MadCatz R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse Review

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MaceGaming53 says:

the two side buttons i use for knifing and reloading :p

Capt Nyanpasu says:

cool design, but the 25-6400 dpi thro :<

Mike K says:

croaked after a year of light gaming and mostly net surfing….a bit miffed cuz i bought the red to match my pc

Cali says:

Its a great mouse but honestly I still find myself using the RAT3. For some reason the sensor is more precise.

flyingSquirrel xD says:

this looks like a transformer 😛

AIRHIT69 says:


Newton Wong says:

I have had this mouse for years now. I would not recommend it. The mouse itself is great, it has some driver problems. However the deal breaker was the finish on the plastic, I don’t know what paint, coating or rubber they used, but it gets extremely dirty. I am a tidy person I clean my mouse and keyboard often, but the finish on this mouse is impossible to clean, and dust sticks to it in matter of hours. I have tried using all kinds of cleaning solutions but having to wipe it clean every 2 days is frustrating. Also, the metal parts oxidate into a dull dirty look. Basically, once you use it for 2-3 months, it will look like it has been through 5 years of use and looks ugly as hell. Mechanically it is good, except bad driver (not sure windows or MadCatz problem here). If you like this mouse’s look, beware that it cosmetically wears down EXTREMELY fast. Unless you want to clean it every day I won’t buy it.

Gaming Fusion says:

says right click for the left click and left click for right click lol

Master of Light says:

Would it be smart to buy such an old mouse right now? I really like the design but I think the parts are too old.

Patrick Riley says:

Are they any mice like this from a RELIABLE company? I haven’t touched a Mad Catz product since I bought one of their PS2 controllers all those years ago. I really love this design and concept, but I am never going to buy a Mad Catz mouse.

Cadd says:

i have one and yea it looks cool but it’s complete shit, the sensor keeps breaking for me and now i think its gone for good

DWolf Review says:

Got a 6 year old rat 3 still works fine, use it every day.

Hicel Alejandro says:

I think that MadCatz has ran out of ideas

Grady Roy says:

I love the RAT mice, but they always die prematurely or start acting up. Great when they work, but they will fail..not worth the money in the long run.

Sami says:

People don’t like the looks, it looks cool & flashy! Kind of a show off thing from me though.

Klaas Baas says:

I haved used one of these extensively for a few years.
+ Very well adjustable to very large hands.
+ The wrist rest is extremely good. This adjustable feature alone would have been enough for me. It really allows you to fine tune your hand position the way you like it, ensuring good grip.
+ The chassis has extraordinary build quality.
+ Pinky rest.
+ You can individually adjust the dpi for the x- and y-axes.

– The thumb rest angle adustability is useless.
– Whatever you do with the lateral adjustment of the thumb rest, the side buttons are too far back for my large hands.
– The plastic palm rest started getting wiggly after a long time of use.
– I never found a use for the thumb wheel.
– The pinky rest has annoying straight angles to it. They should have made it curvy.
– Sensor some times has tracking issues along one of its axes. Fixes itself.
– Even without any weights it’s a bit too heavy for me.

With all the improvements Madcatz made over the years, I do recommend it for people with large hands. There might be better alternatives for others.

drLazyEvil says:

Is this a sponsored video?

Nisayx says:

What does that mode??

NitroN_ says:

wow this mouse sux guys! ive had it for like ½ a year AND ITS FUCKIN NOT WORKING PROPERLY! so it stops to work in short periods and also ive seen FOUR others having the same problem (IF YOU WANT A GOOD MOUSE GO FIND A RAZER DEATHADDER OR A LOGITECH OR SOMETHING JUST NOOOOO MADCATZ PRODUCTS THEY ALL SUX!!)

Simeon Demirov says:

weird i have the mouse Rat7 but not these other parts

mark hensley says:

I like your video. but you need to include links for purchasing items as I bought it and would have liked you to make money on it.

FatherVEV0 says:

Nice review, but the mouse itself looks like it was shot.

Max says:

wtf is that mouse on

Weeam Ahmed says:

very good review man,thx.

Vladyslav Aloysius says:

what about lazer bugs? thnks

Philip Bannor says:

I’ve had my RAT 7 for about 5 years now. **Excellent** mouse, still works perfectly – but now the plastic ‘palm-rest’ (don’t know what to call it – the upper rear part of the mouse that your palm actually rests on) has started to degrade. Great company, great products – such a pity they went out of business. Although, I also had a RAT 9 (the wireless version of the RAT 7), and after about a year I would get connection problems; the wheel & buttons would send info to my PC, but not the movement sensors. So I could click – but not move.

Pedro García Huerta says:

People talk shit about this mouse, but mine has been working perfectly fine for the last 4 years with everyday gaming!

KickS says:

is this a transformer or a mouse?

Bran M says:

problem with the mouse is that the sensor becomes more and more unreliable overtime. I can barely move my mouse vertically


thanks this helped a lot!!!!

meddlok says:

I think Mad Catz more simple products like the R.A.T.3 are better than the crowded and complicated R.A.T. 7 and 9… then again, I own a R.A.T.3 so maybe I’m biased.

knighthawk86855 says:

just bought one from a buddy of mine who never used it brand new still sealed in box…. for…. ready…. 39 bucks, can’t beat that… awesome video BTW.

Manon B says:

Heyyy ! I need help … It’s better MadCatz R A T 7 or MadCatz R A T 5 , I play League of Legends and Minecraft ^^ Help me 😀

Grekus says:

I think this would be a good choice, if the sensor was better. Because the sensor is ok, but nothing youd use for compeditive gaming. I think this is a great casual mouse tho


Sorry to hear this, the mouse design want to make me puke like literally, as I dont like fat mouses, I prefer the futuristic with great designed ones, like Logitech G502

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