Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition Review – Best Portable Mouse?

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Square Simple says:

those are the batteries? unbelievale. The next big thing.

Universal Sojourn says:

Better buy the surface studio mouse.

Dominique Charriere says:

Cool! Can it work with a laptop or is it only for the Surface?

Square Simple says:

this is bad design.

Ole says:

KEEP AWAY OF THIS Mouse !!!……… many issues and bugs.

einfachKorhan says:

Wir haben ein Deustches Unboxing dazu gemacht, falls es jemand bevorzugt.

Clemintine da boss AKA :Siri Great says:

Apple shacking in the corner.

4TheRecord says:

Wear and tear will give this product a short lifespan.

2nd Class Memer says:

Can you use in on non- surface devices?

Brendan X says:

work with macbook pro??

The Realest Idealist says:

Duracell Batteries?! Wha, first of all, it’s 2016 lmao I’m really surprised that they are not making ALL devices with rechargable batteries now these days. Last time I brought a pack of batteries was for my CD walkman lol.

Joshua Guevara says:

So i noticed the spectre x360 you have there. How do you find the laptop? Just bought the i7 version. Gonna pick it up end of this month

Dezzy says:

ur a fucking pussy

Vonsterous says:

So much better than my razer mamba TE, the wire always gets tangled and I need something that’s portable because I usually travel a lot with my gaming PC.

Hill Dweller says:

Does this use up a USB port? My pro 4 only has one port and I need it for my hard drive.

Andre Kosari says:

What’s the difference between the surface edition and the regular?

Albert Doan says:

OMG I love the intro when you throw the box xD.
good job keep it up 😀

mar pes says:

Well ill take it back, its the best!

iLoveTurtlesHaha says:

God damn it. I had this mouse for over a year and didn’t know I could double tap the middle to use the middle mouse button (in my defense I only used it a handful of times). Derp. I was about to buy another mouse to use in Maya. Though the double tap feature is a bit annoying so I’ll probably just end up buying one where I can just click. XD

Cyber Pineapple says:

Battery life (Great video btw!)?

The Penguin says:

why are there so less subscribers?!?! Even then the content is on par with big channels. Who sponsors you? Or are you super rich XD

عبدالله الحربي says:

Please name the game you viewed
Wait for the answer
Accept my warm greetings

ICICspyTV 2 says:

Subbed 🙂 A small tech channel with high quality content. Keep up the awesome work

DOGE™ says:

Damn CMA was just a small producer back in 2012, in 2016 his music is on everybody’s channel!

Robbie Keith says:

What a horrible monstrosity. Not surprised, though. The one thing in twenty years that M$ actually tries to be creative with, it’s kind of expected to look like it does.

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