Motospeed V30 Gaming Mouse Review

The Motospeed V30 is a cheap wired RGB gaming mouse that can be picked up for around $15 USD, but is it worth it? In this review I’ll show you the features of the mouse and discuss the overall build quality.

The mouse was sent out from for review, all thoughts and opinions are mine after a few weeks of testing it out. Gearbest were also kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for the channel, two lucky subscribers will each get their own V30 mouse! The competition is open from when this video was posted and will close in a week on November 26th at 11:59pm GMT.

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Update: The giveaway is now closed! See the Gleam page for details.

Otherwise you can buy your own Motospeed V30 mouse from here: using the coupon code Coupon “AFF1110” to get it for $12.99USD

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Nemesis Football says:

Will it work on ps4

Islykids says:

Accidentally stumbled upon this mouse and consequently on this review on this channel. Very impressed by both the video quality and the mouse quality especially considering that price of the mouse. I’m actually thinking about ordering it rn, is it still the best budget mouse almost a year later or would you recommend something newer and better? 😛 I’ve ran through your other videos and couldn’t find any better mouses so I guess that’s the diamond, huh? 😀 Subbed by the way, keep up the great content!!

Enigma Boost says:

Done All Mission sir.
tweeter: @zaayx21

Racboon says:

Hey!!! Love ur channel

VIOZO says:

I bought the mouse 15 days ago from aliexpress, waiting for delivery, cant wait to use it cause I had v40 and im thinking is this an upgrade or a downgrade lol

Aniket Mishra says:

Hey Jarrod which keyboard is better Corsair k95 or logitech G413 ??

Galactic Gaming says:

dam i want xC i curretly use a 2015 logitech wireless mouse no programmable buttons

peter muturi says:

wow pretty

TheSexelentMedic says:

The driver doesnt work with windows 10.

Radhika Barve says:

Help me I wanna buy a mouse my options are Logitech g203/g102 and Corsair harpoon

Murtacke says:

Should i Buy?

Valnjes says:

Nice price for that PWM sensor.

Sam Fisher says:

What a coincidence , i was looking for a mouse with a high DPI.

TheGreenFreak says:

So wait you can change the colours? Btw interesting and nice video!

Akshay Patil says:

nice mice, hope it lasts long tho

Perasto says:

dam i want xC i curretly use a 2015 logitech wireless mouse! email:

Zubair Khalil says:

Could you please tell the weight without the wire? Also can you please tell that can we make our own DPIs? Or we can only use the given ones?

Farah AL-Hassan says:

Happiness is something you gain. As it is said to profit another taste and another color I hope to taste this taste of your channel all the best to you I love you


Can I win plz because you are a very important to me and I will be where funny if I wim

km02439 says:


IxianMace says:

Hi Jarrod,

I just thought I’d share my experiences with this mouse and buying from Gearbest so far, as it was your video that got me interested in this product.

I ordered this mouse from Gearbest on the 3rd of February. It didn’t ship until the 6th of March (it actually left Hong Kong on the 8th). It arrived on my front door on the 17th of March, via Australia Post Registered (Express).

There’s a tiny scratch on the right-mouse button, and the scroll wheel makes noticeable noise and has increased resistance while scrolling upwards compared to scrolling downwards. Other than that, as far as I can tell, the mouse is in good condition, and the contents are exactly as presented in this video. I haven’t encountered any issues with mouse movement.

The RGB lighting effects look lovely and have plenty of customisation options, though the mouse’s software could be made more user friendly. Custom colour setups don’t appear to save between opening and closing the mouse software. Additionally, the V30’s DPI can only be set via preset values within its software. I was using a DPI of 800–900 on my Logitech G400S (which can increase or decrease DPI by 50 via manual input), so the sensitivity of 1,000 DPI on this mouse, which is the closest value I could get to what I used on my previous mouse, has taken a little getting used to.

Unlike the G400S, the V30 has onboard memory, which not only allows it to retain the colour scheme you’ve assigned, but also allows the mouse to remember any custom DPI settings you’ve set via the ‘Gaming Mouse V30’ software—a big advantage over the Logitech Gaming Software, which has to stay open in order for the G400S to ‘remember’ custom DPI settings (though the G400S will remember and stay at the last custom DPI setting you assigned it to in the Logitech Gaming Software, even after you close the LGS down). What this essentially means is that the G400S is fine if you just want to set a specific DPI and stick with it, while the V30 has the advantage if you like to use and switch between multiple DPI settings or transfer it between PCs.

So far, the only thing I don’t like about the V30 is the scroll wheel, which takes more pressure to click than my previous mouse, is more resistant to scrolling, and is noticeably more audible while scrolling (upwards).

Gearbest’s shipment times are also nowhere near what they advertise on their site. I still have the CK108 keyboard enroute, which was also ordered on the 3rd of February. It shipped on the 12th of March. I received an email from Gearbest saying that my order was delayed due to high demand over the Lunar New Year, but I made my order BEFORE the Lunar New Year. I suspect the mouse and keyboard I ordered were actually out of stock when I ordered them, even though the site listed them as being ‘in stock’. In fact, when I ordered the keyboard, the site said there was somewhere in the figure of ‘370 pieces’ remaining.

jimmy johnson says:

sorry I’m new to this, so which mouse is better for gaming? wired or wireless?

Panos G. says:

Nice Review.. When the winners are going to be announced?

Suspended XV says:

Subscribe Done , Like Done , Participate Done . Now Is Time To Wait . Email :

TheAsianGuy_LOL says:

Wow, that’s pretty amazing for only 15$!

Mr. Flixon says:

How make 800 dpi?

Sam Firth says:

How long did the mouse last?

Pale O'Pterix says:

I felt that the original cable was a bit thick and stiff so I dissasembled the mouse and installed a more flexible cable. I was pleasantly surprized by the good quality of the electronic board and the overall attention to details.

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