Ninja’s Mouse Vs. FaZe Tfue’s Mouse: We Try Gaming Mice Used By Pro Gamers in Fortnite / CS:GO

Today, we try gaming mice used by pro gamers in Fortnite: Ninja’s mouse Vs. Tfue’s mouse. Which one’s the best buy? Can one help you get better at Fortnite?

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Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse:

SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse:

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Zenk says:

this isnt tfue mouse

GabeisGabe says:

Bro this channel is amazing

William says:

That’s not the mouse ninja uses…he uses the finalmouse ultralight phantom

CandyGamer 999 says:

I use Logitech g502 proteus sectrum

t wwh says:

Boi ninja and tfue both us a mouse called final mouse

Chronic Gamer says:

i was never into ninja, but now that i know he uses a g502 he earned my respect.

MEMEZ 4life says:

I’m glad I bought that logitech mouse it makes flicking easier


I use HP omen 600 … it for $35 ….

SpiderRider 2695 says:

Oh no
Ninja played for C9
If you play overwatch you know why that’s bad

Kusane says:

It’s just personal preference
A good player can even use a 1990 dell mouse and play as well as other pros

Ayden Shepherd says:


Nand Ahuja says:

I use the SteelSeries Rival 310, the right-handed version of the Sensei 310

Jake The Gaming 1 says:

Tfue s better than ninja agree?

Dat1 Guy527 says:

Lol I have the same mouse as tfue

Spike says:

Test the razer naga trinity

X E X Y says:

You know what? This channel is too underrated

Ali Ahmed says:

Doesnt Tfue use Final mouse??

Holguinz says:

UW.RL is actually good at fortnite

Pusoid la You says:

Review shroud mouse

Fleecky says:

I got the same one as Ninja ;( I wish i had Tfue one

Devin says:

I’m left handed, I write with my left and doing everything my left hand, but I cannot fathom using a left handed mouse. It just seems weird.


6th like

Mr Ewen says:

I have rival 310

Jaco Oosthuizen says:

Razer Deathadder over here 😀

MrAwesome 1704 says:

I got a g series and when the said g series

BubbleNuts says:

They both use final mouse now

Natdaboss 21 says:

Fs in chat for the drum gun

Jakub Pawelec says:

that logitech has to be the ultimate bhop mouse

Branton Ramsey says:

The one guy acts like he has never made a flick shot before or even used an actual mouse worth over $8 from Walmart that can register under 16k DPI. Lmao

Edward101 says:

The g502 is so overrated, the scroll wheel is ass

Chas Hayden says:

I don’t like ninjas

DZEE TM says:

I actually have ninja’s mouse.
These are the specs that I think you can do.

You can adjust how rough the scroll button is. You can make it faster or slower so you need to apply more control of it.

Another thing is that the mouse, you can control the sensitivity of thw click. This is mostly useful for jitterclicking, spamming, etc.

What I personally like is that you can change ANY color of the lights of the mouse.

The mouse is quite heavy so it is hard to move it IF you dont have the improvised Gaming pad for it.

You can adjust the clicks per second or the time or idk what you call it. For example, if you click 5 times in a second and the clicks idk is like 4, then the mouse will just send the data that it is just 4 clicks.

Last, it has LOTS of customizable buttons on it. It has a button for your thumb, ring, pinky, all.

steve flores says:


Gediminas Manson says:

doesn’t Ninja use Finalmouse?

steve flores says:

Bruh rlly people havent seen me play xc i killed both of em rip xc

Jaden bourne says:

Such a good channel !

IS The Dialispan says:

First mouses

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