New Modular Mouse Coming! Ninox Astrum (3360 Optical, 80g)

This mouse could be amazing and possibly even Top 5 worthy, and that also means it could be the #1 choice for a lot of people out there, especially left-handers and people who can’t make up their mind about shape! … or own a 3D printer.

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If you don’t know Ninox, check out my Ninox Venator Review: and Venator Black Update:

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Steven Vaughn says:

Looks like a game changer for sure.

hrainspection says:

I haven’t contributed to the fundme but I’d pre order this mouse in a heart beat!

Ninox says:

Thanks for the video Zy, I really appreciate you making this, especially since you’ve literally just moved into a new house. I have added some more discounts to the funding page, since many of your viewers may not have known about the mouse until now, it seems only fair to give early backers from this video a reward. I also want to thank you for your donation, I didn’t expect that and I think its extremely generous and it’s very much appreciated, thank you!


RJN have u heard of the tecware torque gaming mouse? i heard it has the same 3310 sensor used in zowie fk2 but only sells for more or less $20. loved to see if you can make a review video about it cause the selling price is unbelievable.

Vinko VK says:

I wish you all the best Ninox i really wannt that Alpha shape. There is no shape like that on any mouse today, sadly.

MisterLTU says:

Rocket jump ninja what mouse is best for fortnite for 15.5; 8.5 hands ?

Mkilbride2599 says:

I’m hoping for a G9x shell to be printed.

pkopo1 says:

Please review the microsoft classic intellimouse.

apple seed says:

basically a better cm master mouse pro l?, damn this mouse look slickkkkk

s c r e 4 m says:

time to throw money at ninox! finally a small company stepping up to the big guys. support if you can!

dabza taha says:

Your content is awesome man. Love u

apreutese Nicholas says:

Is for Gaming?

Itz_Alpha says:

Are you ever going make your own mouse?

TiTan0s says:

Sick idea man, good on you to give it some more exposure.

Hopefully the idea gets funded enough, the ability to customize your mouse’s shape is a GAME CHANGER

Apollo_0 says:

I wish you could try out Tt Esports Ventus X Optical RGB – new version of Ventus X with 3360 at a reasonable price

Senzay says:

I need to buy another mouse, and i would like to know according to you which mouse is best for me between:
Logitech g403
SteelSeries Rival 110
Logitech g203
Logitech g402

(My hand is 19cm or 7,50inch, palm grip)

Sorry for the bad english xd, but i’am italian.

ArabicPC Gamers says:

Can you choose me a moise for claw grip, now i have g900, but i have a problem of my pinki finguer, it touch the pade and i can’ t mouve softly. My hand: 19 | , 8,5 –, thanks

ForSakeN Plays says:

Please review the corsair dark core. 🙂

T1v2 says:

Ninox if u make it wireless i will 100% buy it. But no compromises please and less than 100g. Just saying

Mario Thenx says:

Hey! I know its an offtopic question but can you compare the corsair hs70 vs the hyperx cloud alpha? That would be great! Thanks a lot! Keep doing the amazing videos!

Ante Zovko says:

Can you review G840 from logitech or recommended some nice and big mouse pad my mouse is g502

Jan Reichelt says:

That looks pretty good 😮
But do u know a good gaming keyboard in white?

I was going for the roccat isku fx which sadly isnt available anymore…

Bari The Plays says:

Zowie FK2 or Finalmouse ultralight pro

Sithreis says:

Unless Im mistaken, I wouldnt exactly call BST a great guy considering the history of the Ninox Aurora. After being promised so much, when it finally came out a lot of people had huge issues with quality control and actually getting their mouse at all (and BST not respoding at all and going silent). I think ESR was the main community talking about it. Granted it was years ago but I think a small group still are skeptical about Ninox quality. That said, I personally lucked up and got an Aurora that didnt really have any quality control issues. The design of this Astrum is literally exactly what Ive been wanting for a long time for a mouse, so will be keeping my eye on news about it.

Jessie_ Sixxx says:

Total game changer D:
He gon have the whole gaming mouse market shook! ( @_@)

MPK says:

Can you review the Razer Huntsman and Razer Huntsman Elite? (Keyboard)

Reece Rowland says:

Any chance of actually finding a mouse for people with large hands 22+ instead of ignoring them and just slapping 21.5cm and above like that’s accurate thanks

CyrenArkade says:


Sketchy says:

Linus tech tips, Austin Evans, Marques Brown Lee making mediocre tech reviews while Rocket Jump Ninja is going all out giving every detail, not just what he thinks of the mouse, no no. He tells you everything about it! This channel is underappreciated and I have been a subscriber before 80k. You’re the reason I have a steel series rival 600 right now, and I love it. I also got the Hyper x gaming headset cause of you. You make 5x the videos and deserve 5x the subscribers and views. I don’t know if you will even read this, but anyone reading this in the comments please tell your friends who are looking for a good piece of technology for gaming.

DJ Dang says:

Razer abyssus essential review?

Whalesters says:

I’m just curious about that sensor adjustment. does the positioning of the sensor make any difference? I haven’t noticed and I have many mice.

Yj Goh says:

is there any cons for not preordering and waiting for its official release ? i kind of want to wait for reviews

Spasm Fox says:

Can we buy it now?

Thomas R. Aasen / TRA AS says:

i was not completely sold on this, until i saw the customizable sensor position ! yeeh ! im getting this mouse ! So annoying to purchase a new super awesome mouse, then just hate it because the sensor positions is too low .

Sprite says:

Hey Zy, i got a question. Are you going to have kids someday? I mean you are already in your thirtys and i think you would be an amazing father

ItsBlake says:

what mouse do you use? i have same hand measurements

NS says:

Dm1 pro or rival 110?

DS Infinity Gaming says:

Wow awesome!!!

Sylphix says:

Hey Zy, you should review the new Abyssus Essential

nailed says:

still waiting for you to design a mouse for all hand sizes and grip styles so some company sees it and thinks that its a good idea to sell loads of mice with the good size and etc

Fahad-A918 says:

Hey rocket jump ninja. Could you please do a video about pooling rate in mice please i really would love to hear your thoughts on it cuz when i moved to 1000hz when i used to play 500 its became more harder to play

Yash Budhiraja says:

ezPotat is an interesting name for a bot, what’s the origin?

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