Mouse Review Video by Pro Gamer – DeathAdder Chroma, Final Mouse 2015, Zowie ZA11, Steelseries Rival

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Pro CS:GO player and top Twitch streamer Sam “DaZeD” Marine reviews a bunch of very popular gaming mice, DeathAdder Chroma, Final Mouse 2015, Zowie ZA11 and the Steelseries Rival.

Final Mouse 2015 –
Razer Deathadder Chroma –
Zowie ZA11 –
Steelseries Rival –

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Mouse Review Video by Pro Gamer – DeathAdder Chroma, Final Mouse 2015, Zowie ZA11, Steelseries Rival


Kazubla says:

You know in How I Met Your Mother when they were talking about an issue where your other half did something really annoying but you only noticed it when you point it out? You’ve just done that with my FK! I can now feel every fiber on my mouse pad as my palm runs through it D: WHY DAMN YOU WHY!!!

Marius Smith says:

LOL i Think the deathadder is Way to light, tho I vent from a r.a.t 7

StorSlukarn says:

Should i get steelseries rival 300 or deathadder chorma?

Alex Schlee says:

hey mb you got the problem with the rival because its a right hand mouse only and you use it with your left hand ?! 😀

Ant Rules12 says:

why am i watching this in 1024 black bars

Adam Stefaniak says:

Lol i have same grip issue with my rival 😀

JSON -iwnl- says:

I’m not by myself! I’m left handed as well

ninja-c4 says:

Should I get the zowie ec2 or the razor deathadder chroma? Does razer compare to the zowie ec1 or 2? Because I know alot of people use both and both have good things to say about them but can I get some criticism for both mouses? I am thinking more about the zowie but if the razer mouse is better please let me know! I only know that the deathadder has fancy lights but idk how it performs in game

SpookySanic says:

this video is 1024×768 black bars with cl_righthand 0

Slyme says:

anyone else think that he had a left handed keyboard for a second their

silverword111 says:

braided cables give more flexibility in the cord whereas rubber cords give a small amount of resistance

Mast3r Race says:

I have the ZA12 and actually prefer the ambidextrous grip. I’ve tried the Rival and DA 2013 but the curves that are supposed to be comfortable for a right handed player like myself get in the way. It’s hard to put my fingers in the exact same place with those mice because the curves are awkward on the side. The ZA12 is perfectly uniform on both sides which allows me to always keep my pinkie, ring, and thumb in the same place every time I play.

VR Disiple says:

Does anybody know the poster Netcode’s hand size? thnx

XiTWoUnDz says:

I’ve had this issue that you mentioned of jumping randomly in csgo when jump is bound to the scroll wheel. What’s different for me is that the Death Adder was the only mouse that it DID NOT happen with. Every other mouse I have owned jumped randomly and only in csgo. I would never have a scrolling issue in any other usage.

PhilmoeSlim says:

pretty sure the rival uses 3310 sensor……same as final

fak1t says:

mate i have been using the intellimouse 3.0 for years since 2008, i think i need to buy i new mice cuz the mouse wheel bug is kinda annoying, i do love smooth gameplay and 1 tap aim aa well, do u recommend the ec1 or the ec2 is just a little smaller, btw i heard alot good things about the deadthadder chroma

DemonPheonix says:

rival or da 2009 edition or finalmouse 2015

Mohammed Elfaramawy says:

What would you guys recommend? How does the smoothness of this mouse pad compare to Zowie GTF-X

TheTwitchybird says:

I just got my ZA12 and oh boy. I can dig the sensor, i can. But as a fingertip gamer, i absolutely 100% *hate* the side buttons for lefties. If you’re right handed and you want a BenQ mouse, buy the right handed version, i’d recommend the right handed version even if you’re a palm grip user.

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

Rato final é o melhor

Em ordem:
1. Rato final 2015
2. Steelseries e Zowie (estão impatados)
3. Razer (também é um bom rato)

Jason Wilson says:

fucking mouse pads? i spent 2 dollars on mine at walmart….

VR Disiple says:

Does anybody know the poster Netcode’s hand size? thnx

JRush77 says:

if you were going to rate the DeathAdder atleast get the left handed verision LOOOL

Maxime Savary says:

How can I trust him ? He was involved in match fixing :3

HMS says:

I Oredered EC2-A previous mouse G502


from 6:00

retardno002 says:

Why the Death Adder vs let’s say EC2-A? And also, are these mice good for fixing matches? Thank you.

Witon Yee says:

so if someone likes the bottom on the palm, the ZA series is near perfect?

onuj says:

I had an upset in quality control with a Steel Series Rival. I bought one with a bad sensor. I even updated the firmware on it thinking it was a factory thing and it was still suffering from the jitters every time I tried to control the cursor. Apart from that mishap, I did not like the fins that actuate the two main buttons (micro switches). With mine, I would have misclicks or could not actuate the switches at times, because the panels were too large and had too much play in it’s design (the main portion of the mouse “the shell” I guess you could say feels rather cheap). It’s probably one the worst mice I’ve ever used, and that saying a lot since I’m a huge fan of the Steel Series Sensei. Nothing but good things to say about the Sensei.

Niels Sparre says:

Zowie ec-1a is bigger and imo the best mouse ever made xD that and the ec-2a ofc

rrr Mallick says:

it’s a right handed mouse (the rival ) u will uncomfortable… lol

Hani says:

i dont understand with the ss rival 30 when he does fast flicks how does his hand get under his mouse, i have been using it for so long and has never happened to me.

VenomousGamer says:

Dazed should do a review of the ec1-a. It’s bigger so it shouldn’t drag his wrist and it has a right handed shape. (He probably already has but whatever.)

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