Motospeed Mechanical Keyboard & James Donkey 325RS Mouse Review

Motospeed Mechanical Keyboard:

James Donkey 325RS Mouse:


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White City Oregon


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Ryzu says:

If you’re ever interested in an actual high-quality keyboard, visit r/mechanicalkeyboards.

Liljoda says:

So I got a lenovo gamecube thingy whit a 1060, i5-6400 and 16gb ram. And I have got like 40-80fps in the division in 1080. But in your the division video you said you got over 60fps in ultra in 4k whit a 960 something. Dafuq is lenovo locking the hardware or something?! And I have done many things to make my pc run better (like unparking cpu cores). Plz halp???

Thomas Rymer says:

Barry, how do i know what size graphics card I need if I want a new one?

fredk says:

Barry, try a 60% keyboard…

Aarsyn says:

Poor cat

King Nomsal // Nomsal892 says:

There’s nothing wrong with gaming on console but if you say this –, you should probably see a doctor.

Hugh Gibby says:

I got a led keyboard with red, blue, and purple for $14.69 from amazon by DBPower bc I’ve been trying to stay super low budget for my accessories. In fact, I have gotten everything on my desk except for my monitor is cheaper than my friends mouse pad so ig that cool.

Milan A. Žák says:

I hate motospeed. Why? I was searching for a cheap mechanical keyboard and one of their membrane keyboards was literally everywhere. I was searching for a mechanical keyboard but nope, here is a shitty motospeed membrane keyboard with a russian layout.

Itamar Erez says:

Your cat looks exactly like mine if you want I can send you pictures of her

FireBird says:

will the mouse hurt my hand if i use it at 7200 rpm ?

Brandon Peacock says:

I use a motospeed ck104 with blue switches amazing keyboard! Far better than the one you reviewed and it’s cheaper!

LadyLight says:

Hey Barry, just wanted to say that i like your videos and i hope this message finds you well! Have a nice day.

MrMoney5956 // Gaming says:

Cat=Best Mousepad Ever

Kerem Efe Çakıl says:

I have a Motospeed CK108 and my W switch died after 2 weeks of low use.I didnt use this one but Motospeed left a scar on my heart.

DawnRipper says:

LOL, #sponsored

Twenty One Gamers says:

The keyboard looks nice! I may get one!

Jesper Ose says:

Now all you horny guys can type in Pornhub faster!

Gibby 1627 says:

I need to thank you barry. you turned me from a ignorant console fan boy to a PC gamer who loves the PC. PC gaming is amazing especially for a graphics junkie like me. Thanks

Illoney says:

Barry please…it’s called a mousepad, not a catpad.

Edit: Also, guess your cat doesn’t like mice.

ZaCHiGa says:

Why would you get this if you can get a Scion FRS with a redline at 8RPM?

Not Konata says:

Holy shit yes I have the same keyboard 😀

Swoocer Boi says:

GearBest would be great if they shipped quicker than a donkey in mud.

Bishop Lemmon says:

Hey, you have common sense, so let me ask you a question. Can a game own a game genre? Because this stupid debate of Fortnite v PUBG is lasting WAY too long.

techtech72 says:

What are the specs of your portable PC?

moby gamer says:

…There isn’t enough stories to consume…

Mr Peanut Butter Octopus says:

you know flat keyboards are better for your wrists.

Mr. MadVonScientist says:

you should make a review of that womens clothing

JFK422 says:

5:18 What are you dooing hooman?

MemesMojo says:

Uhhh im searching for a mechanical gaming keyboard and this would be so good choise if not the thing that its flat and you cant change it 🙁

Silentus says:

Barry pls respond fast.
I need to know if you werr to choose between rx 580 8gb nitro+ and gtx 1060 6gb gigabyte windforce oc1 which one would you choose?

GewoonLukas says:

Does it have a CPU and a GPU thats crazy man

Communist Awesome Parodys says:

Barry you can get 288 fps if you use a mirror to look at a 144 hz monitor so it displays both frames twice

DoodlySquaK says:

Okay this came out at the perfect time, should be here in a week! Thanks Barry!

Benn says:

“All android phones come with the same cable” Looks like you still living in 2014 Barry, we’ve been moving to Type C for years 😉

FroZenEnd says:

I’d become gay for barry

techno dove says:

the Zombee GM-1 is also good if you’re just starting out for like 23 bucks or something like that. it is very comfortable and Smooth. you can change the sensitivity on the mouse itself and there’s the forward and backward key on the mouse if your web browsing

eli anderson says:

ha how do you get win 10 for 20$ barry i am going to make a PC and it code be good to save some money

cutepinkbandanaman says:

I couldn’t find the keyboard specs from gearbest nor could I find the keyboard on Motospeed’s website. The seventh result on Google finally told me that it’s a 87 key keyboard with Outemu switches, NKRO off the USB and the plastic is ABS (double molded). I guess decent for the price, can’t really expect Cherry MX switches for <50$.

Also, the mouse is either 1000, 2000, 3600 or 7200DPI, so if you want something in between those or below 1000, then don't buy this one.

wadez1000 says:

The keyboard usb port sould be mini usb. Much More durable.

rrahma1 says:

Do they have a version with the number pad?

Mallis says:

What is the quietest keyboard

BulletBarry says:

The mouse goes from 7,200 DPI down to 1,000 DPI…. I said RPM… I have been playing too much airsoft lately… Next video perhaps 😉

Cowlin says:

Barry are you using the bullet Barry mouse pad from the r6 tournament? The one where you killed the hostage two times in a row?

VladNex says:

Oh my fucking god. its called a TEN-KEYLESS

Paul Beenis the Parrot says:

I’m gonna plan to get me a custom made Keyboard. Like Winkeyless.

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