NEW Logitech G502 Hero Review!

Logitech released a new G502 in 2018…what’s the difference?
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Hyper Flexs says:


Theeraphat Sunthornwit says:

Too big for my hand.. my hand tired

theo says:

How many buttons on it?

Septic Is Hyper says:

but the origanal g502 works on a white space

Stance Media says:

G502 sucks
The grip came off in a month

somerandomseagull says:

well should i get hero or spectrum i dont care about prices just performance

Pentti Kaukojuova says:

lol i got this mouse and started clicking same buttons as he was and accidentally closed youtube 🙁

CalisTHENX For Evah says:

2200 dpi!No hate but ur aim must be bums buddy

Jaymeet Vasava says:

Do you have a long time review of this product? Do these logitech mice still have the cable issue where it keeps on disconnecting? Please reply need to order

Mirom says:

which one is lighter? g402, g502 or g502Hero?

Luka Medic says:

In serbia Logitech G502 Hero costs from 100€ to about 130€. I wish i could buy it for 80$

Obama says:

I use the sniper button as melee
(I play r6 seige)

Septic Is Hyper says:

im copping

Noodles says:

Anyone else want a g502 without hyperscroll? Because I fidget way too much with the hyperscroll button, and the wheel’s middle click stopped working for me.

Bibhuranjan Nath says:

This is a fantastic mouse.

Seen Squad says:

Question #1: Can I use a Logitech Hero mouse with a Alienware 25″ AW2518H ?
Question #2 Do you need that huge computer case thing to game?
Question #3 If I do need a computer case, will a alienware work with a skytech archangel?

Gus Garcia says:


good gamer says:

Who use logitech g pro hero

OZoolydie says:

The one thing I don’t like about the g502 is the amount of extra buttons but besides that, everything is great about it. the thumb rest, the rubber, the quiet clicks, it’s all great

Satan says:

I Think He likes razer

CryoStrafe says:

125g is light lolololololol
Alot of people say its insanely heavy

Jason Farrell says:

Just got two G502’s delivered for my sons. I use a G700 which I love and is wireless, but i find the rechargeable aspect (not longevity but lifetime) of the mouse doesn’t last that long. Its ok at the beginning of its life…but you end up going back to the cable eventually…

Crasy Fingers says:

can you separate the x/y DPI sensitivity with this mouse? i remember older logitech mouse could but looks like they got rid of that option, i couldn’t find it anywhere

Mustang M_ says:

Can you reveiw a msi gm60?

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