePen” at Lazy Game Reviews: https://youtu.be/f1ytRvodB24

I bought Pocket Mouse for $20.

Purchase a popular competitor: http://amzn.to/2FDT6y9

Written review: http://bit.ly/2Hzpr5S

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MusicMaing says:

Is that an HP Omen? Wondering how you like it

Cinnamon Toast King says:

1. The ONLY “decent” use would be on-the-go that’s it. If the commercial showed for home use that’s laughable as it doesn’t fit what something called the pocket mouse would be used for.

2. Left clicking for left handed is not a big deal for any avid computer user. Shortcuts for most if not all left clicking needs excists and are quicker. BUT I doubt an “avid” computer user would by something like this.

3. Honestly so far the best portable “pocket” mouse I have seen has been the Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse. It folds flat and turns off, and you bend it back to turn it on. But the price point matches how well built it is.

Ezekiel Rodriguez says:

You’re so thorough man. love the reviews.

Igor Schmidlapp says:

No 3-button capability? BZZZZZZ! Definite No-Go….
They tried to merge an optical mouse with a stylus shape…

Branson Stevens says:

“The Minecraft, Warcraft, whatever craft is going on right now.” -Most parents xD

Silentgrace11 says:

As a lefty I suppose that this just isn’t meant to be for me >.>

Victor Hugo says:

I guess that was designed to be used as a pen for art like a tablet, it has a more natural workflow

Brayton Dickey says:

Umm. I already did buy it! I LOOKED UP TUTORIAL, NOT REVIEW!

Zal777Zero says:

I’m rather curious trying for gaming accuracy wise. I’m left handed for writing, however, I’m a right handed mouse user for everything on computers. I cannot get used to using a mouse with my left hand.

William T says:

how do i calibrate it?

Jaxie MacGregor says:

i like the pocket mouse for some things but imma gamer and it doesnt work so well on a lot of games. side note , i have NEVER seen anyone hold a mouse like that LOL. all your fingers jammed up on the poor thing. my thumb and pinky rest on the mouse pad with only 2 hands on the mouse itself. the thumb is on the mat close at hand to the 12 buttons on the side of the mouse.

snip3rpro1991 says:

This would be good for Photoshop

Jdasquad 1 says:

Golden knights yessir

Crow T. Robot says:

2:19 All I needed to see right there. As the Brits would say, “too fiddly”. Back to the trackball.

Gulch Workshop and Range says:

Having tried the original pen mouse in the 90s and an updated, much more expensive one in the early 20s, I knew better than trying this. It SEEMS like a good idea , but not only is a regular mouse more comfortable to use, it is more precise (at least for me.) I had one trackball that I really liked back in the 80s, but it didn’t last long, and none of the others I tried after were even as good as a five dollar mouse.

X says:

As for a person who makes art using a mouse… I can manage xDD.

ZanPlayz RBLX-OSU! says:

play osu! with it

Matt Faulkner says:

Golden knights ftw

james ramos says:

Flyers lost I’m going for the knights

Jean Dee says:

I can not get it to write, not sure what I am missing. I have opened a blank word document and try to write. What am I missing?

unixsteven says:

Watch dark souls pocket mouse challenge coming

girlsdrinkfeck says:

mouse pens are only good for presentations viewed on a projector in a conference meeting ,logitech ones were good in the mid 2000s

Miguel Ortiz says:

Imagine if yiu tried to play a FPS game.

Festivity says:

imagine trying this on osu

The Cape says:

Looks like a poor product and unnecessary, good review

Daniel Yakovlev says:

Damn how old is ur son, he still playing minecraft??

Wiket says:

Please don’t use it for gaming

Kodawolf says:

so do you use your dog as a pad with your standard mouse???

Russ Michaels says:

dude, you need to clean that mouse 🙂

Joey Thiel says:

Nice video so close to 100k

cb irwin says:

I am a old fart and do like the conventional mouse better , I even suck at mouse pads, but I got one of these pens and it great if you like to draw , I think I picked up my pen for around 7 bucks , and for me it does serve a purpose … if you have enough usb ports to leave both plugged in , it can come in handy.. if you have to choose one or the other I would stick with the older style

Zelvet says:

OMG use it to play osu!

Heather B says:

LMAO at the “dog pad”

Gamers Grace says:

Who tf plays minecraft in 2018, especially a almost grown ass man

Dinese Beckert says:

I am a ball mouse person! Ball in the middle, large mouse, with four buttons, two on each side=Two across the top of the ball, and two across the bottom, my thumb hits the most used button=click. I have never been able to use the simple mouse that is your go to, and I could never use the pen mouse.

TheRjjrjjr says:

WHy don’t you use the frigging pen holder?

Krysi Carter says:

It looks like it’d be good for photo editing…

Eric Simpson says:

I got a 50″ TV that I connect to my computer to watch youtubes from my couch. The pocket mouse is great for that simple activity. I mostly just pause and restart the videos, so a simple left click capability is the main thing I need, and a regular mouse is more cumbersome to manage from my couch. So it’s an awesome product for me! Of course I understand why it doesn’t work so well for standard computing needs.

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