Logitech MX518 Legendary Review! The Greatest Gaming Mouse EVER MADE RETURNS

Logitech MX518 Legendary Review! The Greatest Gaming Mouse EVER MADE RETURNS


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El3ct says:

Ever since I found your channel I’ve always come to you when looking for a new mouse or even just comparing mice, keep up the good work man!

Owlero says:

Nobody ever said the Mx500 was good for gaming. It isn’t. Professionals liked how comfortable and reliable it was.

Chewbacca Chewby says:

g403 much better then this, better shape, side buttons, better wheel

Christoffer says:

Had like 5 of these, Logitech keep drilling my pocket smh

Jason Tang says:

Waiting for you to hit your well deserved 50k…

Yll Krasniqi says:

Can you please do a gaming mouse under 50$ cause some of us are on budget! Love your vids btw!

DEANLuxray says:

Hi I am new to your channel. I like how your reviews but please try to be less stiff. We, your audience, are your friend. Be more relax

n1ze says:

If this Coming Wireless i will Buy

施达文 says:

and yeah I got mine today.. you were not kidding when you said 131.. i had to change my grip as well… and the mouse wheel is kinda like errrrr g402 or lower quality…

biplane says:

I don’t know if I should get the model O mouse Because I want a mouse that’s affordable and good which is very hard to find Any tips?

Maurek thaxter says:

I may have to get this mouse

No whooshing says:

U gonna be playing classic wow when it comes out ?

Ryan Jung says:

Flawless content. Sub +1

Santiago Roldan says:

What keycaps are those?

NeXuS Project says:

Man got me so confused on which mouse I want to try, so many good options. Currently using a G502 but the right click button is going out so looking for a viable replacement. Honestly right now the model O looks the most enticing to me especially at that price point. Any input from a G502 fan? Never really had another mouse so my mouse game is absolutely terrible lol

Also that intro beat is fire, anybody got a name for it or link

Spectrum _ says:

I just discovered your channel today and I gotta say, I really enjoy your content! You definitely deserve more subs. Also, I have the same case (white) and fans. Definitely a great looking PC

Vumba says:

Nice shirt

Gael Yagcier-Rodriguez says:

3:45 he’s not playing, literally just moving the cursor

Scotty1T says:

Hey, I really wish I could try and do a review on the air58, but I don’t think I could pay that price because, I might not even like the mouse. Is there anyway I could do like a trial on it or use it from somebody else so I can just do a review?

Rulz says:

Your videos are such high quality, ur very underrated

Ahmed Elgohary says:

I like your cringey attitude

Ricky Burnell says:

Looking forward to a review of the glorious ODIN:)

Toxic_Vurse says:

Great review and great mouse!

Platinum Fire says:

I bought this and now I’m returning it

ITzMeYaKnow says:

what keyboard is that? also what are the keycaps?

Sr Oozma says:

Great quality. So underrated

cooper muir says:

what was the song at the beginning? 😉

FTE DoIBoss says:

I Love my G502

Juan José says:

Now with double clicking!!!

Deftaly says:

I don’t like the looks of it though 🙁

Nima V says:

This is exactly like G400. I wonder if there is any difference besides sensor.

Blackout 'MS says:

I see you game on you right monitor, watch out for the neck pains <3

Koome says:


Stewart Phillips says:

The awesome mouse, the breathtaking cinematography, I can’t take it :O

KyloRen says:

Hey Brandon who was the keyboard winner

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