Logitech MX Vertical Mouse Super Review – vs. Anker

There aren’t a lot of premium options in the vertical ergonomic mouse category, but Logitech has just launched one. The MX Vertical Mouse brings with it Logitech’s latest technology…and pretty impressive battery life.

Check out the Logitech MX Vertical on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2I8Sdvp
See the cheaper Anker version: https://amzn.to/2MSuJeU

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jason Wiltjer says:

You should try the logitech MX Ergo, It is a trackball mouse that also has vertical capabilities. So it helps your wrist not only by being more vertical (up to 30 degrees) but it also helps because it allows you to keep your wrist stationary and no move your wrist around constantly. Also the trackball is much much easier to get use to than I expected.

TheDoh007 says:

Nice review 🙂
When you mentioned that it can be used with multiple computers at once, it reminded me of some software that can do the same thing for any mouse and keyboard. There are probably multiple such programs, but the one that comes to mind for me is synergy. It can also work with both Windows, Mac and Linux 😛

jackoatmontreal says:

Thanks so much for the review. I’m a carpal-tunnel guy and I’ve been rocking the MX Performance since it dropped in 2009. Was thinknig of switching (cuz dongle/usb-c + ergonomics) but no scroll toggle =no way. Anyways thanks again for the insights. A generation down the line I’ma grab somehting like this.

molomosk123 says:

anyone know if the usb cable is for charging only or can it be used as a wired mouse

niter43 says:

12:57 IMO middle click is much more important that free wheel switching. How do you even open a link in a new tab without it?

soulbender88 says:

I needed to replace my Preference MX so I really wanted the 2S but Logitech has failed in an epic way that you haven’t discovered yet. The software that programs the buttons does not allow key strokes to have modifier keys with them. In other words “command + w” it will only allow “w” to be programmed to a button. Whats worse is that feature was available on other mice but for their flagship mouse, Logitech decided it wasn’t important enough. So I returned the mouse and I’ll wait for them to figure it out. Mind you this was a while ago but I’m sure they haven’t fixed it. Logitech doesn’t care. And by the way, I bought the previous version MX Master and returned that because the software didn’t allow you to set up the buttons for individual apps. I still haven’t found a replacement for my Performance MX!

Preston Weiters Jr. says:

11/22/18, I have a DELL xps 27″ 7760, I love this MX. W/just the 1 mach, I use the dongle, to scroll fast up/dn, just use PG up/dn. A nice feature on the MX is by clicking the wheel you can slow-scroll (such as facebook) either way by clicking wheel you get a round symbol, then by moving the dot either way, it changes to arrows up/dn & the page moves by itself. Too bad you can’t customize peripherals when you purchase your machine, although these PC cos do offer them you’re stuck taking “what’s in the box.” They won’t substitute. You purchase extra.

Mist R says:

finally an actual review about its ergonomic features

King Ulysses says:

Unboxing starts at 5:45

James Vermillion says:

Obviously it’s not ambidextrous, so the question is. Do they make a left handed version? Probably not.

Nicholas Karlsen says:

Great review 🙂

MengQi Li says:

It’s a unifying receiver running on 2.4G, not bluetooth.

Andres Anibal Nuñez Cuello says:

my dell from 2005 dont have bluetooh hhahah i fell discrimited haha

kevinlife says:

great video, appreciate the content

Jonathan Wright says:

The included dongle is not bluetooth

marios2liquid says:

Is there any customization in the software to help with that terrible scroll wheel? That’s the only downside that’s keeping me from getting this mouse..

ThinkerOnTheBus says:

I’m guessing the MX Vertical Mouse lacks the Smart Speed-Adaptive Scroll Wheel because of the scroll wheel’s position being practically horizontal rather than vertical. Perhaps they have yet to develop a satisfactory method of overcoming the extra friction of gravity. If this is not the case, or if it is and they engineer a solution, then I’m sure the next model with have the hyper-scrolling functionality.

kevinlife says:

that’s not a Bluetooth dongle

VRTV says:

my gaming rig doesnt have bluetooth

Chi Ben says:

Owned an Anker for a very long time already, works perfect for me. Really help with my wrist and finger pain.

digital_crusher Yt says:

My anker mouse stopped working in a week dont buy it.

Alan Bosco says:

god he is so bad at reviewing

sasasasaasable says:

man i am so pleased with the way you review everything, honestly very surprised your channel isnt sucessful wth, you put in so much work actually… everything seems in order for this channel to be way bigger than it is. how do you get the items you review tho? do you get sponsored or do you have to buy the tech yourself?

peter petrov says:

Why every review needs to be 20 minutes long?You can easily remove 10 minutes and have the same amount of information in it?

LarrysNetTube says:

It should loose 3 stars for being outfitted with a horrifically cheap scroll wheel instead of Logitech’s Auto fast-scroll wheel like on the MX Master 2. This is a premium product. Why did they give it a bargain bin scroll wheel? Big Fail IMHO.

Daniel Yang says:

I got Logitech Max Master about 3 months ago and I love it but I just got the Vertical Mouse 2 days ago and only one thing ,missing is the free spin wheel. Other than that I love it. Today I got the Logitech Craft Keyboard and it works great. Both rechargeable and I can now use one mouse and one Keyboard on 2 separate PCs and Samsung Dex. All together 4 monitors. Setup was easy and the Options app from Logitech..2PCs and Bluetooth connection with Samsung Note 9 and Dex. Awesome! Until this morning I was using 3 keyboards and 2 mouse but now all 3 devices are under one set! Flow!

Pit says:

All my delivery from UPS Bulgaria came with this kind of re-boxing shape. I did not have a single problem with DHL Bulgaria and every time delivery problems with UPS. What F#@#@# company?

Gary Vee says:

Hope you don’t have any probs with it…, Logitech is lousy for warranty claims…. “IF” they ever get back to you when you email their warranty centre.

kevonvideo says:

There’s also a dirt cheap (dongless) bluetooth variant of the Anker mouse. Search for ‘CHYI Ergonomic Vertical Mouse Wireless Bluetooth’ on Aliexpress.

snap ko says:

Got here by clicking through mx master 2s reviews. Appreciate the review, but I’d love to see you get some reasearch into things that you aren’t familiar with. First of, the Anker mouse does not use BT and does not have a BT adapter, it’s just a regular 2.4Ghz receiver, just like the one with the Logitech. And as for the Bluetooth low energy, well it is backwards compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, so any laptom/computer with BT4.0 and above should have no problem connecting with the mouse. And for the copying with the flow function, yes, you definitely have to be on the same network with the computers. These are some major information you should be giving to your viewers….live up the your name “Super* Review” and don’t follow just your gut feeling…it’s not always right on topic 😉

Nathan Pelzel says:

Very helpful review. I have a very similar story to yours. Worked 10+ hours/day and started having wrist issues. Bought that exact same Anker mouse, which alleviated my issues. The MX vertical mouse really piqued my interest. From my research, I had similar hang ups to you as well. The things that kept me from dropping 5x the money of the anker on the logitech were:

1. I want the scroll wheel that you see on a lot of other logitech mice.
2. I was hoping for some extra programmable buttons. Similar to the ‘hidden thumb button’ you see on a lot of the more premium Logitech mouse
3. I get the same computer-to-computer functionality out of Synergy, like someone else mentioned. But that is a super cool feature to have.

I think I’ll hold off and see if Logi does an upgrade. Maybe a ‘MX Master Vertical’ or something.

Out of curiosity, one of the pictures on the MX vertical’s product page seems to show that you can reprogram the sensitivity button with Logitech’s software… is that true? If so, what can you change it to?

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