My Mouse Reviews Explained feat. HyperX Pulsefire Core

This is a review of the HyperX Pulsefire Core with each part of my reviews explained. Not a full explanation but just enough to address what people have been concerned with lately.

Basically I’m trying to find the best mice for FPS. There are multiple factors to mice and there is no such thing as perfect. So even if one has click latency, a bad cable or tight buttons, I might still use it because of the shape and weight. I try to keep everything in mind and base recommendations on people’s individual needs. So find the right one for you! I have no bias toward any company.

As for the Pulsefire Core… for me, this is their best so far, because the dimensions and weight suit me. Really happy to see improvements on all their mice. However, while this is meant to be cheaper, the build quality isn’t really exusable. Hopefully it’s just this copy.

Mouse Info:

3327 optical sensor, lift off distance is just under 1 DVD on cloth and about 1 DVD on hard pad. Cable is standard 1.8 metres. Plastic all over (textured sides, smooth on top), under 95 grams and a great shape. Definitely worth a look, but I still prefer others like the Zowie S2 (my #1, obviously).

Update: Apparently it does have on board memory but the software is set up in a weird way. Usually I’d do a proper correction but the way they set it up doesn’t make sense to me. Drag drop? What? How about a button that says “Save to on board memory”, keep it really simple. Or how about whatever changes we make, once we hit apply, it does it automatically?

Mouse Sensor Testing Reference Video:
Set sensitivity to 180 flick video:

Human Click Latency Test:

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AnotherTerrible ContentCreator says:

11:40 no respect

DarkWinter says:

It’s insane that people actually think wireless mice have lower latency than wired mice I’m amazed.

Abou Dabi says:

thank’s you for all RJN !

xXdeathninjaXx says:

how did you learn that 60% is best?

Spinshot64 says:

Since you have reviewed mouse bungees as well, could you consider reviewing (custom) paracord mouse cables, which don’t contain the stiff copper shielding the stock cables have. Some people claim that those feel as good as wireless mice for that reason. If that’s true, more people need to know about those.

Einārs Kaminskis says:

Try out fortrnite for a change. I want to see you play it with your skill in aim and general play-style. I also want to see how your key-binds might influence the way you play. I tried using your key-binds for movement, but the issue i had was getting good build key-binds and good options for weapon switching. The way my hand was placed made it quite hard to play.

Derek van Straten says:

I have this mouse and loved everything about it however I also have loose left and right clicking but the deal braker is the Latency of the clicks. I noticed it alot when switching from G403.

Markus Ljungqvist says:

Hey Zy! What liftoff distance do you recommend for an ec2-a on a 6mm pad?

Nika Asatiani says:

Hyperx Pulsefire Core vs G102/203? They cost almost the same on amazon.


Merry christmas!!!!! Rocket jump Ninja

Gabriel Prohmann says:

Can you do a review on one of the Ducky Channel’s Keyboard and talk about their PBT Double-Shot Keycaps and if it’s worth it or not? I’ve watched some youtube videos about it but wanted to have a honest opinion on it. Thank you anyways!! o7

Laurynas J says:

Steelseries rival 310 (54€) or hyperx pulsefire surge + hyperx fury s pro mouse pad (69€)

Barcelona Cantwell says:

boy if ur voice dont get any MORE RELAXING

Jayden Bueno says:

@9:40 soo, with a 3360 sensor I should use 3200 cpi? Not sure about this. Would love to see a vid on this subject!

Brad Bowie says:

Dream of the day Zowie releases the ZA series (or any) wireless <90g

Grisly pats101 says:

Can u do a vid on hyper glides I wanna know if I should I get them

paalo sordoni says:

I absolutely love the Mionix caster ,shape and weight, i have 21cm hands so its supposed to be to small for me but i find i have total comfort and control with the Caster.

Samxdy says:

Can you do a review on ultraviolt keyboard?

Mark Gomzalez says:

which one do you like more the core or surge?

hornetkiller25 says:

You know its an early Christmas gift when Rocket Jump Ninja uploads

Collen Song says:


Martin Jensen says:

You fogot Weight test

Jake Cheong says:

Hey what mousepad do you use?

Its Kazete says:

My aim is better in quake than other game for some reason although I just started playing it only for a week or so..

EndingShadows says:

Might be worth doing a comparison vid between this and the rival 110 since they both fit into the budget category. Just a thought. Loved the vid.

Einārs Kaminskis says:

What DPI would you recommend for the 3366 sensor that the Logitech G 403 has?

- Aurahh - says:

Could you compare the Razer Orbweaver to the Gamesir VX Aimswitch and review the mouse that it comes with?

Mark Gomzalez says:

I think the surge is a better mouse compared to the core. the surge can store profile settings and the core cant and its smaller for me than the core.

nula says:

just ordered the ec2b divina. if only the s2 was good for palm grip ;(

Go Agane123 says:

Hey Rocket Jump Ninja, when do u think Finalmouse will get more stock of air58s or release a new mouse entirely?

Savaage says:

How could anyone ever hate on you or any of your videos? Your reviews are some of the best reviews of products of any kind on the internet

Vihza says:

is the s2 out yet? if not got any info on when it will be?

Alyn Florin says:

Honestly Rival 110 is perfect in all respects, I tested Hyperx Core and I find it inferior to rival 110.

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